The wind is calm…

(Again talking about the fucking wind!)

The massacre is over. And the man spots the objective of this hunt.

Even if he accomplished his objective, he remains indifferent, all these deaths are meaningless, even his goal is just a little important.

Just a minor luxury.

He walks in the direction of what was left of the merchant, his clothes, and after looking for some time he finds it.

A ring.

The ring was in the middle of the grass. He didn’t see it immediately because he thought it was in between the merchant’s clothes, but it looks like it was thrown during the massacre.

Grasping it in his hands, he sinks his consciousness inside the ring. [1 see this now!]

Inside he sees the products that were being transported by the merchant.

One set of noble clothes, woven in black threads with remarkable golden details. An iron sword, made of high-quality iron, with a sheath similar to the clothes.

And his target.

Three gold coins.

He actually didn’t care about the clothes or the sword, he could produce much better clothes and weapons out of solidified darkness.

And now all he had to do was burn all the traces.

The darkness force he just used doesn’t leave traces when used in organic matter, but it would leave traces with inorganic ones unlike light force. That includes the inorganic matter in human body.

So, he needs fire to burn the inorganic things.

But not any fire, of course he needs demon fire.[2]

That is where his second power comes in, his main power actually.

He can use Spherical Necromancy!

Necromancy is known for only existing as circular magic, unless in a specific kingdom.

The fallen kingdom, Alternia.[3]

It used to be the most powerful kingdom of the world, powerful enough to overpower an attack from all other kingdoms at the same time.

But for reasons now unknown, this kingdom was destroyed, and now the territory of the kingdom is called the No-man’s land, a barbaric land.

The nobility of that kingdom could use Spherical necromancy, and Dante is the descendant of nobility![4] Even if doesn’t know which branch.

That is why he can use and practice Spherical Necromancy.

To do things like… Summon demons![5]

Dante started chanting.

“By the powers of the supreme fire domain of Anima. I summon a lesser official of the demon race, to aid my righteous cause! The king of the massive race! He that inhabits the Demon fire throne! [Summon Greater Imp- Imp king, Shevorat Arcarun Voiter Banat.]” [6]

This chant was spoken with the universe weaving language, Manarium.[7] Which has since the dawn of times been the most ridiculously named thing ever… wait…


I actually meant the most powerful weapon of sentient creatures.[8]

This chant weaved the laws of the universe, forming a portal of flames.[9]

The portal gave an ancient felling, it exuded an ancient aura like a structure of old.

The scent of sulfur permeated the area, and from the portal a shape, a human shape, started forming.

From the moment this figure appeared, all things in the area where affected by its absolute aura. The might of a king!

From that moment on, it was like all things under the heavens bowed to it, completely submissive.

But this aura grew weaker, absurdly weaker. Until it completely stopped exuding any aura, as if from a heavenly king it became an ordinary mortal.

And then the flames receded.

From the flames came a boy. A child. His hair like a torch.[10] His eyes shone with an splendorous glow. And the most peculiar about the boy, what made him completely inhumane, was a scaly tail that came out of his waist.

The boy wore an elegant suit, perfectly adjusted to his size, as if stuck to his body. He had an angelical smile, a composure that betrayed his looks.

And with a courteous voice addressed Dante.

“Your Excellency Reinhardt. What would Your Excellency require of this small one?”

The boy… The imp had deep voice. A mature and beautiful voice.

But his voice, bared tremendous fear.

“Shevorat. Use flames to erase the traces. All of them. Also burn the souls. Don’t forget to inform Rokshat.”[11]

“Wynoyoefsuo. Your Exellency.”

His fear was in plain sight! He was speaking calmly and coherently but he was trembling all over the place! But that is a must. The Alteranus noble family has absolute control over the demon race, especially Dante that is the only descendant. He has more authority than the supreme Alternian judges of the ancient stories![12]

Shevorat looked briefly at the situation.

Some sets of clothes. A bunch of inorganic human matter: Water, fat, proteins, nucleic acids, basic biology studies material. The wagon.

{It is OK, just OK. I have cleaned worse destruction scenes. It looks like Dante didn’t made a big mess this time. But I seriously hope that he someday stops calling me for such things. I am a king for fuck sake! People are starting to call me the janitor king or the ‘one that uses fire as a broom’. Really! Your excellency should call other people sometimes! My reputation! Give me my reputation back!}

He of course didn’t say it out loud, he only chanted the spell.

“Wynouibauvruosuotuo.[Demon-Fire domain fusion- Demon Fire burst.]”

Instantly after, all those things combusted in grey flames.

Everything disappeared. Nothing left.

Dante turned to Shevorat and said.


He is a fucking concise bitch.



After Dante’s order, Shevorat bowed and disappeared in a flame portal.

Dante didn’t spare a second glance at the situation.

He jumped and disappeared.

Finally, he arrives at his main quest destination. (All that shit was like a side quest, but this isn’t a game.)

He sees the gates of a big city. A metropolis of sorts.

The gates where gigantic, and the walls even more so.

It was physics defying shit.

They were fucking two miles high!

Made of mithril!

And the gates were made of fucking gold!

It is useless but beautiful, as gold is the same as paper in a siege.

But besides these there is a gigantic magic barrier protecting the air-space, besides an even more powerful and work-money consuming one in the gates.

These defenses besides absurdly powerful, are also uselessly decorative and economic-power showing.

The gates are wide open, and a bunch of guards are collecting entrance fees.

Which are three silvers a person.

These three silvers are also the reason for Dante’s robbery.

He was still in the black shadow-clothes.

He was 100% Thief-like, so much that even a child would think he is a thief.

But he only paid the three silvers using one gold.

He received change and the guard even asked:

“Wow! One gold?! You must have raided a pretty good caravan didn’t ya?”

Dante didn’t even look in the guard’s eyes and said.

“Just the usual newcomer trying to make it big.”

“I see. Good luck! Good luck! You see, I used to…”

When the guard was about to start chattering, Dante was already gone.

He snorted and said.

“Hmpf! One of those so-called shady types. Looks like these younglings are into those tough acting types of nowadays.”

It should be a weird conversation, but it is just usual as Thievery is allowed outside cities. It is even encouraged because the thieves guild is one of the main sources of in-city shops. They move the economy, all because of the guild’s policies.

The thieves guild is where Dante is headed now by the way.

Inside the city, a load of shops, auction houses, officials’ houses, forges, mercenary companies, and every kind of miscellaneous buildings can be found.

Dante doesn’t give a fuck to any of those.

He only looks to two buildings.

The second highest building, right in the center of the city: The Ginnungagap empire palace.

And the highest building, The Major Academy Of Force And Magic, Which is also where the real ruler of the empire lies. A “chosen descendant”[13] of the first emperor.

Then after a long Shooting-lasers-from-the-eyes[14] level glance, he turns to an alley.

It is a dark and narrow alley. In the middle of the alley there is a sign. A ruined barely readable sign that said.

[Dear customers or members,

This informative letter has the purpose of admonishing that it is strictly forbidden to set any stalls or engage in other commercial activities in either the pathway or the doors of the guild.


The guild.]

It was followed by the signature of the council head of the guild, the marketing head and the public relations head.

It is only ruined and barely readable as a form of propaganda.

He ignored the letter and thought.

{They now have a concept of marketing and public relations? They really got rid of some feudalistic things.}

After following the pathway for some time, he reached its end.

In the end there was a simple house, made of gray wood.

The house was barely nine feet for each side, but it was tidy.

He entered the house…

But its interior was completely different…

There was a gigantic room, thousands of tables, and dozens of desks.

People of all kinds were sitting on the tables, and even more were in a line in front of the desk.

Nobles, hooded somebodies, fat merchants, mercenary-looking guys, beast-people, elves, shota… I mean, dwarves. All kinds of people.

He headed to a counter and waited…

For three hours.

Finally, he reached the desk.

A beautiful and alluring woman was at the clerk.

She said somewhat robotically.

“Welcome to the Thieves guild, how may I be of service?”

Dante replied.


“Please follow.”

She walked out, and another woman took her place.

She guided Dante to a room and entered.

Dante quickly followed.


As soon as he entered the room a flying dagger was upon his face.

He didn’t dodge. He didn’t even move.

All he did was use a shadow to block.

The woman was unfazed, she only said.

“First test passed. The second test is a literacy test.”

Dante only looked, even more unfazed than her. He didn’t retrieve his shadow only did a lightning-quick sweep

One more head for the book.

Her headless corpse was so fucking fazed it forgot to fall[15], so it stood there.

Dante was still unfazed. Like a boss.

He started chanting.

“The soul is transcendent. The body is the bridge for its might. All things perish. But I am magnanimous. I bestow this little one with new hope. To make amends with fate. To redeem its justice. To deny the felony of the world. To the hands of the death domain I plead! May new hope shine! [Undead Creation- Second Tier Zombie.]”

A great influx of mana entered the corpse.

The head was reconnected to the neck through a mana thread.

The girl slowly got to her feet, completely healed, like she had never been injured in the first place.

Her eyes changed color, now a deep green.

She looked at Dante with fear and admiration.

She didn’t stand still, instantly she fell in a praying position, her head bent.

“Your Exalted Magnificence! This humble and young child thank you for the grace of eternal life!”

“Yes. From the moment I leave that door we don’t know each other. After that you will follow the instruction I gave you.”

She kept looking at Dante, as if that showy guy was some kind of divine being.

“Yes, Your Exalted Magnificence!”

Then Dante left the room. After being awesome, even if he is just some emo, he has fucking showy powers.[16]

If you are curious his previous orders were:

Register me in the guild, as if I was a member since I was eight. Make me the son of some thief that is skilled enough to have robbed a scroll of Spherical darkness force, and this thief must already be dead. Also sell these clothes and this weapon and bring me the money.[17]

If you are wondering when they talked about it. It’s because making undeads isn’t simple, when you finish the chant you have to make a contract, state all the conditions, and then have the other person sign the contract. And this happens in some kind of dimension where time doesn’t exist, but even so the necromancer must experience all this, and it is especially troublesome when there are thousands or even millions of people to undeadfy.

Creating an identity was all he had to do in the guild. Now he has to go get wasted… I mean. Find an inn. To sleep.

Yes! Sleep!

After two hours walking around he found a good inn.

‘Kaia’s Alehouse’

Under the name there is a small plaque.

‘We also do inn stuff.’

After seeing it he thought.

{This must be a good inn.}

He entered and for some unknow reason…

He transformed.

“Yo Lads! Hey barkeep! Gimme the cold one!”

Everyone turned to him.

But then they saw his white hair and red eyes.

They were curious, but soon turned back.

But you must be asking yourself were the cold fucker went to.

I’ll tell you later.

And why the curious looks.

That is because the nobles of the Alteranus family all had white hair and red eyes.

In the No Man’s Land people like that, no matter what descent, are considered outcasts. They are like tool of public hate.

They are tortured for fun, used as slaves, raped, outright killed… But they were usually raped, no matter the gender. Actually, they were always raped no matter what.

The Ginnungagap Empire is really close to the No Man’s Land, so most people know about it, so they are curious.

Back to the situation now.

Dante walked to the counter.

He sat in a chair, took the 35ft3 space enhanced mug, and drank all that ridiculous amount of beer in one gulp.

Again, you must be asking yourself. How the fuck can a human being drink so much beer? How can it fit in a small mug?

The answer is:


And force.

People in this world can do wonders with things that are not enhanced by mana, they can just dissolve all the beer extremely fast! Of course, just things that are not imbued with mana are like that.

An example: ANY poison from your planet wouldn’t kill a baby here.

BUT normal water made by water magicians can kill an elephant of your planet.

It is like that.

This beer is made by water magicians, but there is no mana imbued in it.

So, they can make however much they want!

That is why all that beer is sold at one copper price.

As for how all that beer can go down that fast.

It is because of MAGIC!

No, it isn’t, it is just the design of the mug interior space.

But chugging it down in one gulp is a professional feat!

The barkeep was astounded.

He immediately screamed.

“Boss! Get the fuck down here! There is a motherfucker that is as much of a Boozer as you!”

After some seconds, a Fat guy that has muscular arms, with golden hair and beard, came down the stairs.

He looked at the barkeep and said with a calm and gentle voice.

“The motherfuckers are you and your father. And the boozer is your fucking aunt. But who is the fucking guy you are talking about you piece of shit? Is that little bastard there?”

Please remember he said all that in a calm and gentle voice.

The barkeep was indifferent to the insults.

“Yes, it is, he chugged down the big mug in a gulp.”

Dante didn’t give a fuck and said.

“You are a bastard! Your entire family are bastards! Get the fuck down here! We’ll have a drinking bout!”

The boss opened up a gigantic smile and said.

“Lets’ get this fucking started!”

Also said in a calm and gentle voice.

They drank a lot for hours.

Just mentioning, they can dissolve all the beer. But not indefinitely. When they drink more than they can dissolve. Shit is bound to happen.

And everyone was hyped up by the bout, and everyone started drinking too much.

The drinking lasted until the night, when people started dying and the barkeep kicked out everyone.


Later That night in the boss, Kaia office.

“Man! You sure drink!”

In the office was Dante and Kaia.

“Yeah I learnt a technique with my father.”

Kaia was really happy. Dante as well.

Kaia then said, still Laughingly.

“Yeah… Your mother would be happy to see you now.”

Dante instantly put a sword in Kaia’s neck.

His face reflected immense rage.

“Who are you?! What do you know about my mother?!”

Kaia was still smiling. An even bigger smile this time.

“Your Highness… Is this the way to treat a servant of your mother?”

[1]: Yo! You must know me from other explanations. I AM GOD! The author of this novel.

I thought this explanation would be the best to introduce myself. If you have read the entire chapter you must know that my narrative is… weird. I am sometimes serious, sometimes I just don’t give a fuck. An I curse… a lot. And in this area of the chapter I said in the prologue that it would be used for explanations. And it will. But I will also use it to say shit I want to say.

Like now, where I am going to do the explanations, This guy’s name is Dante, I’ve already explained about force and magic so if you have some culture, you’ll know that this is an spatial ring. Like in lots of other novels.

You must be asking yourself if I was kidding when I said I was God.

The answer is yes… and no.

In this world I am a God, a supreme one at that.

But in your world, I am a normal guy that wants to write a novel, this guy which is me, doesn’t even know I actually exist. He only thinks this is a narration tool he is using. But he is a fucking Chunni. You should know what that means, if you don’t. Search for yourself.

Now you should understand why ’for my sake’.

Oh! and if you are asking yourself what is the use of the wagon. It is to sleep.

[2]: Not any fire. Demon Fire! On sale only for today in a hell next to you.

[3]: The kingdom with a cliché title and a Fairy-tale-Story-Barbie-Movie kind of name.

[4]: Another novel MC that has a young master background.

[5]: If you are of ANY religion that hates demons I say. CALM YOUR RELIGIOUS TITS!!!! They are not like your religion’s definition, I’ll explain it in the next chapter.

[6]: First. This chant is not said in English, but in another language. Second. I have really not spent much time thinking about the name of the Imp king.

[7]: Another bad name for the record! And this is the language I was talking about.

[8]: Sorry. I am using a voice tool to write. I sometimes say the things I am thinking in the narration.

[9]: A portal of flames is so fucking original. *Sarcastic voice*. But it is amazing.

[10]: His hair is not made of flames.

[11]: Ruthless. Rokshat will be introduced later. Just saying not all the names are bullshit fantasy names. Some tribes, empires, races have correspondent naming types. Alternia is German.

[12]:You guys never heard of these stories. But Alternia has a system where the laws are formulated by a supreme council where the king is the head. But The one to uphold the political power, or absolute power, is the queen. Alternia is a matriarchal society.

[13]: That is because it has nothing to do with bloodline. It all comes to talent. In any or all areas. So even a plebeian can become the leader.

[14]: I will keep using this kind of words… or whatever that is.

[15]: Seeking death by competing with the unfazedness king.

[16]: My personal description of the guy. That is with my knowledge of future plot.

[17]: I never said he threw these things away… did I?


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