The King of God Slayers



Chapter 11 Part 1: The Qualification To Become A Monarch


During the century before the Supreme Gods and the Abyssal Gates descend or ascend into the world of Endora to annihilate all humanity and life.

When the Sage King of Magic was still alive, he had theorized and created more magical progress than any magic race or god before in the entire history of Endora.

In fact, you could even use him as the sole benchmark for magical progress that defines a new age of magic enlightenment before and after his arrival.

As during the time that he was still alive and before his sudden disappearance.

He had brought back and revived much lost magical knowledge long thought to be forgotten or had gone extinct during the previous ages of catastrophes.

One of these magic he revived is called [Unchantations], and this is also the type of magic, Aten is using to recover from his current injuries.

Unchantations can be described as trying to manually bring about the effects of a magic spell with just the magicians own mana without any lag time or a waste of mana due to incantations.

While regular magic spells require magicians to have an adequate mana pool and recite some verses in a magic language to create that magic spell and its effects on the target.

This whole process expends more time and mana than the result you get, so if you were to somehow able to skip this entire process and cast your magic directly.

You can reduce your mana consumption to the bare minimum and achieve the same effect as a regular magic spell with no other conditions attached to that magic spell.

That is precisely what Unchantations can accomplish if done correctly.

If a magician can successfully learn Unchantations, he/she can fight an opponent with more magic power or multiple magicians at the same time with the same mana pool as them. But like all good thing too good to be true.

This magic is naturally complicated to actually use in any situation and is the same reason why it became a lost art of magic in the first place as well.

Since three requirements to use Unchantations are–

A mana pool within your soul that you can access and can skillfully manipulate at will.

A psychic force that is strong enough to shape or change the properties of your mana with the mind.

A deep understanding of the magic spell you are trying to replicate and its desired effects on the target.

Except for the Sage Kings, less than 10% of all the most skilled magicians in Endora can even fulfill the bare minimum and if a magician fails to use this magic correctly.

A magician would run the risk of triggering a [Runaway Phenomenon] and maybe even self-destruct in the end just like what happen to the Orc Soldiers. But if used successfully, even someone like Aten who currently have less mana than a mage apprentice can use the faith base recovery spell [Holy Cure].

Since Aten was a Sage King in the past, he naturally can fulfill most of these conditions with ease. But Aten still had to spend twelve hours in agony to recover only just his five senses again after nearly frying his brain in that little stunt that he pulled by releasing his psychic force.

While he was unable to move as the rest of his body is still a bit of a mess.

Also despite his brain surviving the whole ordeal, he is left with a migraine so terrible that the entire world seems to be dizzy and hazy after he opens his bloodshot eyes even a little.

So he just let his eyes remain close and focus on naturally recovering until his head splitting migraine go away.

Why Aten dares to perform this crazy stunt that could have nearly killed him is because he knew this won't be enough to kill him.

If he died from something like this, he doesn’t deserve to be a sage king.

Aten is the Sage King of Combat and for what that title means is that he had to fight against death in countless battlefields with his life on the line.

From overwhelmingly weak enemies that use dirty tricks to overwhelmingly powerful enemies that are much stronger than him with all sorts of other conditions in between.

So Aten is used to gambling with his life on the line for a single goal he had in mind that he must achieve.

For his goal of passing the second trial smoothly, in the end, it requires him to go this extra length in pushing himself.

Since he needs to obtain the rewards that can only be gain in the first test of the second trial.

Namely, the weeks worth of supplies needed to survive and the sovereign insignia that can be considered as the most essential item one can obtain on this floor.

Since without this insignia, you can’t become a Monarch in the world of Endora and will face much hardship because of that.

The power that this insignia holds is something almost every person in this tower is willing to kill one another for if they had the chance.

As the person that managed to obtain this insignia will gain the power of destiny that will prevent them from facing almost any consequence in the present or future.

What this means is that it become exceedingly hard to kill the person holding this insignia as if they had become a protagonist of the story and is protected by plot armor.

Even if the owner were to stand under a barrage of attacks from arrows, bullets to even magic, they would come out completely unharmed.

Even If a foe does manage to land a direct blow on their body.

They can always transfer the damage to one of their own minions instead that has a mark of loyalty made by the owner of this insignia.

This is a life-saving ability that only the owner of the insignia has as if destiny is directly protecting the person and prevent any harm to befall them.

Aten personally had seen family, friends, lovers torture, and harm one another just to steal this one insignia to become a Monarch.

Since this insignia is not limited to only the first person to get a hold of it and anyone can steal it if they manage to have a higher destiny than the first person holding this insignia.

Basically, if this thing fallen into the wrong hands, this is no different than holding onto a bomb waiting to just explode…


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