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Chapter 15: Talk like this, I will (Iso’s POV)

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When I entered inside, I am reminded how old and unkept this tower has been. Spider webs at the to corner of the room, dust bunnies under the table, broken weapons just lying here and there, shows how underfunded the guards are. The weapons that are still working have their blades almost blunt because of too much use.

“I was just planning to raid-, no…subjugate? Doesn’t matter. About the mana distortion, I’ll try to see what I can do.” (Ruke)

My attention went back to Ruke, who is now sitting comfortably at one of the chairs. He gestures for us to do the same. Jushar made himself at home and sat infront of Ruke. I grab the nearest chair and sat beside Jushar.

“You want to talk about, what is it?” Ruke talks in a very familiar manner.

“You met Iso already, right?” (Jushar)

“Yes… yes. This boy, I am acquainted with. Good lad, he is” Ruke look at me carefully. Karl and Leo listened intently at the background.

“He wants to help solve the village’s problem about the mana distortion.” (Jushar)

Ruke closed his eyes while his hand traces his chin. He wears a serious face for about a few seconds before he opens his eyes again. He looks at me again and I feel like my very soul is being scanned. It was uncomfortable.

“Your status card, may I see please?” Ruke held out his hand to me. I hesitantly gave him my status card, not wanting anyone to see it.


Name: Isoide Shinu Age: 17 years old Gender: Male Level: 54 Job/Class/Vocation: Villager

HP: 185 MP: 96 Attack Power: 74 Strength: 65 Defense Power: 114 Vitality: 128

Resistance: 128 Evasion Efficiency: 77 Agility: 68 Magic: 114 Magic Resistance: 133

Intelligence: 66 Luck: 78


All Common Language Comprehension

Minor Soil Control, Minor Soil Renewal, Farming Array, Novice Breed Assessment, Vegetable Valuation (Beginner), Compost Fabrication (Beginner), Small Yield Adder, Rain Attraction.


There was little change on the growth of my stats even though I leveled up seven (7) times from protecting the village. I am slightly happy with the variety of skills I got but almost all of them are related to my work as a Villager. I got them by continuously working in the village.

Ruke studied it like it was the only thing there is in the world. When he was satisfied with what he saw, he returned it back to me.

“Please, here, you all stay. For a minute, just wait. Upstairs in the tower, I’ll get something.” (Ruke)

He stands up and use the stairs to go up the tower. Jushar kept quiet, letting the man do what he does. Even the other at the background wait patiently. After a while, Ruke finally went down with a bunch of scrolls in his hand.

“Here, take these.” He handed me the scrolls. It was Karl and Leo turns to stand up, complete astonish by what is happening.

“You’re giving him those?!” The two said at the same time.

“Quiet, you two. More useful for him, the scrolls will.” Ruke gave them a stern look.

“What are these anyways?” I couldn’t help but ask. The scrolls are old, the parchment close to crumbling.

This time, it was Jushar who explained things.

“Those are magic scrolls. They contain one spell for magic casters to use, though only for one time. Their advantage is that you don’t have to study the actual spell itself to cast it. Very useful if you don’t like studying.” (Jushar)

“Why are you giving it to me? I have no magical aptitude. Heck, I have no aptitudes at all.” I look t Ruke with a questioning gaze. Karl and Leo were quiet, also wanting to hear the reason.

“It has no use for me. My magic stat is low compared to yours. The strength of the spell depends on your Magic stats and anything related to it. Aptitude just boost that strength for specific types. Even if you have no aptitude, you can still use magic spells. As long as you have a Job Class Vocation, you have access to these magic spells and skills.” (Ruke)

‘He finally talked like a normal person’ I thought in my mind.

“Even if I have a class of a villager?” (Iso)

“Yes, even if you have a class of a villager. When I observe you protecting the village from goblins and monster, you have no talent using any weapons. But I haven’t seen you use magic to fight. You might be good at it.”

I nodded. He’s right about saying that I haven’t use magic yet. I am also curious if I’ll be able to use it properly. I haven’t got the chance to try when I was with my classmates because I have no class at that time. Now I can try it out.

Ruke furthered explained what magic scrolls he gave me and how he got it. Turns out, he used to be an adventurer himself but retired when their group disbanded. He happened to have looted these scrolls somewhere but saw no use in it due to low magic.

He can use it but it’ll be a waste because most of the potential of the spell will be gone. That was why when he saw my magical stats, he quickly thought of giving me these scrolls.

The spells in the magic scrolls are the following:

Fireball - One of the most basic type of attack spell in the fire element. (Uses 3 MP)

Wind Slash – Compressed air that is sharp enough to cut through wood. (Uses 7 MP)

Water bullet – Like Fireball, only it is water. Also, one of the basic ones. (Uses 3 MP)

Earth Immobilization – Traps the feet and hands of the target with hardened rocks. (Uses 10 MP)

Root Entanglement – Tentacle like plants will wrap around the target, making the target unable to move. (Uses 13 MP)

Ice Prison – Freeze the target with frozen water. (Uses 15 MP)

Small Barrier – Creates a one-sided barrier. Could withstand several small-scale attacks. (Uses 10 MP)

Broken Pillar – Weakens the target by about 10% of their full power. (Uses 8 MP)

Strengthening Aura – Strengthens all of the people the user thinks as his/her allies by 15%. (Uses 10 MP)

Harden – Strengthen the defense of 3 targeted people by 15%. (Uses 8 MP)

Minor Healing – Heals the target by about 30% (Uses 5 MP)

Mana Renewal – Restores 30% of the user’s or target mana by 30% (Uses 2-4 MP)

Most of them are the fundamental basics for each of their respective magic type. At least, that is what I remember when I eavesdrop from my classmates that are magic casters.

“If you don’t have any questions anymore, let’s continue with what we’re talking about” (Ruke)

“Actually, I went here just to make Iso join you. Now that it is done, I’ll have to take my leave.” (Jushar)

“Oh… sure. I understand. You’re a busy, Jushar. Good-bye now.” (Ruke)

Jushar went outside the tower while waving good-bye. When he was now far away, Karl and Leo looked at Ruke.

“Sir Ruke, I also want to join you in stopping the mana distortion.” (Karl)

“Oh oh. Me too, me too!” (Leo)

The two asked with shining eyes, wanting a sense of… adventure?

“It will be dangerous and I won’t guarantee you two’s safety. Do you have the resolve to help me?” (Ruke)

“Yes” They said at the same time.

Ruke claps his hand once while looking at us. “Now that’s done, we’ll meet at the graveyard before sundown. Be sure you three will get some rest because we might spend the night there.”

With that, we finish our conversation. I can’t wait to use these scrolls.

A note from Sicarii N PC

AN: Thanks for your continued support. Corrections and tips is greatly appreciated. The next chapter might be posted at saturday but if it doesn't most probably it'll be next week monday or tuesday. I'll try one chapter per week.

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