Happy Ending

by yimfor

Original ONGOING Action Comedy Drama Romance Male Lead School Life Slice of Life

[You are mine and mine alone], a visual novel that came out this year and quickly became a hit among gamers. The prime reason for it was because its AI was too interactive with the player, changing the game depending on his play style and learning from it.

But now, everyone in the world has forgotten about it without any explanation, except for Chris, a second-year high school boy that found a glitch in the game. On top of that, he was found by the main antagonist of the game, a sadistic serial killer with the name of Midnight Pumpkin!

Will he be able to get the happy ending or will he fall for his bad ending? Remember, you only have one life.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Bad ending? ago
Chapter 1: Game Start ago
Chapter 2: Unusual Event ago
Chapter 3: Lost ago
Chapter 4: Error ago
Chapter 5: Meeting ago
Chapter 6: No game ago
Chapter 7: School Day ago
Chapter 8: Charming Night ago
Chapter 9: Boo ago
Chapter 10: Regrets of turning back ago
Chapter 11: How does it feel to lose? ago
Chapter 12: A common understanding between two parties ago
Chapter 13: Prove it to me ago
Chapter 14: Tell me this isn't happening ago
Chapter 15: OK! Let's go! ago
Chapter 16: The trial ago
Chapter 17: You are on ago
Chapter 18: How were the things for the other side? ago
Chapter 19: What to think of her? ago
Chapter 20: What they both wanted ago
Side-Story: Chirps, meows and barks. ago
Chapter 21: Just an everyday morning ago
Chapter 22: A good way to start the day ago
Chapter 23: Every start counts ago
Chapter 24: Let's think about the answers ago
Chapter 25: Thoughts to escape this situation! ago
Chapter 26: The true answer! ago
Chapter 27: Just his cousin ago
Chapter 28: You are going to be a... ago
Chapter 29: It didn't make sense... ago
Chapter 30: Why not hear from the person itself? ago
Chapter 31: Too close, yet too far ago
Chapter 32: It was hard to believe ago
Chapter 33: The battlefield of love. ago
Chapter 34: There are priorities in friendship ago
Chapter 35: School day 2 ago
Chapter 36: Welcome the new student ago
Chapter 37: Nature's call ago

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A good story overall, kinda addictive to be honest 

  • Overall Score

One of the Greatest novels I've read in awhile

5/5 because this isnt a Transfer to another world and I'm not just reading it to pass time.

Story - It has the DDLC vibe but for the most part i like the direction the story is going. 

Grammar -  No real mistakes except some incorrect homonym that i can see.

Character-  Honestly, your characters are very fleshed out. They have a background story and actually stick within character throughout their interactions. Very good job on that.