The King of God Slayers



Chapter Ten: The Might of A Sage King

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There will be another chapter today and the reason why I didn't release last saturday is because I was using all my time reading Amber Sword using MLT. But that story just ended up pissing me off with how terrible it got later on... 

When Aten releases his pure psychic force, all existence on the second floor froze and drop down to their knees as if a celestial body was pressed on top of them.

Their minds became blank as all thought process in their brain came to a sudden halt and their consciousness begins to fall apart into darkness.

As the sheer mental pressure exerted from Aten psychic force is so overwhelming that their very ability to maintain their psychological state is starting to break.

If this goes on for any longer, all the humans on this floor may become vegetable and never wake up again as their mind would be crush to smithereens by Aten psychic force.

Even the monsters that are much stronger than humans aren’t spared from this fate and in fact have it worst compare to humans.

As the humans on this floor just came from Earth, they all lack entirely the ability to utilize the mana in their soul no matter how large their psychic force is.

While the monster on this floor is entirely different from these humans.

As they are born with tainted mana fused with every single cell in their body to allow their physical prowess to go into superhuman levels.

This fusion of cell and mana is now beginning to cause unwanted side effects as their mental body is collapsing under Aten overwhelming psychic force.




The orcs soldiers let out a terrified cry as their mind began to shatter to pieces while the mental bonds holding their tainted mana and cells together start to break down.

Monsters are generally born without intelligence despite having the instinct of a wild beast and magical prowess of an ordinary magician.

Which usually shouldn’t be possible, as mana is a type of higher energy that is difficult to control without a firm will and stable mental state guiding them.

If a magician psychological state were to become extremely unstable like that of a wild beast, they would trigger a precarious state of being call [Runaway Phenomenon].

This is a state in which the magicians lose all control over their own mana and their magic starts going absolutely berserk.

When this occurs, the magicians magic will manifest in the physical world without any control over it and will reek havoc everywhere in their surrounding until they eventually self-destruct by exploding into dust.

So the Sage King of Magic theorizes that monsters are born like that is because most of their mental capacity are entirely devoted to bringing the tainted mana inside their cells under control.

Giving the newly born monsters only the most basic of biological instincts to survive.

This is done so that the tainted mana in their body doesn’t go berserk and destroy themselves upon creation.

As unlike humans, monsters aren’t born with a soul to store all their mana, and so for them to have tainted mana, they must fuse it directly inside the very cells of their body.

While the excessive mana they would gain overtime will be store in what we call a [Mana Crystals] that would act as the substitute for a soul in its ability to store mana.

This will free up the mental capacity of the monster brain to start being able to develop intelligence in the future.

What this all mean is that before a monster can develop a mana crystal in their body, the only thing holding their tainted mana and cells together is their very own psychic force generated by their mind.

Which is currently being torn to shreds by Aten own psychic force.

As orc soldiers, that are far below an orc deity.

They naturally cannot resist the might of a sage king psychic force such as Aten for even a moment after it hit their body directly and rip their weak mind to shreds in an instant.

So once the psychic force that used to bind their tainted mana within their cells disappeared.

Their tainted mana started to go berserk inside these orc soldiers and triggered a runaway phenomenon inside every cell in their body.

Which resulted in all of them going… BOOM!

All the orc soldiers on the plains outside of the castle hill immediately exploded into a pile flesh and mangle organs with blood splattering everywhere.

After sensing the loss of all tainted mana within the range of Aten magic perception.

He quickly reins in his overwhelming psychic force with his powerful will until it was finally dormant again in his nearly fried brain.

<All Orc Soldiers has been eliminated>
<Food and water are thereby given to those who killed the most from first to third place>
<1st place defender, Aten, will receive seven days worth of food and water for killing all enemies>
<As there is no 2nd and 3rd place defender all remaining rations shall not be distributed to any other>
<Special Reward [The Sovereign Insignia] is granted to Aten for his achievement of attaining first place>
<All participant of the second trial shall be allowed to rest for the next 24 hours until the next attack>

Although it was good that the battle was over with minimal casualty and he obtains the things that he needs for the next stage of this trial.

Aten with all his senses still turn off can only pant heavily in agony.

As each breath he took felt excruciatingly painful due to how much damage his body sustain from releasing only a minuscule amount of his sage king psychic force.

The might of his sage king psychic force was just far too much for his body to handle even if it was only a billion of a percentage that was released by him in the end.

If Aten genuinely did not care about dying in a fraction of a nanosecond.

Once he releases the full might of his sage king psychic force, Aten can very well destroy this entire tower of trials at the same moment of his death.

However, since he still had things to do like changing the very destiny of humanity.

Aten isn’t thinking of dying just yet.

So now that he got everything he needed to control the outcome of this trial.

Aten focuses all his attention on recovering his severely damaged body and brain right now with the help of recovery magic.

As there should be no one awake or foolish enough to threaten him on this floor after releasing his psychic force…


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