Spirit Mage



First Arc – Chapter 1: Reborn



The sound of the school bell, it shows the end of the school session and the beginning of summer. All the students have been talks about their plans during the summer vacation. Takeru [15] on the other hand don’t have anything he wishes to do and plan his vacation. Takeru always thinks it a good idea to be transferred to another world or dimension where magic is a real deal.

“Being transfer to another world, it an impossible thing to happen for me” speaks to his mind.

During his normal walk to his house, Takeru has been stabbed to his chest by the robbery that happens to run away from the cops, leave to bleed to his dead Takeru can’t accept that kind of fate that being decided to him. In his mind, the memories from the day he is born until now being playing non-stop inside his head, yet there are single achieve that he can be proud before he meets the end of his life.

“Suck, I going to die like this, how I can accept this, it can’t be real.”

“Well, actually that really happen to you young boy.”

Upon opening his eyes Takeru found himself at the garden which is full of the flower and sweet smell of honey. In the center of that garden stands a single man wearing a white coat and has a bird on his shoulder. This scenario has a similar feeling with the manga and anime Takeru being watching in his life, based on his knowledge the man standing at the center of the garden might be a superior being in this place.

“Welcome to the parallel realms, realms which separate between living and dead. For you who have been dying in vain, you will receive another chance to live once more in another world “says the man.

According to that person, Takeru will be sent to live in a world where magic and fantasy creature exist and roaming the planet, Takeru agrees to be sent there but in a certain condition. Takeru plans to restart from the beginning which means he wants to be reborn there and not just be sent there, second he asks to let him have a single cheat skill or ability.

“I can’t let you have cheat ability, that will destroy my world balance. In return I will give you an advantage for you, it an ability to talk and befriend with the spirit, in my world spirit is a sacred creature and not many people able to see or talk to them” persuade that man in order to change Takeru demands.

Takeru doesn’t have any other choice but to accept that proposing from that man, after several changes of information where to be born, what kind of family and the gender for being born again. Finally, Takeru is ready to be sent to that world. The moment that man snaps his finger, under Takeru leg has been shine by the light which too bright to open the eyes, little by little Takeru body start to disappear and his conscious also become blank without knowing what will happen to his body.

A few hours later Takeru manages to open his eyes, the first thing he can see is a couple of wife and husband holding him together in their arm. Notice that he has been reborn as a newborn baby, he knows both of them are his parents, Takeru feel at ease because as he can see his father is quite a handsome guy and his mother is the most beautiful women he has ever seen in his life. He sure that, once he grows up, his face really will look nice and able to attract any woman in that world but for now he needs to wait in a patient before he is able to walk and talk.

*Takeru age 1 years old*

Now he able to understand what his parents talking, in this world he has gained a new name which is Vaan Aluster, the family he was born into is a noble family. His father Gaia Aluster was a knight which protects the king and country from an invasion of the enemy, his mother Elias Carnet, is a sage and be able to use complex and powerful magic like none other people can. Ever since Vaan be able to understand the word and simple language, he has been trying to do magic like his mother but the only failure meet him at the end of his test.

“Why I can’t seem to use magic, my mother is a sage and my father is a knight. Do I lack in talent to use magic” Vaan starts to think by himself.

“There you are my sweet little Vaan, where have you been now” voice from his mother comes from behind.

“Mama, teach me magic” ask Vaan.

“Oh dear, you are interested in magic, just what I thought of my child. Mommy will only show it once Okays when you are an adult I will teach you again” says his mother.

Vaan pays full attention to what his mother about to do, after his mother chant something in the language he can’t understand, few small size of water appear and float in the air above his mother head. The chant his mother use just now be known as water magic, his mother told him there are several types of magic and each one of those magic need different kind of chant to be able to use it.

After that, Vaan being trying any method to use magic, but the result of that is not can be called a successful one, he knows that his body is not meant to use magic. He starts to cry because the thing that he wanted to do the most is in front of his hand yet he can’t grasp it. The feeling of frustration and disappointed fill his heart and mind,

“Oh my, Vaan why are you crying don’t be afraid, mommy is here” his mother hugs him and in the warm feeling, he starts to fall in sleep.

“I will grant you the ability to see and talk with the spirit, use it wisely Takeru”

Upon wake up, Vaan starts to remember something during the conversation he had with the man in the garden. He has been granted the ability to communicate with spirit after remember that he quickly trying to find a book about the spirits.

“Next time, I will try spirit magic” claimed himself.


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