The King of God Slayers

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Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Non-Human lead Secret Identity Strategy Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Many reasons led to the downfall of humanity. One of the primaries was the betrayal of the Monarchs toward the Sage Kings that held the key to human survival. After the civil war between the Sage Kings and the Monarchs, humanity strength was sap away so severely it could no longer defend against the oncoming army of monsters that came from the abyss. But still, they held out as long as they could until they were finally snuffed out by the Supreme Gods that was released from their bindings.

However, even until the end, when almost every other Sage King perish to the might of the Supreme Gods. The Sage King of Combat, Aten, fought bravely until the very end and manage to take down four of the thirteen Supreme Gods before dying. But suddenly when Aten expected death to whisk him away, he actually found himself at the beginning of his journey during the Time of Pandemonium.

Not willing to waste this opportunity he was given.

Aten vow to slay all the Supreme Gods this time and correct the past mistakes of Humanity to create a brighter future.

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Though the reincarnation genre is a bit overused, i feel the story offers a lot of potential and can turn out to be a fantastic story from what i've read of the first 10 chapters. Hope that it keeps going.