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"For the time being I have to find food and water, otherwise I'm not gonna last long."

Yong Heng looks into the forest, and start walking towards it.

He enters the forest, and there are seemingly an endless amount of trees, stretching for as long as the eye can see. Yong Heng continues walking forwards.
He walks for a few hours, and he can finally see some light in front of him. Yong Heng enters a clearing.

The Clearing is at least a kilometer in width and trees surround it. In the middle of the clearing is a pond, and the foot of a mountain starts just at the edge of the clearing. About 100 meters up the mountain is a cave entrance, and the peak of the mountain is at least 5000 tall.

"That looks like a good place to rest."

Yong Heng starts hiking the mountain and uses a few minutes to reach the cave opening.

The cave opening is 6 meters tall and 5 meters wide, and the cave is so long that Yong Heng can't see the end.

Yong Heng steps into the cave and continues walking.
"Damn, I've been walking for 30 minutes and yet I still can't see the end!" Yong Heng complains loudly to no one but himself.

"Hmm? What's that?" Yong Heng can see a faint blue glow 20 meters in front of him.

Yong Heng arrives in front of the glowing object and what he finds surprises him.

"This is? Is this water? but it's giving off a warm feeling."

In front of him is a small puddle holding about 5 liters of what seems to be water, but it's glowing.

A drop of the glowing blue liquid drops down from the cave ceiling and lands in the puddle creating ripples.

"So it comes from there."

Yong Heng looks up at the crack where the drop came from and muses at what it can be.

"Aiya, it won't do me any well just wondering what it is, because then I will never find out with the knowledge I and this body has."

"The only chance I got to find out what this liquid is to drink it. Whether I live or die from drinking this no one knows."

Not thinking of the consequences too much Yong Heng makes his heart resolute and goes for it.

He leans down and takes a large sip. Feeling the liquid in his mouth he swallows it all down.

When the liquid hits his stomach he starts feeling warm and fuzzy and starts feeling sleepy, but other than this nothing happens!

"This shouldn't be poison because I've heard it makes you weak, but I still feel strong, in fact, I feel like I am brimming with energy!"

"Though that could be wrong, and I'm fatally poisoned and will die any minute now."

"Well, whatever happens, I have no one but myself to blame."

Yong Heng sighs, feeling regretful of his rash actions.

He sits down in the lotus position next to the wall and begins to rest. Feeling his mind slowly falling asleep, he accepts his fate and drains his brain of any thoughts, and then finally falling asleep.

During the time he is asleep, strange things happen to his body! His muscles get's more pronounced, and all the unnecessary fat is burned off making his skin as hard as steel. His aura changes from his normal teenager aura to a sharp and domineering one capable of silencing anyone with a glance.

Unaware of the changes happening to his body, Yong Heng continues sleeping quietly and peacefully.
With the rising of the sun, Yong Heng also awakens.

"What?! I'm alive? And what has happened to my body?! I feel so powerful! Like I'm capable of destroying rocks with my bare hands!"

Yong Heng is shocked beyond belief.

"Is it because of that liquid? It must be!"

He looks at the blue liquid and exclaims.

"It must be a rare treasure, otherwise I wouldn't experience such a transformation!"

"Well, however Heavenly defying that treasure is, it doesn't stop me from feeling hunger. I should find something to eat soon otherwise I'm going to see King Yama early."

Yong Heng begins walking out of the cave.
It took less time to get to the exit this time, with it only being around 5 minutes.

Yong Heng looks around and discovers that his eye vision has improved immensely.

"Looks like it's one of the benefits I got from drinking that blue liquid!"

Yong Heng was excited about the transformation that happened to his body but instantly calms down.

"One shouldn't get too arrogant in this world because that's a faster way to death. The other Yong Heng's experience tells me this much."

Yong Heng continues looking around for something to eat, and he soon spots fruits hanging from a few trees that are surrounding the clearing.

Yong Heng uses a few minutes to descend the mountain and walk over to the fruit trees and plucking a few fruits from the trees.

Yong Heng walks back to the cave and continues to the blue liquid puddle using a little less than 20 minutes to find fruits.

Yong Heng sits down beside the puddle and eats the fruits.

"Now that I have solved the food problem I can get on with what I want to do. Cultivation!"

"To get to the peak of the Foundation Realm one has to reach a strength of 1000 Jin and has strengthened the five major organs, liver, heart, spleen, lung, and kidney. I think I have already reached the first requirement, in fact, I believe I have more than that, about 2000 Jin. The effect of strengthening the five major organs can be shown by the steel like skin of the person... Wait!? Doesn't this mean that I am the peak of the Foundation Realm?!"

Yong Heng was shocked by the state of his body, and even more than that shocked by how effective that blue liquid is!

"I can't believe that getting to the peak of the Foundation Realm took so little time! I expected it to take at least a month or two, and even the most supreme geniuses use at least 2 weeks to get to the peak of the Foundation Realm, but I all I needed to do was drink some water and then sleep!"

Yong Heng pants with excitement.


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