Not the "Support" you were expecting

by Sicarii N PC

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Psychological Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark LitRPG Magic Male Lead Summoned Hero Supernatural

Shinu Isoide and his classmates got transported to another world, a fantasy kind of world. In here, they were asked to be the heroes who'll save that world from the demon king. Iso, being an otaku and gamer, is suppose to enjoy this but bad things seems to happen to him. It got worse and worse as he continues. At first, he had a jobless class. When he thought he would rank up to something better, he ranked up instead to a villager class. He used his last chance to rank up and became a support class. His class, Support, only made it harder. As the name suggest, he's good at supporting his allies. He tried to apply his gaming experience on fantasy base games, like strategies and level grinding. Will it work? Will he able to survive? Well, read to find out.
AN: Updates (almost) every weekends (either saturday or sunday). Sometimes there will be no updates cause the author is (probably) busy.

Important!: I'll temporarily stop updating until summer. For full details check chapter 25 end note.
P.S. I got a tip that I should change the summary cause it entails that he is/will be OP early in the novel. So I changed it. Don't worry, he'll still be OP after some time but you guy/s have to be patient.

Cover image is from the game "League of Legends".

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Sicarii N PC

Sicarii N PC

The Missing God

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: We're summoned to another world ago
Chapter 1: Hey, explain to us what happened ago
Chapter 2: Looks like we're helping them ago
Chapter 3: I got a jobless class ago
Chapter 4: At least I'm above-average ago
Chapter 5: I'm tired.. It hurts... But I have to keep going... ago
Chapter 6: Eadwulf decided for us to take our first quest (Iso's POV) ago
Chapter 7: Welcome to...wait, what was it called again? (Iso's POV) ago
Chapter 8: Poison, giant animals,...don't tell me there's a dwarf giant too. (Iso's POV) ago
Chapter 9: Ah fudge, look at that... (Iso's POV) ago
Chapter 10: Ah shayt, really?! ago
Chapter 11: I must defeat this demon (Aimi's POV) ago
Chapter 12: What happened? Oh, I’m a villager now (Iso’s POV) ago
Chapter 13: Initiation (Aimi’s POV) ago
Chapter 14: Help the village, checked. Next up is die, yay (Iso’s POV) ago
Chapter 15: Talk like this, I will (Iso’s POV) ago
Chapter 16: The Dead doesn’t want to die (Iso’s POV) ago
Chapter 17: Events Afterwards & Talks (Iso’s POV) ago
Chapter 18: A weird encounter (Yonshi’s POV) ago
Chapter 19: Last Class Change (Iso’s POV) ago
Chapter 20: The Bloody Coins (Iso’s POV) ago
Chapter 21 Our new ally (Lor’s POV) ago
Chapter 22: Adventurers (Iso’s POV) ago
Chapter 23: Unexpected news (3rd Person POV) ago
Chapter 24: Grave Report (3rd Person POV) ago
Chapter 25: Yay, an encounter (3rd Person POV) ago

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Another one of those illogical summoned hero mc's

Okay to begin with, these kids accepted their transportation way too fast.The second problem is that accepted it without considering the fact that demons might just be a race the humans discriminate against.

Third is that they killed the demon guy with no hestiation at all, let me repeat the fact that these are all people with JUST training who have never killed, logically at least 1 should of felt sick.

Overall, this is a cliche where the characters are morons with no personality.

Theirs a couple upsides about this story.

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 Prologue is nice, very accurate description of what's happening. The whole read itself is light and very easy to read. Love the references tongue-out and the way you describe the characters. Quite a bit of grammatical error in the commas yeah? Fancy fixing that mistake for future individual who will read this