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hi guys surprise 

After few minutes of walking, lee and Oscar arrived back at the entrance of the cave 



Oscar and lee enter the cave

Jan-"what makes you guys to be out so long"

Oscar -"sorry I tell you guys  later"

lee feels hunger he look at what he can eat and his eyes stop at the Entelodon body, somehow lee feels he needs to eat it, He looks around the cave for pot and Ingredients but was disappointed he didn't find Ingredients when he was hopeless lee see flower in the corner lee go to the corner and see three small flowers with purple petal and black petal colors picks the flowers, lee go to the Entelodon body

Ira-"what are you doing"

Ira shows up on Lee side

Lee- "I wanted to use my knife to take the skin form Entelodon body to make a pot for cooking"

Ira take out pot made front the skin-"here, I already did it"

Lee-"how you did it"

Ire smile-"I from Texas and My family has a farm there, but I wanted to follow a different path"

lee nod his head



Oscar-"I check the Entelodon body and we can eat it"

Lee-"guys sorry but I didn't find Ingredients so we can just rost it"

Jan-"it okay we find some fruit and mushroom when we get tree branches "

Oscar-"Wonderful but let me see the fruit and mushroom first just to ba save that it doesn’t the poison one"



Lee-"Let my cock for you guys"

Lee us the knife and take meat from the Entelodon body and take branch and Skew the meat and vegetables, Lee also put some the meat from the Entelodon body and the mushroom inside the pot that Ira Prepare to make soup Suddenly he felt he had to put in the purple petals of the flowers he had picked previously After a few self-calculations, he decided he put them inside



The smell of the roasted meat and the soup was hard to resist

After twenty minutes the soup and the Skewers was ready

Everyone sits around the bonfire

Lee Poured the soup into stone bowls that Oscar make 

In the soup, you could see the meat of the Entelodon and the mushroom lee find in harmony 

Everyone eats the soup and the Skewers

When everyone eats the soup they feel they stamina  returning to their body's faster 

The effect on Lee was the strongest because his body has half gourmet cells so he could make more stamina than the others and tiny energy show

He feels all the stamina  he uses in the fights earlier go back to him

The energy Corrects the fractures in his right hand and Strengthens his Muscles bones and even his Internal organs

Oscar Finish the soup and He held out the bowl



Oscar-"wow lee you really know how to cook I feel so much good from one bowl of soup you make  give me another one my friend"


Lee look around and see everyone Laughing and enjoying the food and for a moment forgetting the fight that happened two hours ago

Lee takes a big Breathe and steps forward -"guys I need to tell you some things that happen that you might not know "

Lee tells the group about  the small white cup bear and the dead body's oscar finds close to her he even tells them about   the weapons they found 

Jan-"you were right that you don't take us there, that just will Break our spirt"

Ira look on Oscar-"Oscar from the look on your face I can tell that you also want to tell us something"

Oscar-"you right Ira There's something else I need to tell you about"



Oscar put his hand in his pocket and take out a small black metal piece that looks like a bullet with a lamp at the end

Oscar-"from what I can tell this is Live tracking device"

Ira-"so someone tracks this Entelodon"

Oscar-" yes but this thing stop transmit when the Entelodon died"


The group keep talking with each other but what They didn't know is that at the end of the tunnel some small stone fell and a crack appeared

And big evil eye show from the crack looking on the group


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