Scarlet Ascension(Hiatus)

by dantereinhardt

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Cyberpunk LitRPG Magic Male Lead Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Dante is a powerful man that is the heir to a destroyed kingdom.

He had his soul corrupted by the world around him, and now he cannot become a god as he was destined.

Watch Dante as he summons demons, walks through planes and universes, conquers kingdoms, and much more in the journey to heal his soul and become the Supreme God.

This is the less shitty synopsis that i could think of, but it is still too far from saying anything about this book.

Maybe someday i will make a good synopsis, this is my third try already.

The cover also has nothing to do with the novel, i only used a site to make it so the cover would not be empty.

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Lord Of Infinity

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1: Beast ago
Chapter 2: The servant ago
Chapter 3: Weak/The reason for our existence ago
Chapter 4: Theory Class ago
Side chapter 1: Ark ago
Side chapter 2: Sophie ago
Chapter 5: Suche ago
Side chapter 3: Ooean. ago
Chapter 6: Multa-Anima and mission preparation ago
Chapter 7: Just the beginning. ago
Chapter 8: Feast/Pawn. ago
Chapter 9: Trickster. ago
Chapter 10: The beginning Of New Alternia. ago
Chapter 11:Prepare for the siege. ago
Chapter 12: Dante conquers the continent.(Novel Finale) ago
Chapter 13: New plane new plan. ago
Chapter 14: Time to bring out the big guns! ago
Chapter 15: Siege/ Dante likes kids. ago
Chapter 16: Ending of the Intro. /WELCOME TO INFINITY GOD WORLD./ ago
Chapter 17: The Four Infinity Lords/ The story of a prince. ago
Chapter 18: Pure/ Let's try not to get our ass kicked. ago
Chapter 19: I know you are watching me/ The war approaches. ago
Chapter 20: Strategy meeting/ MDs/ What you took from him. ago
Chapter 21: Sleep/ A gamble. ago
Chapter 22: Finishing the prince/ The guest has arrived. ago
Chapter 23: The Spirits, The Sons, The Fathers and Pure/ Transcendent Comprehension. ago
Chapter 24: I am not a king/ Empty. ago
Chapter 25: Artist/ Emergency Measures ago

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