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Chapter 3: The Trial from Father

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It was a raining day, Vaan can’t go outside to practice his swordsman skill or do outside activity. For today he continues his research on the spirits realm, it seems the spirit gather at the spot where mana rate is high. But not only spirit can be found there but also the monsters, in this world now the monster is considered as a disaster and has to be killed if got an opportunity. But in order to get his first spirit he needs to go to that kind of place, first, he needs to know where he can find that kind of place. Luckily, he knows the person who is expert in mana and spirit, his own mother.

“Mom, do you know where I can find a spirit?”

“Oh, dear are you interest in spirit now?”

“Yes mom, I wanna try to own me a spirit, can you tell me where to find it?”

“I know a place where you can find a spirit, but it a dangerous place is called as Forest Ruin just outside the city.”

“Can I go there, mom?”

“Well, I think you need to ask your father about this matter,” says his mother.

“No, I cannot let you go there yet Vaan” he's father come and join the conversation.

“But why dad, I’m strong now, I even defeat you yesterday”

“I know you are strong at you age, but when fighting the monster it will not show you any mercy like I did to you.”

“But I really want to go.”

“If you really think so, I get few tests for you before I can let you go to that place.”

There are two things that Vaan father set the condition for letting him go to that forest, the first one is the need to have accompanied or friend to go with him. The second one is, he needs to find the Hanest Flower which use to make medicine to restore health in battle. That is the condition from his father to Vaan for the test his son, Vaan knows that his father wants to test his strength before let him do anything dangerous in the future.

Vaan has decided to find the flower first and then get a friend, to gather the information about the flower Vaan headed to the potion shop after the rain stop. There he asks the shopkeeper about the flower his father mention just now, what he knows from that shopkeeper, Hanest Flower grows in the place that humidity is high or near the lake. But there is a monster that keeps the flower save known as the Grey Boar, Grey Boar be well knows in Varan City because of it a ferocious monster and it body be cover with thick fur and its main weapon is the tusk that can even break the bone of its prey.

“Grey Boar, it gonna be a hard fight for a boy around my age. I need to be well prepared before I headed to its territory” Vaan keep thinking.

“Hey, are you really going to that place young boy?” ask the shopkeeper.

“Yes, I need to get that flower no matter what.”

“If that so, how about you goes with my granddaughter there? I will call her down now, Media come here dear.”

Upon the calling from the shopkeeper, a clumsy looking girl with pink hair coming down from the stair, based on her look, Vaan knows that girl can use magic because she is holding a staff made from the magic tree. After being introduced by the shopkeeper Vaan find out that girl in good using Water Magic, Fire Magic, and Dark Magic. Vaan can’t believe that girl really good in magic, but after several performances of magic from Media, Vaan has to approve that this girl really good at using the magic

Media Lisbu (11)



Str – 35

Vit – 20

Int – 70

Agi – 37

Lck – 55

Hp - 97 Mp -280


Fire Magic Lv1

Dark Magic Lv2

Water Magic Lv2

“Please take a good care of me,” says Media.

“Likewise, let give our best shot to collect Hanest Flower okay.” Answer Vaan.

Vaan has promised to go there in 2 days, that because he needs to improve his skill first in order to fight against Grey Boar. He heads back to his house after making a promise to Media, upon arise at his house, Vaan stays in his room and rechecks the skill he has. He needs to improve the level of his current skill, and he doesn’t want to be in the way during the fight.

Fire Magic Lv1 – User able to use fire spell, spells available to use Fireball and Fire Arrow

Spirit Bond Lv1 – able to ask help from spirit during battle max amount spirit for Bond [1/1]

Light Swordsman Lv2 – increase damage using sword, increase speed during battle

Art : [iai] [double slash] [flash step]

“Tomorrow I will practice my Fire Magic, as for Spirit Bond I can’t do a thing unless I have a spirit” Vaan talk to himself.

*1 day until the then*

Early in the morning, Vaan has been in the backyard of his house, planning to level up his current Fire Magic he set up few target and began to shot it down using fireball and fire arrow. He keeps shooting his magic until he runs out of mana, then Vaan takes a break until his mana refill after his mana full again he repeated what he's doing until 3 hours has passed from the time he starts to practice. Vaan aim has improved, and hitting the dummy and has more power in it compare to the first time he uses magic, but he notices that its level did not increase even once.

“You can’t level up your magic just with repeating use the same skill my dear Vaan” soft and gentle voice comes from Vaan back.

“Oh, it is just you, mom. How long you have been watching and what do you mean by that just now.”

“You silly boy, let me explain to you how magic work in this world Vaan”

From the conversation with his mother, there is a rule to follow in order to increase the level of the magic. If he only is repeating using the same magic only the firepower of that magic be increase and not the level of magic. Based on his mother, to increase the magic level, he needs to learn or create new magic and add to his current list of magic, that the only way to increase the magic level for people in this world. Vaan takes a piece of paper and takes note of the level and amount of spells it needs to level ups.

Level 1 – 2 spells learned

Level 2 – 5 spells learned

Level 3 – 10 spells learned

Level 4 – 14 spells learned

Level 5 – 19 spells learned

Level 6 – 25 spells learned

Level 7 – 30 spells learned

Level 8 – 37 spells learned

Level 9 – 45 spells learned

Level 10 – 50+ spells learned

“But listen, son, there is the limit of each individual to learn magic once you reach the limit you can’t learn other spells anymore. As for me, my level of Fire Magic is 7 and that is my limit,” says his mother as advice and warning.

“Thanks, mom,” says Vaan as he watches his mother leave the backyard.

“I don’t have time to learn new magic, what I can do is to increase the damage to my spell. Next, I need to talk to my old man.”

Vaan meet his father in the reading room, seeing his son has something to talk he stop doing his job and listen to what kind of business his son bring today. Vaan comes to ask his father about the swordsman skill, why it has an element in front of its name, his father smile and start giving the answer to his son. According to Vaan's father each element in weapon skill representing meaning or style of that fighting skill.

Fire element - will focus on attack power

water element - will focus on reflecting and parry the enemy attack

earth element - is more on defense and blocking

wind element - focusing on an attack from the distance

thunder element - is a combo type

dark element - using poison and hidden attack

light element - speed and a single strike

“As for your father here, I’m the master of both Fire and Thunder element swordsman, and your father is a great man did him?” Vaan's father tries to gain respect from his son.

“Yes, you are an amazing dad.”

Based on his father, weapon skill use a different method to level up, he needs to keep on fighting and defeat the enemy in order to level up that skill, the more he fights the higher level that skill will be. Same with the magic, each person has their own limit to leveling his weapon skill.

“Don’t focus too much on fighting and kill my son, because you might find yourself at the top but you will find yourself alone.” says his father.

Now Vaan has got all his answer, from now on until the day for him to meet with Media, he will be focusing on practice his skills and body. He needs to be in the top of condition, not only that, he also wanted to prove to his father that he no longer just a boy that needs to be protected anymore.

A note from ZoUL

i will write in details for certain fight when mc have a battle and sometime i will just put the conclusion of the battle.


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