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Second Chance






Immediately I jerked at the noise, the beating of my heart against my chest was so fast, I thought that it would burst out. The ringing screeches and razor-sharp claws were still haunting my memories, hesitantly my eyes look straight ahead, only to be met with


Your ‘HP’ and ‘MP’ have been restored

Your Level has increased by 1

Your Level has increased by 1

Your Level has increased by 1

Your Level has increased by 1

Your Level has increased by 1

Your Level has increased by 1


//My goodness, this is real……I’m still alive! // No words could ever describe my feelings, ReliefJoyPrideHappiness, so many emotions and thoughts went through my head, but most of all I was glad that this nightmare has ended, fighting that Abomination was absolutely mortifying. he was the definition of an Absolute Monster, I could only wonder how I was able to keep Calm during the fight //It must have been because of my Ability//, I was conflicted about this matter to say the least, at one point I dreaded it effects, thinking that it robbed me of what made me a human but at the other end, it saved my Life and helped me on multiple occasions. //Thinking about this right now isn’t the best thing to do, I should just be thankful for this chance// Standing up I was once again amazed by how easy it was for me to stand up after fighting to the death with a supernatural creature, The aches and the injuries that once littered my body were now gone with no trace, like they weren’t even there, I felt like I could take on anything as my once empty pool of MP and HP are now filled to the brim, they’re even several times bigger than they were before. Inspecting my surrounding, I was reminded by how much damage our fight caused, The rusty walls of the old warehouse had several deep gashes on them, while the ground was filled with Dozens of sharps pieces of glass, marking where the Black Ghost died, But looking more closely, I saw it. A small worn out Book, it was pitch black and had no title indicating its contents. Next to it were three bottles with glowing dark-red liquid in them. //Huh...Where did these come from, I’m definitely sure that they weren’t here when I arrived, and the Black Ghost Surely didn’t have these, He died for god’s sake!......Wait…..Died? // realization stretched across my face as I concluded //Could….could it be that my ability gave me these Items // Never have I thought that my ability would be capable of creating things out of nothing


Due to your Insight, Your WIS has increased by 1


//Ughh, I need to stay focused, these mysteries can be solved later for all I care// shaking these thoughts out of my head I observed the items

Health Potions (Minor) (3)

Effects: Heal 25% Of Health Over 30Sec


Concealment (Skill Book) (Rare)


//Whoa…// Despite not knowing how to learn that Concealment skill, the Health Potions were super useful, after all, if it weren’t for the lucky timing of the Level Up I wouldn’t have lived for another second, picking up the Skill Book I was met with another screen

Do you wish to learn ‘Concealment’ (Rare)


With an ever-growing smirk on my face, I thought //This just keeps getting better and better// And without any hesitation whatsoever I pressed YES

You need to have at least 20DEX and 20WIS to learn this Skill

//Tch….dammit, I really don’t want to use these points// I really wished I could have learned this skill, Alas the points were absolutely important and I wouldn’t waste them on a Skill where I could just train like a normal person to achieve those stats. After storing the Items in my inventory, I immediately got out of the Warehouse //Now how can I find that bastard…// looking at the Sky I noticed how late it was, everything was nearly Pitch-black, Looking at the Raging fire in the next block, I thought with concern //Oh no…// Running toward the Disaster with all my might, I prayed //You better be fine Sun-II//


Time Skip


I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Destroyed houses, wrecked cars, chunks of the concrete were vaporized by a Deadly venom, a Pool of water the size of a football field lied in the middle of the neighborhood, and far off in the distance, Fire raged, incinerating everything in its path, while lightning charred the ground. nothing could prepare me for what I saw, It was absolute destruction, it was like the Gods decided to make this place their playground, Concerned about Sun-II’s health I searched, and searched every nook and cranny for him, not believing that he would lose to such monsters, I continued searching, knowing it was futile, and I continued searching, ignoring the tears dripping from my eyes, I couldn’t, wouldn’t believe that he was…..Calm Down…..Despite my calm state, my tears continued dripping like a dam was broken //I-i-i need to find him, The Black Summoner must have kidnapped him, after all, he must have had a reason to attack us, he must have wanted to kidnap Sun-II// But where could I start looking for him, I had no idea where the Black Summoner would be, and even if I did find him, he would just beat me to the ground with his pinky, He was absolutely powerful, and I had nobody to rely on, Suddenly I remembered something Sun-II told me //Our family, our Clan is composed of martial artist who can use a type of energy called KI// coming up to a conclusion i thought //His family, they might know something about the Black Summoner//

Crack Crack

Looking up at the Sky I saw it, cracks in the sky, increasing at an increased rate, soon after these cracks has reached the ground, until suddenly, they shattered. It felt like the world went back to how it was, there were no more absolute silence and the sky wasn’t purple anymore, heck even the destruction that once raged this neighborhood is gone, like it was just an illusion. I was weirded out by how things were so….normal to say the least, it was like I forgot what the world was like before this accident //Not now…I need to reach the Compound as fast as I can, even if I have to use that// Immediately I perform an act that I would have previously thought to be Foolish and Stupid, but I guess I was desperate enough. Felling my mana surge through my body into my legs, specifically into my muscles and bones, steeling myself for what to come, I Over-Reinforce my legs

-189HP per Min

-100.8MP per Min

-DEX x2.8= 39DEX

-STR x2.8= 22STR


Instantly I reach a speed beyond what any Athlete could ever hope to achieve, but not without a cost, as I had to endure Unforgettable pain, the feeling of my bones creaking, as well as my muscles tearing, Gamer’s mind kept me calm and helped me dull the pain, but it was still nagging me at the back of my head, my tears nearly blinded my eyes due to how fast I was running, and my calm breathing soon turned into short gasps for air. But with determined eyes I thought //Just wait for me Sun-II, I’ll save you//

Time Skip

Whereas I would have arrived at 30min walking, I’ve easily arrived at the Clan’s Compound in under 10 minutes. But I had to use 2 of my health potions to keep myself going, as Over-Reinforcing my legs comes with dire consequences of nearly depleting my HP and MP in under 3 minutes, not only that but my bones have definitely broken by how I can barely move, while my tendons have torn badly, each step was agonizing, feeling as I’m negotiating with my legs, begging them to just take another step. My vision was getting a bit blurry and my senses more dull, as such I haven’t paid attention to the sudden silence or else I would have been in guard, but what snapped me out of my daze was the sound of a young woman saying to me in confusion “Jee-Han? My goodness! What happened to you? And where’s Sun-II” Looking back it was Poong Sae-Young, she’s was Sun-II’s Cousin, she’s a young woman in her late teens, with Short green bluish hair, and eyes of the same color. But what made me tense were the tears that threatened to drip down her face //I-I’m the reason she’s like that, I’m the reason her cousin is kidnaped, and presumably….Dead// Those thoughts made my stomach turn upside down and left a sour taste in my mouth, my fingers curled into a fist, nails digging into my palm so hard that it started bleeding, the thought of something Happening to Sun-II worried me a lot. Irritated by my silence Sae-Young put her hand on my shoulder and shook me while asking “Jee-Han what the hell happened…Answer me….Answer me Dammit!” she knew that something bad has happened, it only took one look at my state to figure it out, but she couldn’t believe what I said next “T-t-the Black Summoner……The Black Summoner Kidnapped Sun-II, He attacked us when we were going back home…I couldn’t help him, It’s all my fault..” Hot tears were streaming down my face like a dam broke down, I don’t know when will I ever be able to see my best friend again //if I ever do see him again....// I thought, only to be interrupted by Sae-Young “We…We’ll save him, no matter what, so don’t blame yourself for what’s going on” A sliver of hope shone through my eyes, it seemed to me that we truly still have a chance to save Sun-II. And as darkness nearly overwhelmed my vision, I could only say in a grateful tone “…Thank You...” finally, everything went black

Time Skip

Waking up while having this ability was never the same, there was no Sleepiness, no slow warming up, in just a matter of seconds I was up on my feet, drinking in all the feedback from my senses. I was on a bed, with my arm hooked to a machine, shaking the blurriness out of my eyes I came across this screen

The Status Effect ‘Unconsciousness’ Has been removed

Your ‘HP’ and ‘MP’ Has Been Restored

//Huh…guess all of this took a lot out of me// I thought, and it wasn’t a surprise either, having your best friend kidnapped by an Insane man and having to fight a hideous monster to the death can make any lesser man go crazy, if it weren’t for Gamer’s Mind I have no doubt that I would have gone mental, not to mention that I nearly died…I should have died, but the Gamer’s ability healed all of my wounds due to my Level Up, this Ability was a gift as much as it was a curse

//I didn’t ask for any of this… //

I wanted to rage and cry at the unfairness, at how I had to fight for my life, of how I couldn’t save my best friend. Yet all I could feel is the total calmness of my mind, I was Mad…enraged even, but despite that I was in perfect control of my thoughts, I didn’t feel the need to vent out my anger at anything or anyone to be exact, even my body was absolutely calm and relaxed, as if though it was oblivious to my rage

//I never asked for my life to turn upside down…//


Sae-Young POV


//Sun-II was kidnapped// these thoughts rolled through my mind, but no matter how much I steeled my mind of the chance of something like this happening, I couldn’t help the tears that dripped down my face, Sun-II was like the brother I never had, he would always make my day with his witty remarks and having him not by my side made me feel so…..Empty //Stop it, you’re supposed to be strong for Jee-Han// I could still remember his face full of regret when he told me about what happened to Sun-II, he was blaming himself for what happened, and it honestly broke my heart, I couldn’t bare seeing him like that. Soon after that I brought him to a medical room, he’s currently hooked to various machines, his clothes are nearly soaked with blood and are littered with various gashes yet there's no sign of injury on his body? But his legs were broken to the point that one of them was bent in an unnatural way. It was horrifying, I couldn’t help but pity him, he wasn’t supposed to know about the Abyss at all, and definitely not like this, he can’t possibly defend himself in the abyss and certainly not alone, heck he’s lucky to have even survived from the Black Summoner…not everyone can say that they did //I need to get going… thinking about this isn’t doing me any good// glancing at Jee-Han for one last time I left the room with haste to the Clan’s Meeting room. The clan leader, our grandfather has issued a meeting with all of the High-Rank members due to Sun-II’s kidnapping, I honestly didn’t want to participate in it, anything could be happening to Sun-II right now and I can’t do anything about it, it made me restless to say the least, arriving at the Meeting I thought //I hope this goes well…// Soon after I entered the room

The room was spacious with plain walls and no windows, it honestly looked like any normal room except that it was an illusion barrier, a permanent illusion barrier to be exact. Surrounding a table in the middle of the room were four people. The one next to me was my Grandfather Shin Sun-Oh, he’s an Old-Man who looks like he’s in his 60’s but in reality he’s nearly 200 years old, Clever, Strict, Stubborn, Short tempered is what I would describe him, he’s always thinking about the clan’s wellbeing, as well as Korea’s as it is our Duty. he has white hair that’s slicked backwards as well as a beard and mustache, like Sun-II he usually keeps his eyes close for some weird reason, His face is slightly wrinkles, but he’s still in a good shape for someone of his age, he’s wearing a light brown robe. Currently his wrinkled face is set in a frown, lost in his thought. but it is situations like these where his duty as the Clan Leader seem burdensome and strenuous. Next to him is our clan’s only Master Blacksmith, which is the highest rank possible in the art of blacksmithing, his name is Woo Seung-Ho And he’s nearly the same age as grandfather despite him looking like he’s in his early 70’s, like me he’s a carefree man but when angered he has a fierce temper. He has Shaggy white hair and thick beard that clearly haven’t been cared for a long, one of his small beady eyes was covered behind an eyepatch, his clothes were dirty and unclean as if he wore them his entire life, they can barely cover him anymore, as despite his old age he’s easily towering over me with his height. His huge tanned arms were intimidating, easily the size of a log while his hands were scarred and harsh as if he worked all his life nonstop. On his right was an Old man, his name is Woon Tae-Hyun. He’s a feeble man, with a fringe of grey-white hair surrounding his balding scalp, and a wizened face with deep wrinkles adorning it, his back was slightly hunched, and his attire consisted of a Traditional Seungbok. He looked as if though a puff of wind can blow him away. and yet despite his harmless looks, his eyes can terrify any simple man, they were brown with a hint of gold, and they showed deep wisdom, as if though he grasped all of the world’s knowledge in his hands. The last one was Bora Jin she’s a young-woman in her late 20’s, she had purple hair that caressed down her back like her back like a waterfall, her eyes were the color of steel, Cold and emotionless. Her attire consists of a Business suit worn professionally, she’s currently tapping her fingers at the table annoyed while regarding each other cautiously. Unlike the other she was from a different clan, the Dan Ui Clan, it was a clan that branched off from our own clan, but despite having far less members than us they were far more powerful as they are considered to be one of the Infamous Nine Gates

The silence was unbearable, no one knew what to say in a time like this, the silence was so tense that you could even cut it with a knife. But soon after Bora Jin spoke, her tone emotionless, but with a hint of annoyance

“I must say, I have no idea on why I am even here, shouldn’t these problems be handled by you?”

I couldn’t help but glare at her, but I should have expected this type of reaction from one of the Dan Ui Clan, always so arrogant and pompous. Grandfather let out a tired sigh and responded

“…As you all know, as of this day the Black Summoner dared to kidnap our Clan’s only heir…Shin Sun-II, and despite the work of our spies, there’s still no information of his whereabouts, the only one who was present during the kidnapping is Han Jee-Han, unfortunately he is still currently unconscious due to his injuries, any suggestion on what to do?”

His voice was tinged with shame and grief, it seems that he still didn’t forgive himself for what happened to his only Heir

But soon after a voice spoke

“This is quite the predicament, The Black Summoner is a wild card, I have no doubt that he sent some of his summons to watch out for our Spies, so he most likely knows that we are searching for him, as of now we can only send someone with no official relation to our clan so the Black Summoner won’t get suspicious of us” Said Woon Tae-Hyun, his voice was just above a whisper, but it didn’t make his words any less true as he definitely intrigued all of us, his prediction was spot on, and all of us had to agree with him, even Bora Jin agreed, although begrudgingly, it seems that she a bit of respect for Woon Tae-Hyun. His words honestly gave me some hope, hope that we can actually do this and it seems the same could be said for everyone.

“Hohohoho that is a Brilliant Idea indeed, it seems that you’re still as clever as you were before eh Tae-Hyun. I’ll be sure to supply anyone willing to do this dangerous mission with whatever equipment he needs” Said Woo Seung-Ho roaring with laughter

“Hmph, I suppose that this is the least I could expect from someone of your reputation. It is definitely a pleasure working with you” said Bora Jin, despite her arrogance even she couldn’t help but respect Tae-Hyun’s Judgement

“That’s right! We can do this” Hope, it was this feeling that I have been yearning for since for what seemed like forever, these past few hours seemed like eternity and yet with just a few words and a promise to Jee-Han I seemed to have regained the light in my heart. I couldn’t help the massive toothy grin on my face, or my Eyes, shining with a passionate fire

//We can do this//

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kallesen @kallesen ago

It is still quite interesting, and I certainly hope that you have not given up hope in regards to writing this piece of fiction.
Your take is on how that the world would be is quite interesting.
I like the darker portrayal of a world with ability users and their piece of it literally being called the Abyss, actually seeming to be dangerous and dark


    ArcheMage @ArcheMage ago

    Thanks for the response Kallesen, and i certainly haven't given up hope on my fanfiction, it means way too much for me. Currently I'm rewriting my second chapter and as soon as i finish rewriting all of my current chapters I'll start posting new ones. That is all, have a good day