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A note from SD787

(When I say Cat, Sparrow and Lion I mean its their mask not their name)

Chapter 12-Silver’s New Technique!

(Chigara and Yuki are outside the hotel trying to find Silver)

Chigara-Found him yet?

(Yuki shakes her head)

Alvarez-What’s the matter, Love?!

Yuki-Silver’s gone missing…..

Alvarez-Really?! Then let’s find him soon.

(In a park, a fight is about to start between Silver and Three masked people)

Lion-Alright, Silver Riser! Tell me! Are you ready to die?!

Silver-The fight hasn’t even started and you are talking about killing me already. Just my luck!

Cat-The outcome of this mask is already been decided!

Silver-Are you sure about that?

Sparrow-You are the weakest on your team and you speak like you are powerful to take on us. What a pity!

Cat-Don’t worry, Sparrow! We have to make his death as painful as possible!

(The Cat masked girl suddenly appears in front of Silver and dropkicks right into his guts)

(Silver goes flying back and crashes into a tree)

Cat-Is he dead already?! What a bummer!

Lion-You hit him too hard, Cat.

Cat-I am sorry, Lion! I had no idea he was so…..

Silver-Hey! I am still up and running, don’t think I am down just yet!

(Silver rushes towards Cat and swings Ice at her but the Cat dodges it)

Cat-(His fast!)

Sparrow-MY TURN!!!

(The sparrow has wings and he tries to smash Silver into the ground from above. Silver dodges it barely)

Silver-Something for you!

(Silver kicks Sparrow in the gut)


Lion-(This is wrong! He shouldn’t be close to this strong, his fighting like an apprentice Exorcist already! But, how?!)


(Silver asks his question as he continues to dodge and attack)

Cat-No way!


(Silver comes from behind Cat and kicks her in the side arms)

Silver-(My secret is that Ice senses their attacks and I dodge them whilst attacking them)

Ice-(Left Master!)

(Silver dodges the Sparrow)

Ice-(Behind you!)

(Back at All-Star Headquarters)

Silver-Mind Synchronization?!

Ice-Yes! You can synchronize your mind with mine because your soul is already in a contract with me. That is why, you will need to become quicker. But, before that, we need to synchronize our minds. We need to become one, we need to become

(At the present)

(Sparrow goes back rolling)

Ice-Silver and Ice!

(Lion steps up)

Cat-Master, Lion! Are you going to?!

Lion-This boy is way out of your league! That is what makes him a special opponent for me.

Silver-Oh yeah! I am ready whenever you are.

(Chigara, Yuki and Alvarez are still searching for Silver)

Alvarez-Why are you searching for this Silver, anyways?

Chigara-Because he is my friend!

Alvarez-I understand that you could. But, knowing Yuki, she would never search him. I mean you barely know him and upon that. Silver is the reason you are so sad, if he was to go……. Wouldn’t it be better because you will not need to have a weak pathetic of an Exorcist like him. He is the reason Carrie died! And you take on his burden, he who most probably doesn’t even care about that girl. I mean just imagine, if he would have cared about Carrie. He would have not put her in danger, right?! Fucking weak gifted are the worse.

(7 years ago)

(At All-Star Headquarters)

Carrie-You guys are weak, each and every one of you!

(Young Yuki walks in the room where Carrie just beat all the Exorcist)


Yuki-I want to be your friend.


(Carrie is caught offguard and starts chuckling)

Carrie-My friend? Why? You are an Exorcist aren’t you and I hear you are an apprentice already.

Yuki-I am!

Carrie-So, let’s fight!

Yuki-Our fight….. Isn’t against each other!


Yuki-Papa says, our fight is to protect the weak not beat them.

Carrie-What are you implying?!

Yuki-I am saying, what you are doing is wrong.

Carrie-What are you, some kinda hero of something?

Yuki-No! I only want to protect the weak. That is why, I can’t allow the weak Exorcists to fight.

Carrie-(Is this girl really 9 years old?)

Yuki-I just want to protect the weak and I want to be friends with you because papa says a promise kept by a friend is never broken.

Carrie-What’s the promise, kid?!

Yuki-Promise me….. To protect the weak together, so no one will ever need to die. For that we shall surpass all odds.

(Carrie smiles)

Carrie-You got my word kid! What’s your name?!

Yuki-Yuki Yamamoto! And what is yours?!

Carrie-Carrie! Carrie Gardens!


Chigara-Yuki! Why are you spacing out?! Come on! We need to find Silver!

(At the park)

(Silver has bruises all over his body and is panting heavily)

Silver-(Damn it! What do we do Ice?! Everytime I get near him, he does something which reflects my attack)

Ice-(Yes, Master! Quite a trick he has up his sleeve!)

Silver-Hey, Ice! Should we do that?!

Ice-Oh, that Master?!

Silver-Yes! Ready to lend me your strength?

Ice-You just need to ask for it and I shall do it!

(Suddenly, Silver readies his sword catching it with both his hands)

(He breathes heavily)

Lion-Whatever you do, it is futile!

(Silver begins to scream slowly and blue lightning starts gathering around Ice)

Lion-What the?! What’s that?!

(Suddenly, a huge light goes up into the sky. Chigara and Yuki notice it)

Yuki-What’s that?!

Chigara-Let’s see! It maybe a supernatural being!

(At the battlefield)

Lion-This is crazy! Where is he mustering so much power from?!

Silver and Ice-ICEEEEE!!!!!! STRIKEEEEEE!!!!!!!

(The huge light smashes onto the ground like a whip this whip starts turning into spiky Ice and causing a huge impact like never seen before)

(Silver starts breathing heavily after that attack)

Silver-Damn! I missed!

Lion-That would have actually killed us if Sparrow didn’t get us both out at the time.

(Silver is exhausted)

Ice-(Master! You have used up too much energy on that!)


Silver-This is bad! I can’t get out of the way in time!

(Just then, Lion’s fingers turned into dangerous nail and was about to attack Silver. But….. A sound of something clashing……)

Silver-What?! Ignees……

(Ignees appears and blocks the finger nails with a shield)

Ignees-Ignees, huh?! That’s what he told you my name was……

Silver-Wait, what do you mean by he?!

(The Lion backs up)

Lion-Who the fuck is this guy?!

Ignees-I am not that guy who named me Ignees, I am Alexander Macedon or some call me Alexander of Macedon and the books name me Alexander The Great. Now, kid let me show you the power of a legendary beasts!

(Ignees appears and names himself as Alexander The Great. One of the well known ancient heroes. What could this mean?! And why would an ancient hero go this far to help Silver Riser. Curtains about rise soon)


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