The train was bursting with the sheer amount of people stuck inside. I should have gone home after my shift instead of politely accepting Chris’ request to finish his work. He is such a liar, always coming up with reasons why people should fill in for him. If he didn’t slack off watching videos all day at the office maybe I wouldn’t be in this predicament. The wheels of the train ground to a screeching halt as it was the next to the last stop. As the *ding* rang out many people poured out of train doors all probably coming back from their late jobs like me a programmer at a small game company. Making our way to our desired destination, mine was home. Removing my tie, I walked down the stairs of the station to my parents' house.

Making it to the house, I pull out my key and place it inside the door. Suddenly of one the bushes on the front garden of my house start to shake. Leaving the door I walk over quite curious about what is happening. As I get closer I realise there is a kitten struggling within the branches of the bush. It must have probably gotten stuck wondering about. What is a kitten doing outside, though? Clearing that thought from my mind I go ahead to remove the kitten from the bush. It gets frightened and struggles, even more, to get out. Finally, after spreading apart the branches I managed to get the scared kitten out. I think the heavy movement exhausted the kitten as it fell asleep in my arms. Looking at the cat fully it was quite cute with black and white fur, large whiskers and sky blue eyes.

I took the kitten into my house, deciding to name it Branch as it didn’t have a collar and unluckily it started to rain outside for me to look around for its owner. Setting Branch down on the living room couch, I placed a blanket over him or her, I didn't know. As I hadn’t eaten all day, I went into the kitchen taking a ready meal out of the refrigerator and placing it in the microwave for 10 minutes. Since Branch was sleeping and my curry was cooking I took my phone out of my pocket and dialled a number I had tried to get in contact with for a few days.

“I am sorry the person you are trying to contact isn't on the phone right now.You can either end the call or leave a voicemail.”

“Kathryn, you haven’t been answering your calls lately, is everything alright? When you get, this please call me I am worried”

The call ended with the words Girlfriend at the top of the screen and 1 minute and 26s seconds below. I met Kat five years ago when I was university studying computer science. From the day I saw her face in that boring classroom I knew I had to make her mine. As you can tell I succeeded and here we are.

Finally, 10 minutes had been up, and my chicken tikka masala was ready. Just as I was about to open the door to the microwave my phone started to vibrate in my pocket, what is it with opening doors today? I looked at my ringing phone, and it seemed to be Kathryn, surprised and relieved I answered.

“Kath I am so happy. I thought something happened to you.”

“Erm... Hey. This isn’t… I don’t know how to say this.”

Kathryn starts sobbing her voice sounding depressed.

“Kath? Are you okay? You can tell me.”

“Give me the phone Kathryn since you aren’t going to say it jeez.”

“Wait what who's that? Kath, who is that?!”

“Listen here… Kathryn doesn’t want you anymore. She is over with you. I was going to make her carry on ignoring you but she insisted on calling you- babe do it slower and wipe those tears off your face… “

“No Kathryn would never do that she isn't like that -”

Tears started to come out I couldn’t hold them back

“I know she loves me.”

“Bro she loves me now, can’t you hear her sucking my dick? She sucks it pretty good anyway that's it bye”

The call ended without Kathryn saying a word. I slowly fell to the kitchen floor and started to cry. I was so angry, I hated that man whoever it was and I started to hate Kathryn. But I couldn’t let her go I still loved her. It must have been my fault. I wished she told me where I went wrong. I was hit with a wave of sorrow that couldn't be appeased no matter what I did. I blacked out.

When I awoke, I was on my couch with Branch in my arms I was watching a movie with a couple when I started to cry. All the emotions came back like one big slap in the face. My breathing got ragged when all of a sudden the television paused. In fact, it wasn’t just the television but Branch stop moving as well. This only added to the mental instability I was feeling now. Then I realised, the man Kathryn was cheating on me with was Chris from work.


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