Spirit Mage



Chapter 2: 10 Years Later

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Upon trying the learn spirit magic, Vaan once again being stopped by his own limitation. Based on the book he read, in order to be able to learn spirit magic, he needs to have a contract with a spirit first, but the spirit only will make a contract if that person fulfills a certain condition. If Vaan wanted to have the spirit of the swords, he would need to learn how to wield and fight with a sword and he just knows who the right person to teach him to use a sword.

“Daddy, teach me to use sword please,” ask Vaan.

“Oh, it still too earlier for you to use sword my boy, maybe in 10 years I will teach you how”

“It a promise daddy?” asks Vaan again.

“I promise son”

For now, until 10 years in future, Vaan will be focusing on developing his body and stamina in order to be able to stand against any kind of training he will face in 10 years later. He keeps doing, sits up, pushes up, running and even weight lifting using his surrounding object, he decides that this time before he died, he will be something that people will remember in their heart.

Vaan Aluster (11 yo)



Str – 50

Vit - 35

Int – 33

Agi - 40

Lck – 20

Hp - 150 Mp - 80


Fire Magic Lv1

Spirit Bond Lv1

After 10 years of training during the baby’s stage, the effort finally has shown the result in his status. Right now, Vaan can be considered as the strongest kid ever born at age 11, but Vaan quite disappointed with his skill because all his effort of practicing many types of magic don’t be shown in his skill. Only fire type magic is compatible with his body. But right now Vaan has other priority to be focus which is finding his father to collect the promise he made 10 years in the past.

“Mom where is,” Vaan ask his mother.

“Go to backyard son; he has been waiting for you.”

In the backyard of his house, Vaan can see several of the swords be up near his father feet. All of the very fines in the process of making it and the decoration of each sword look gorgeous. His father told him to choose a single type of sword which he interests and his father will teach him how to handle that sword. After 30 minutes in inspecting all kind of sword that his father for him, Vaan can’t find a single sword can make his heart beating or match with his interest.

“What wrong Vaan can’t you find your sword?”

“I can’t find it, daddy, all these make me feel uneasy and like it not something I can use very well”

“Okay, let us go to the city son, there we will go to the blacksmith and create your own weapon.”

In the blacksmith, Vaan can see many big body men hammering steel in order to make of. That blacksmith being known as Black Steels, it was Vaan father favorite shop if he needs something to buy regarding about the weapon. The owner of the shop is a woman around age 36 and the entire worker seem to give her high respect even she is a woman, the name of the owner is Miata Marco.

“What you want today Gaia,” ask the owner.

“Not me but my son need something from your shop Miata”

“Uhh, this little boy is your son, I can see his eyes resemble your eyes. So what can I help you boy”

“I want a sword” Vaan answer to Miata question.

“Well, we have all kind of sword here just pick up one and I might be you a discount this time.”

“I need a sword look like this” Vaan giving a piece of paper to Miata.

“I will deliver this sword for you in 3 days, and the price is quite,” says Miata with a look on her face.

[3 days later]

In the backyard, Vaan has received his sword from Miata shop and now he readies to have real sword training with his father. The shape of the Vaan sword is very unique and it the first one that is smith like that, the sword is based on the memory from Vaan old self that born from the country of Japan thus the sword he wants to use is be called as Katana, a sword that samurai use in battle. His father looks surprised on the design of that sword, but he knows that Vaan has been holding a good weapon in his hand.

“Let us begin Vaan, come to me with all you have” his father giving an order.

“Yes, father” Vaan gives his replies.

For 3 months Vaan has been having a sword practice with his father, but not once he is able to defeat his father in a fight. Each time Vaan loses the practice, his father will ask Vaan to do something for him as punishment for Vaan. Vaan slowly starts to master the art of swordsmanship and one day when he is doing his evening routine with his father Vaan has begun to able read his father movement and know where his father will strike, using that as an advantage he can avoid his old man attack.Finally, after 6 months of training, he has found his first victory in the sword practice against his father.

“Congratulations my son, you have finally beat me did you,” says Vaan Father.

“Congratulations,” his mother says.

Vaan feels so happy and he begins to hug both of his parents and start to cry in the warm of a family hug. He feels lucky to be born in this household and be their son, deep inside his heart promise that he will be someone that both of his father and mother can be proud with.

Vaan Aluster (11)



Str – 55

Vit – 40

Int – 33

Agi – 43

Lck – 20

Hp - 155 Mp - 80


Fire Magic Lv1

Light Swordsman Lv2

Spirit Bond Lv1

A note from ZoUL

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