The First Archmage

by KurtMKing

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead LitRPG Magic Male Lead Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Not everyone has access to the System - in fact, very, very few become Adventurers. No one knows how the System selects new Adventurers, or why. The System enables people to level up, to gain skills and stats far stronger and much faster than those without access to the System. While magic does exists, no one has ever had the option of a magic class.

Until now - Gavin, an orphan in a small village, is watching a group of Adventurers passing through speak with the village Elders when he suddenly gains access to the System, and one of the Classes he can take on initially, based on his stats and skillbase from before he gained access, is "Wizard".

In a world where Adventurers must swear fealty to their kings or be branded as traitors, can Gavin - a mere boy - keep his secret long enough to become a force none can abuse? Or will his secret be known, and his advanced magical abilities used for a cause he doesn't support?

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Easter Event Search Party - Bronze Medal
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0001 - Gaining Access to the System ago
Chapter 0002 - Leaving Home ago
Chapter 0003 - Gabriel's Corpse ago
Chapter 0004 - Meeting King Wesley of Jozan ago
Chapter 0005 - Meeting Natalie ago
Chapter 0006 - Conflict at the Adventurer's Guild ago
Chapter 0007 - Learning My First Spell ago
Chapter 0008 - An Increase in Those with Access to the System ago
Chapter 0009 - Meeting the Party ago
Chapter 010 ago
Chapter 011 ago
Chapter 012 ago
Chapter 013 ago
Chapter 014 ago
Chapter 0015 - Stage 1 of the Temple of Dar ago
Chapter 0016 - Nope ago
Chapter 0017 - Coliseum ago
Chapter 0018 - The First Duel ago
Chapter 0019 - The Second Dungeon ago
Chapter 0020 - Multiple Parties in a Dungeon ago
Chapter 0021 - A Week of Training ago
Chapter 0022 - Blood Oath ago
Chapter 0023 - Thick Mana ago
Chapter 0024 - A Teacher of Magic ago
Chapter 0025 - Michael Arrives ago
Chapter 0026 - Learning Fire Magics ago
Chapter 0027 - Mastering Fire Magics ago
Chapter 0028 - Firebolt Chain ago
Chapter 0029 - Returning to Jozan for the First TIme ago
Chapter 0030 - The Village of Kar ago
Chapter 0031 - The Secret of Kar ago
Chapter 0032 - The Guild of the Tower Dungeon ago
Q&A ago
Chapter 0033 - Entering the Tower Dungeon ago
Interlude I: Warren 1 ago
Interlude I: Michael 1 ago
Chapter 0034 - Finding a Place to Train Magic ago
Chapter 0035 - Matthew's Oath ago
Chapter 0036 - A Conversation With the Rift Wolf ago
Interlude I: Warren 2 ago
Chapter 0037 - Reuniting with Eli and Dylan ago
Chapter 0038 - Receiving a God's Blessing ago
Chapter 0039 - Resource Regeneration Stat ago
Interlude I: The System ago
Chapter 0040 - The Oracle's Three Gifts ago
Chapter 0041 - Michael Returns (Again) ago
POLL ago
Chapter 0042 - The Team's Discussion ago
Chapter 0043 - What I Gained ago
Chapter 0044 - Beginning to Advance ago
Chapter 0045 - The First Mage ago
Chapter 0046 - The First Archmage ago
POLL 2 ago
Character Index - Part I ago
Chapter 0047 - Time to Leave ago
Chapter 0048 - Orders of Yggdrasil ago
Interlude II - Tyler I ago
Chapter 0049 - Reuiniting With Tyler ago
Chapter 0050 - Battling Beck ago
Interlude II - Tyler II ago
Chapter 0051 - Dragon Attack ago
Chapter 0052 - Meeting the Elves ago
Interlude II - Panic of Ilinia ago
Q&A 2 ago
Chapter 0053 - Completing Ultarna's Quest ago
Chapter 0054 - Nies's Request ago
Chapter 0055 - Quests and Experience ago
Chapter 0056 - The End of Training ago
Chapter 0057 - Making Nies Happy ago
Chapter 0058 - Hunter of Titles ago
Chapter 0059 - Returning to the Fairy Kingdom ago
Chapter 0060 - Becoming a Fairy ago
Chapter 0061 - The New Voice ago
Chapter 0062 - Contracting My First Spirit ago

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Quartz Ring
  • Overall Score

I love this fiction I didnt like it at first as the mc’s fake accent drove me nuts but after he dropped it the story really picked up for me. I wait on bated breathe for more good sir keep up the amazing work

  • Overall Score
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I'm almost caught up to the current chapters and still hooked. I like how the Main character acts and changes based off of his circumstances. Plus he's like a smartass in the beginning, but of course makes mistakes because nobody is perfect and gives the mc more value instead of being OP in every way, then it would be repetitious. Also the story takes different routes and stuff and still keeps popping out mysteries that take you for a loop.

Plenty of action along the way and mc is a lucky butt with a legendary class woohoo! Only time will tell if he gets better fast enough to finish a hard quest he stumbled into XD he's not perfect but he is ok. Enjoy the fireworks!

Night Auditor
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Great story so far! I am enjoying the way that the System is playing with the MC, while teaching the MC. There is enough action in the story to keep me interested and wanting more. The supporting characters are great and I hope there will be more interaction between all of them. 

  • Overall Score

Revised Review up to ch. 32 & Q&A

Edit: 5/27/18

After the time of my original review, The author has written more chapters and attempted to fill in some of the gaps in his story, and seems pretty dedicated to improving his work. I haven't caught up with this story, but I recommend giving it a chance and decide for yourself, at least further than ch. 32.

Also, you still need a better cover than solid purple Mr. King.

Old review: 1/18/18
There will be spoilers in this review up to chapter 32, be warned.

The story had a good beginning, but becomes a bit of a mess latter on. The plot is a bit inconsistant, with plot holes in the story, notably reguarding how the King died early on, never using his class powers to keep his subjects in line, was a bit confusing for me.

The Protagonist also never feels like he's taking charge, is talked down to constantly be people he just started associating with, and is quote unqoute "Grounded" to a Inn room for a week by one of his associates. That and the fact the character never seems to be able to use the Intelligence he's accuring via the system in this story to plan out his actions a bit more smartly, came accross to me and other readers as a bit of a dumb moment.

Gavin meeting his family for the first time came off as weird and unnatural to me, and (future spoilers here) his father being revealed as a major Antagonist wasn't forshadowed well, and felt like it came out of left field. Perhaps if he had tried to recruit Gavin to his Master plan, or the rift Guardians explained to Gavin what his father was planning, would've set up that plot point better.

And, on a personal note, I like to know if the Protagonist of the story is going to be Straight/Gay/Bi before reading deeper, I hadn't know before this that the Author perfers to write about Gay oriented characters. I don't usually pick up books with Gay protagonists, as to invest myself in a story I try to self-identify with them as much as possible, and that isn't possible with Gavin for me.

Reading this for the first time, the mentle image of what I had built Gavin up to be, never felt like he lived up to that, and was handed all of his power to begin with. Because of this and the somewhat inconsistant story, I ended up dropping it at ch. 32. It has the potential to be better, and if the Author spent time tightening up the plot and did another draft of this, I could see him selling this work and being able to reach an audience on Amazon.

The Master Wolf
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Character Score

More Than There Seems to the Story

Overall Rating: 4/5

I made an account just so I can review this story.

Style: 3.5/5 Stars.

There is a lot more to the story that you see initially, and you often need to read deeper than what is blatently obvious, as confirmed with the author's responses to readers in comments. While that's a good thing, the author uses that a lot. To the point where it almost feels overused. There are quite a few things that can be figured out just by reading the story normally and not skimming it, but people seem to miss them. A lot of 'issues' people have can be found just by reading the story. I hope that if he goes back through and edits the story, he fixes this a little bit, so that there aren't as many unknowns, and some of this information is a bit more obvious for those who only skim or just don't like reading into things.

Story: 4/5 Stars.

Immersive, immense world, and you know there's more going on than what's on the surface, or what the character, Gavin, sees and knows. He sticks to the mechanics he's introduced, and while it may seem he's forgotten something, it often gets brought up in a later chapter. While there are some issues with the characters themselves, each one has their own personality, and I get the sense that he's got backgrounds for each of them planned out - and possibly future uses, once they're gone from the story. If he goes back through and edits the story, like he's said he might do, that might fix some of these issues.

Grammar: 4/5 Stars.

Really, he's got a few errors, and does misspells words, but he makes it known early on he's not even editing the story, just posting them raw, which makes his grammar actually pretty impressive. He has mentioned before that he'll probably go back through and edit the story a bit, so that will probably fix a fair few of the issues.

Character: 4/5.

Gavin starts off as a mouthy, cheeky kid, and he stays that way - but his personality shifts a lot. He goes through a ton of stuff, his life rapidly changing fast, and that affects how he views the world. He doesn't really have time to adjust to one circumstance before it changes, and as a kid who's only thirteen, that's a lot to handle. He acts rashly for awhile, but once he starts suffering consequences for his stubbornness, he begins to calm down. In the current chapters, he's back to being a little bit cheeky, but mostly, he's got an arrogant air about him that can make him a lot of enemies. He's putting people at a distance, only letting few inside his guard, but I can't blame him, with everything he's gone through. However, the latest chapter, 36, shows a lot of the maturity he's gained across the chapters, when he agrees to something he once got furious for having done to him by the same creature who requests it of him, and it even fills in some of the 'plot holes' people are claiming exist.

This leaves my final score at 3.875, which rounds to 4. I'll update this review once more happens, and if he does go back through and edit the chapters, but this is my final score, as of right now.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Aehem, aehem.

Short, confusing version: I quite like it, there are just some things that just are not the things I quite prefer reading when I read things.

Longer version:

Style score: It is consistent and enjoyable to read.

Story score: A young boy is ''indoctrinated'' to love and die for his country. Personal note: Nationalism is in my book something that is in my book something quite questionable but in this case it is ''justified' with the country being a fortress of good ideals and something that needs to exist (physically(!)) to escape a terrible fate. Quite conflicting for me: good storytelling; with the notion that something that I am skeptic of is worth to be protected... I use the term ''indoctrinate'' as a term that describes: Traditions that could push an very young individual to pursue for himself harmfull actions for his country. The in the real world often posed question: what is learned, what is innate character?, adds to the story. The notion that the good ideals are ''personified'' by that country is quite unsettling and can push the reader to ask himself questions. When reading one should remember that the MC is a kid, in a village, in a time which would be comparable to our Middle-Ages, with the knowlegde that his biological parents are nowhere to be found.  3,5 stars

Character score: the MC has a will of steel which and stands for his ideals as learned or innate they might be, which is enjoyable: Will his resolve be broken, will he be a feeble shell if he fails? Will he perserve and achieve victory with nothing powerfull working against him in the shadows but standing infront of him? A past which is not completely revealed at the start of the story.

Grammar score: Some 5 errors in the whole story, but they can easely be missed, so 4,5 stars.

This review will be updated.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score


As of Chapter 44

Grammar- little to no errors, on this website it's top tier

Style/Story- Pretty good, I like the focus on the grind but at the same time I don't.

Could stand to show more battle scenes or putting the characters in more diverse situations where we get to see more of who they are as people. but as is it's more or less a grind fest with a few convos and very small interactions with people and a legit fight scene every 15 chapters. It's not bad, i don't entirely dislike the grind focus but I'd like the fights to be fleshed out not told to us as an afterthought due to grinding.

Character- Gavins got it. He's not bitch-made. He has a spine, he's loyal and he's not entirely clueless. The side-cast is aiight. Kinda bland starting out and not properly fleshed out but they grow and gain proper shapes as the author grows

All in all it's a good novel. Just needs proper interactions/fight scenes and it'd be a solid 5/5 across the boards.

Spoiler: Spoiler


  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

A pretty good LitRPG that avoids many of clichés that plague other novels

While not perfect its really enjoyable and a perfect read for relax (at least for me) 

It also has little to no grammar issues.

The fact that most male core chraracters are gay doesnt bother me at all but I know some people who do get bothered by this so here is the warning 🚧 [In the Q&A Kurt says he doesn't think he will do any romance or erotica so nobody panic (if anyone was on it)] 


  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

A good solid story, with plenty to look forward to

Very interesting story, i must admit that it took me a while to warm up to Gavin, but as the story progresses, you can see him slowly maturing, the supporting characters get more interesting as time passes and the relationships between them grow, the story itself doesn't feel stale at any point and is always moving forward and the explanation to many questions you may have, are there if you pay attention, there are a few mistakes here and there, but you find those in any story, even professional authors with professional editors let a few errors slip past the process, so it happens, i am looking forward to more from this story and currently give it 4 out of 5 stars and from what is being setup, i can see that increasing by the time the story comes to it's conclusion

  • Overall Score

Nice concept but some problems with writing style

Now I know that a writing style is totally the writers own choice. But I have just one point which may make it better and increase the quality of your story's. I read a shit ton of books across a lot of genres and this makes it so that it's easier to see some faults in writing sometimes.

In your story when you are telling certain scenes with multiple characters with only a few talking it feels as if the others aren't there. Simply because the other characters don't say anything it feels as if they don't exist for the reader.

This can cause some misconceptions for the readers. When Gavin reunited with his biological family his mom didn't say shit. If a character doesn't say anything (or anyone else says something about the character) then it is also impossible for the reader to deduce that characters state of mind. As such the character will simply seem dismissive or uncaring.

Don't get me wrong. Besides this one thing which kinda irritates me I really like your take on a system and your story's world.