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taming with care or hatred... or become a tyrant

A note from Hadesifer

alright so, the reason why there weren't as many chapters this week as the last one is because, you know, holidays are over and classes are a bitch.

I keep walking around until I reach a small forest that is near the town, might find an interesting monster or two, hopefully a bird of some kind, could use it as a scout or maybe even ride it if large enough.

As I reached the forest I start to hear many monsters, this is gonna be good, I enter it, keeping my guard up and having my skeletons fight every monsters dumb enough to come after us, we might be a little too powerful for this area, oh well, still free exp and a potential monster.

curious, I'm pretty sure this forest wasn't that big, maybe I'm lost, or the void's influence somehow changes some parts of the world, great.

I see a bunch of monsters ahead, a couple of birds seemingly made of water for one of them, steel for another one, the second to last one is made of jade and the last one is made of some kind of weird fluid rock thing, I found my bird.

 I mean they are pretty small and as such I'm not riding it any time soon, but it should still be useful.

I use one of my tentacles to bind the 4 birds (a tentacle each) and come out of hiding with my skeletons.

They look... disturbed, scared... I like it.

"So, do they understand me or not, it would be quite useful right now."

they look at me like they are seeing their nightmares come true, that's weird, this bullshit title is in effect even out here, interesting, should make the whole thing easier.

I send a strand of void energy to the water bird, if the process is similar to what the beastmen do with their beasts, it should be good.

Refused, refused, refused, again and again it refuses.

That's it, I'm killing one of them, let's go with the steel one.

I use the tentacle around it to break it's bones by applying as much pressure as I can, it didn't take long.

I try again, but once more, it refuses.

let's try something else, the other two birds, let's be a bit gentler with them, maybe it'll be more receptive after that.

I loosen their tentacles a bit and let them move a little, but not for the water one, it probably realised that they didn't move to much and I let them have a bigger range of movement, so maybe it'll relaxe a bit.

it relaxed and I loosen it a bit, but keep 2 more tentacles at the ready should it try anything.

I try again.

Refused, AGAIN!


I send my skeletons to kill the other two birds while my tentacles keep them from moving.

I use this time to basically throw my void energy in the water bitch (bird).

not sure what to say but... congrats.

due to basically forcing a monster to become your pet (slave), you have obtained the title [monster tyrant]

due to the everweirder nature of your being, your class has changed from [void meister] to [tyrant of the void]

[tyrant of the void]

You do not care what others think, you rule with an iron fist on a kingdom of slaves, you control the void and the gods cower, titans weep tears of blood, for they have failed.

Okay cool, finally have a pet (slave), but what monster is it.

just because your weird, gonna tell you.

this monster is a water fourdium.

the fourdiums are a rare species of monsters that basically incarnate a certain element, the rarest of all is the jade fourdium... wich you killed.

these monsters are pretty strong and fast, but do not get much bigger than it currently is, and give out an aura that scares away most monsters.

okay cool, just realised that you said that the gods cower and titans because they failed, failed what?

...No answer, okay fine, I guess it has to do with me being a honest asshole... sometimes.

Anyways, let's explore this forest for a few days, watey (water fourdium) move your ass and follow me.

A note from Hadesifer

you can probably already see how a few things will go from that, but hey, that's what happens when writing, you can't get away from clich├ęs... those... those things... they follow you... and you can neither escapre nor hide from them.




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