Volume 5 - Slime Time, Chapter 29 - Center of Affection

“Bye, Misaki! I’ll be back right after work!” Yamato called out the window of his little green car.

“Byebye!” the little harpy yelled back from the porch. After Yamato drove off down the sunset-lit mountainside, Misaki turned to Mara and Tsuen and clapped her black wings together. “What should we do first?”

Tsuen said, “Well, you haven’t seen the hot spring since it was finished, have you? We could take a soak.”

Misaki opened her eyes wide. “Ooh, that sounds fun. Can Haru and Yuisu join too? It’ll be best if we can all hang out together!”

Mara nodded. “Yeah, they both have the night off work, and I bet we can rope them in.” Mara frowned and added, “Quess is in her tiny form, so we should leave her out.”

Tsuen lightly bopped Mara on the head with a fist. “Don’t be mean, Mara. Of course Quess can hang out with us.”

Misaki raised her wings in the air and wore a confused expression. “What’s a ‘quess’?”

Tsuen grinned and said, “Only the cutest thing ever! Come meet her!” She ran inside, waving for the others to follow.

Later, all six girls walked along the wooden walkway from the house to the hot spring. Yuisu had even thought ahead and brought a small basket for each girl to store her clothes, as well as a bunch of towels.

“So, have you ever been to a hot spring before, Misaki?” Yuisu asked over the pile of towels in her arms.

“Nope! But I do like my baths really hot, so this should be awesome!”

“I’ll just warn you now, it is probably hotter than you’re used to. If you start to get light headed, you should take a break.”

Misaki said she understood, but Yuisu doubted that her advice had actually stuck. It felt a little unfair to call harpies bird-brained, but in Misaki’s case the term was just too accurate.

Mara helped Misaki get out of her dress, revealing blue boyshort panties and a little white tube top. She was too flat to actually need a bra, and when Mara commented on it, Misaki said, “Yamato made me start wearing a top because my dress kept falling down. He said, ‘Your boobs aren’t for others, okay? They’re just for us.’”

That got a little chuckle out of the other girls, who had already stripped down and slipped into the steaming hot water. Since they had been through this before, they got through seeing each other naked with only a little awkwardness. Shared bathing certainly changes a little when most of the participants are attracted to the same sex.

Once Tsuen was in the pool and her back was up above the waterline, Quess bounced over and landed on Tsuen’s rump. Any animosity between them had long faded away, thanks in no small part to Little Quess’s adorableness. Tsuen was happy to carry her around, though she treated Quess more like a pet than a friend sometimes.

Mara and Tsuen got into a rather one-sided conversation about some online game, and Misaki zoned out and just took in the warmth of the spring. While the others were distracted, Yuisu and Haru snuck off by themselves to cuddle at the far end of the crescent-shaped pool.

They were hidden from the others by a large boulder, and Yuisu was in an erotic mood for some reason, so things quickly escalated beyond cuddling. Yuisu took charge, hugging Haru from behind and pinning her wings behind her back. Haru was helpless and submissive as Yuisu ran her hands over Haru’s chest, midriff, and even further down. Yuisu slid her tongue along Haru’s neck and nibbled at her sensitive pointed ears.

One Haru, on the Rocks, by Porosnacks

In a breathy whisper, Haru asked, “What’s got into you lately, Yuisu? Not that I’m complaining…”

Between nibbles, Yuri-su whispered back, “I don’t even know. I’ve just had these powerful moods… cravings, that only this can satisfy.”

“Hey, I’m supposed to be the one with a mating season, not you. Maybe being—” Haru gasped aloud at a sudden touch to a very sensitive spot, but managed to recover. “…Maybe being around all these liminals is messing with your body chemistry somehow?”

“You’re too inquisitive, Haru. Stop trying to understand, and just roll with it…” she cooed as her hands explored ever further along the rich and pliable landscape of Haru’s toned body.

On the far side of the pool, the other girls were unaware of the lascivious deeds taking place just around the corner. Well, except for little Quess. She should sense the pheromones and the tantric energy emanating from beyond the boulder. Her large, adorable eyes were wide and knowing as she lapped up and stored every bit of the secretive delicacy that she could absorb from the air.

“Isn’t this nice, Quess?” Tsuen said, turning to look at the little slime sitting on her back.

Quess didn’t respond or even move. She was too enthralled by the wafting eroticism.

“What are you staring at?” Tsuen asked, bemused.

“She’s staring at that rock,” Mara answered unhelpfully.

Tsuen sighed. “I already knew that. I was wondering why she’s staring at a rock. Maybe there’s something over there.”

Mara shrugged. “I’ll go check, and I’ll poke Misaki on my way by, since she looks like she’s at her limit. I’m assuming we don’t want boiled crow for dinner tonight,” Mara said as she paddled away like an eight oared rowboat.

She drifted by Misaki and poked her in the cheek with a finger. “Hey, Misaki. You should probably take a break. You’re looking a bit cook—” Mara cut off mid-word as she floated within line of sight of Haru and Yuisu.

Haru was still held tight with her back against Yuisu’s body and her bountiful chest on full display. Yuisu had one hand firmly on Haru’s neck, holding her into a passionate kiss, and her other hand was deep between Haru’s legs.

The shock of stumbling onto their little tryst wasn’t enough to keep Mara quiet for long. “Goddamn, Yuri-su! Get a room, you two lustbirds” she called out in a teasing tone.

Yuisu was too into it to stop. She was fully embracing everything the nickname Yuri-su represented. Like that night when she left the door ajar for Quess, Yuri-su didn’t care if she had an audience. If anything, it made it more illicit and more erotic. Better.

Haru did not share that opinion. She had been acting submissive, but as a liminal she was much stronger than her human lover. Haru broke off the kiss and easily pulled free of Yuisu’s hold. “That’s enough Yuisu,” Haru said, but her body did crave more, so she added in a whisper, “But maybe we can pick it up again later…”

At first Yuisu was almost angry at the interruption, but then her strange mood dissipated like fog in the morning sun. As her head cleared, she realized just how daring, and how unlike herself, she had been. “Oh god, sorry, Haru. I don’t know what came over me…” She sunk into the water, trying to hide her sudden embarrassment.

As Mara swam away, giggling, Yuisu thought, Oh dammit, it looks like Mara knows the Yuri-su nickname too, and I bet she’ll never let me live this mess down…

Later, after Misaki had gone home and the house was much quieter, Yuisu retreated to her room to read. She was a little worried about the sudden erotic moods she’d been having lately, so she was hoping to distract herself with manga. In the mood for a light love story, she reached to grab volume one of Strawberry Schooldays off the shelf, but she stopped partway. On the floor under the shelf, she could see the corner of a different manga that had been dropped there.

She crouched down to grab it and saw that it was Wild Lily Passion, the dirty manga that Haru had teased her with, all those weeks ago. That was before Yuisu knew that Haru was gay too, before she and Haru had kissed, before they had grown so close and done so many amazing things together. As she reminisced about the great times they’d had, she idly flipped through the manga.

She stopped on a very racy page, where the main character was touching herself and fantasizing about another girl. I always forget how lewd this series gets, she thought as she felt her cheeks flush and her body grow hot. A mood, just as strong as the one earlier, hit her like a truck.

Within minutes, Yuisu was following the example of the girl in Wild Lily Passion. She lay on her bed, her mind lost in fantasies of Haru, as her fingers slipped into her panties and tried to satisfy her burning needs. It was a pale shadow of the real thing, but Yuisu didn’t want to drag Haru into another of these mysterious moods. Yuisu could take care of this craving herself. It’s not like I haven’t done this a thousand times before...

Yuisu was too busy to notice the pink substance squeezing through the gap under her bedroom door. She didn’t see the small slime blob grow into a fully endowed woman. She didn’t even realize that Quess had climbed up onto the bed with her until a shiny crown came into view over her face.

Yuisu gasped in surprise and pulled her hand out from under her skirt, but before she could shout, Quess came in for a kiss. The warm, slick, forcefulness of the slime’s lips drove against Yuisu’s own. Yuisu was too surprised to really fight back against the sudden intimate embrace. Quess’s hair tendrils moved and teased along Yuisu’s neck and chest, driving her already aroused body wild.

Yuisu turned her head aside and gasped for air. “What the hell, Quess?!” she half-shouted, half-whispered. “Don’t just go kissing people like that!”

“You looked like you wanted someone,” she whispered sweetly. “And I want you, Yuisu.” She leaned back and gazed lovingly down at Yuisu. “Little Quess already told everyone, so I know you’re aware... I love you, Yuisu.”

Yuisu tried to stand up, but she was too lightheaded and only made it to a sitting position. An overpowering scent filled Yuisu’s lungs, and it was coming from Quess. She smelled like the freshest flowers, the sweetest perfume, and the deepest desires. The scent of sex and satisfaction. Despite fighting to keep control of her mind and her passion, Yuisu could only think, Well, you are what you eat!

“Come now, Yuisu. You’re so beautiful, and smart, and driven.” Quess leaned forward and put a hand on Yuisu’s leg. She gave a sultry look that promised the world, and all the pleasure in it. “I can make you happy too, if you just give me a chance,” she whispered so low and quiet that Yuisu felt the words more than heard them.

Yuisu wanted to give in to desire. She wanted to kiss Quess furiously, and embrace the paradise that this overwhelming scent seemed to promise. There was an eternity of pleasure and love, just an arm’s length away. Why am I even resisting? she thought incredulously. Why would I turn this down?

“I love you, Yuisu. Do you love me?”

Yuisu started to lift an arm to pull Quess closer, but her hand bumped the manga from earlier. It was still opened to that page, the page that got her fantasizing about Haru.

Haru! a little part of Yuisu’s mind screamed, Haru is why you’re resisting! Don’t you do this to her. Don’t cheat on Haru. Don’t you fucking dare, Yuri-su. She’s mine, and I’m hers, and I won’t let you ruin that!

She stopped reaching for Quess. Yuisu took that reaching hand and slapped herself across the face with it.

Her eyes snapped wide and a powerful shiver ran down her spine. With the suddenness of a thunderclap, the haze cleared from Yuisu’s mind. Now, they were just two women sitting on a bed. There was no sexual paradise. No perfect fantasy. Nothing more than a needy, confused slime girl and a stupid human that had almost lost herself to desire.

Everything was so obvious, now that her mind was clear. She’s gotta have some sort of aphrodisiac power, Yuisu decided. Quess had been causing Yuisu’s moods, trying to lure and brainwash Yuisu into a relationship. “I’m sorry, Quess, but what you did was wrong, and anything that came of it wouldn’t have been love.”

Yuisu stood and fixed her shirt and skirt. “Stay right here in this room while I warn the others. I won’t let you do that to anyone else,” she said, then turned and strode out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

Quess slumped against the wall, losing definition until she was just a formless mass. In a small echoey voice, she whispered, “I would never do that to anyone else. I only love you, Yuisu…”


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