When I had the feeling that Jason might be in trouble, I listened to my gut feeling. I went back to the apartment building to get my club and my bag. As I was passing by the first goblin I killed today I looked at its hatred filled gaze. I still didn’t feel bad about killing it, it just slightly unnerved me outside of the fight to see its eyes again. I bent down on one knee to observe the goblin up close. “I’m sorry I had to kill you. I hope next time if there is an afterlife for you to live a life where you are safe and protected away from harm. I hope you the best in your new journey.” After looking at the goblin for some time these were the words that came out of my heart. I knew that I didn’t have to kill the goblin. I could have let them escape if I wanted to. I had decided against that so these words I said took some invisible weight off my shoulders.

As I was about to close the goblins eyes, I felt them let go of their hatred. It might have been an illusion conjured up by my mind to soothe me, but somehow I felt that wasn’t the case. From looking at the goblins face again, I think the goblin had forgiven me for my pass actions. It was weird, how did the goblin hear me? Was he here in spirt form watching over his body or was he able to hear my voice from the beyond? I wasn’t sure, but one thing I did know was that I was forgiven. I closed the goblins eyes and said, “Have a great after life.”

I got off my knee and stood up. Now that I was done with the goblin I had other things to do. As I walked to my stuff I thought back on the title I just earned. The title deemed me a compassionate killer. I didn’t like the way it sounded. Compassionate killer, what kind of title was that. Other then the way it sounded the description behind it wasn’t too bad, but every time I think of the name it sounds like I’m one of those mass murders who have a fetish for dead bodies. When I think about it I don’t like it at all. The only good thing about the title was the extra points into dexterity and into mana. Now that I think about it, would the same titles give the same rewards? In the case of Jason’s title, he was rewarded extra points into strength and dexterity. At the time he said he received the title he was in a bout of rage and if I think about when people get into compromising situations a boost in speed and strength isn’t an impossibility. However, if someone who usually used their mana to fight would the title have rewarded them a boost into strength. I’m not sure, but it would be highly unlikely. In my case I earned the companionate killer title which gave me a boost for speed and mana. If I look back into the fight the thing I used the most to kill was my speed and since I was training with [shadow leap] my mana. So, an increase into speed and mana was the best choices for a reward. If Jason were to win the title he would most likely get rewarded with strength and speed, right? Maybe I’m just thinking too much, and the titles rewarded are just random. Maybe, but for me to see if my deductions are correct I’ll have to wait for the future to see.

When I reached my bag and club I picked them up and walked out the apartment building. While walking to find Jason my mind was preoccupied with distracting thoughts. I was looking at where I was going, but at the same time my mind wasn’t processing what I was seeing. I saw a huge mass of blackness, but I didn’t see the huge mass of blackness. It wasn’t until I was about fifteen steps away from the black mass until my mind started to register what I was seeing. I was ejected from my thoughts when I was ten steps away.


When the leading spider heard a sound behind it, it turned around to see a figure walking towards it. It resembled the creature they were fighting. To be cautious the leading 20cm long spider walked further into the hallway just in case the creature was just as ferocious as the one in front of it.

The leading spider was slightly intimidated by the savagery the creature in front of it was behaving. Their kind from time to time ate their own, but something else eating their own was a first for it. If the creature had just outright killed them the spider wouldn’t have been intimidated. Added on top of the toothy smile and the sinister chuckle it heard from time to time made it want to escape. If it wasn’t for the fact that they had numbers, the leading spider would have escaped long ago.

As the leading daddy long leg went further in it said “saasd dss ehsd” to the spiders behind it. With that being said the leading daddy long leg paid attention to the creature in front of it. It was waiting for a chance to deal a deadly blow and eat its adversary. Its mouth started to water thinking of the meal that was in front of it.


When I was ejected from my thoughts I seen some thing from the black mass started to come closer to me. I stopped moving when mass got to close to me. The black stopped at the same time to observe me. Then they started moving towards me again without any fear.

The closer they got to me the easier I was able to see what they were. When I saw that it was a mass of spiders I almost screamed until I remembered I wasn’t scared of spiders. Even then this scene was disturbing it was the first time I seen so many spiders at the same time plus they were way bigger than your average spider.

I almost turned around there, but I had a feeling Jason was somewhere in the huge mass of spiders. I wanted to help and only hoped he had somehow survived this mess.

I turned my focus back to the spiders and checked their information.

Daddy long legs

Lvl: 2

HP: 35

Daddy long legs

Lvl: 3

HP: 45

Daddy long legs

Lvl: 4

HP: 55

I observed that they had three different levels and the more I paid attention I got to see the spiders with higher levels were about 2 to 3cm longer than their counterparts. When we leveled up we could enhance different attributes, on the other hand it seems when the spiders leveled u they got bigger. They most likely got stronger to since that was the new trend.

My mind started wondering to the future again. If the trend for monsters was to get bigger when they leveled up would we be fighting giants in the future. If so would we grow bigger in comparison or would we stay the same and just be stronger. That also posed a problem the bigger something was the harder it would be to kill. On top of their size if they have abilities they would be even harder to kill. Unless we have something to counter their size the future was looking bleak.

When I felt something crawling on my legs. It didn’t feel right it done right felt uncomfortable. As more of the spiders crawled on me the more the feeling became pronounced. I dropped the heavy club I reached the side of my bag to retrieve my daggers. I pulled them out as if I was a main character in a movie and was about to do something amazing. I fixed the daggers in my hands to feel more comfortable with my next action.

I stabbed both of my daggers at a frightening speed into the two spiders that were further up my body. Their body squirmed from the unexpected intrusion and before they could do anything else I pulled my daggers out and cut their heads off. A small amount of blood sprayed on my legs. I didn’t bother with it I quickly cut off ten more spiders head before my leg had enough blood on me to make me feel uncomfortable.

The blood became viscous and slightly thick after being on me for a couple of seconds. I checked on the daggers to see of there was any blood on the blades to find nothing was on it. Either this was an extremely great blade, or I cut the spiders heads off to fast before it got covered. I wiped the blades on my short just for show before I got back into killing the spiders.

Every swipe of my daggers a head was sent flying. Every second another head was added onto the collection. Every time a body went limp and fell of me. I was becoming a spider killing machine. Then everybody that fell to the ground a number of spiders dragged the body off and started to eat it. I didn’t feel anything from killing the spiders and seeing them eat their own made me feel a slight disgust for them.

Killing the spiders was starting to become boring and tedious until some spiders started to jump at me. It was becoming more lively. The first spider that jumped at me had caught me unprepared causing it to almost land on my face. I brought my right hand up and prepared to back hand slapped it away. On contact I felt how hard the carapace was causing the back of my hand to sting a bit. I snapped my hand effectively throwing the spider away from me. I looked at the back of my hand to find it red. From how red my hand was turning from that one slap I knew I was being to impetuous. I became more focused with every action the spiders started to take. This didn’t stop me from killing the spiders one by one.

Ten seconds after the first spider jumped at me another spider though itself smart and did the same thing. This time I was prepared I quickly stopped swiping at the spiders below me, repositioned the dagger in my hand and stabbed into the spider’s abdomen. It was trembling from the pain in its abdomen until I brought my other hand over and cut its head off. I was really starting to love the sharpness of the daggers. They were great killing companions.

Five seconds later a third daddy long leg jumped at me this time I wanted to practice my accuracy. As it jumped I positioned my hand facing down with my thumb on the bottom and the dagger facing down. I swiped at what I perceived to be its neck. I felt like the attack was about to cut the head off, but I was off the mark and only cut the abdomen. I was disappointed before I flipped my fingers repositioning the dagger in my hand and another spider was stabbed. My other hand finished off cutting the head of the jumping spider. Both the head and the body hit me before they fell to the ground to be eaten by its brethren.

Every time a spider jumped at me I repeated the same action. And every time my first attack was slowly coming closer to its mark. The twenty fifth time a daddy long leg jumped at me I timed my attack just right and I was rewarded with a spider’s head being lobbed off. I was so happy with my success I missed my mark with the next two jumping spiders. I stopped being complacent with only one victory and started to focus again. There wasn’t anything better than progress.

With every step I took I was killing spiders by the dozens. There would be a trail of dead spiders in my wake if the spiders themselves weren’t so savage and eating their own. Along the line of my continuous killing I heard a notification that I leveled up. I ignored it and kept on killing.


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