No Respawn [Patch 2.0]

by jmlikestorock009

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Romance LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Miguel Arevalo, a twenty-year old hardcore gamer and a PC purist, suddenly finds himself in the most unbelievable situation where the world has literally turned into a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). Blue screens, arbitrary numbers that dictate a person's ability, levels and of course, monsters. How bad can it be? Right?

However, unlike other MMORPGs, once you die, you die.

There is no respawn.


(This is a rewrite of 'No Respawn')

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This story is so awesome! I only read the first chapter as of the 7th January 2018, and I hope the rest will come soon. So, what makes this story so good? What is it, that makes my heart beat faster, my blood pump heavier, and my eyes bloodshot?

THIS STORY omg... lemme just cry first


STYLE: Sickenly well done descriptions, good intervining between the scenes, and my mental movie projector just had FUN gearing all of those different scenarios. The rooms were well described, but the focus was more on the characters (which is EXCELLENT, since they move the story)

STORY: So far I can't really tell the premise of the story, but a good deal of foreshadowing is involved, as well as the small cliffie and confirmation at the end of the first chapter. It seems like the author has everything planned out, and so far the story didn't let me down. I also didn't feel like I need to push myself to the next sentence (which is a small minus for me), but it's good enough for 5*.

GRAMMAR: So far only one mistake spotted, and it didn't matter. The story is clearly understandable, and the author does NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT, make any of his sentences too long. It's enough for 5*,  however I think a better grasp on grammer will lead to even better descriptions / style.

CHARACTER: ALL, Let me repeat this for the sake of repeating, ALL CHARACTERS are fleshed out. This is the MAIN point of this story, and is also what drives the story forward (in the first chapter). Each of the characters introduced already have their strength and weaknesses mentioned, exposed, and also act upon those. It's such a great read, and I think I'm going to sneakpeek at the previous work before (even though I've read somewhere that he dropped it)

YO, JMLIKESTOROCK009, IF YOU READ THIS, PLEASE FINISH THIS STORY! Please, just do it, if you need a motivational boost, I'll spam your PM's full, I'll edit for you if you need someone (tbh, that'd probably make you quit it more likely if you already quit once) AND FOR GODS SAKE, PLEASE JUST FINISH THIS STORY!


Update (5 min after this review): I already read his other story. It seemed so different... I want to read this version, it's really, really polished.

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The Vaunted and Epically Heralded Return

Can't wait for the new-ish chapters. Huzzah!

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i got tired of waiting ................................................................................................................................................................................................................                                                                                      

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Seems extremely promising! :)

I haven't read the first version, but after reading the first few chapters of this version, I think the story seems extremely promising. Will update review after reading more chapters as they come out. 😊

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Overall much improved over the previous version of this story. I couldn't actually bring myself to read the entirety of the previous story.  There were quite a few thing that bothered me about it. That said just from the first three chapters of this new version, I can tell that it's much improved, and I'm now excited to see where it goes. 

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Good story...... 51 days without new chapter please another chapterfroncer les sourcils

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I'm loving the re-write the novel was already good in the "first draft", but now it's on another level.


Kudos to the author he's doing a magnificent job, let's hope he will continue writing it!