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Volume 1: Chapter 11- Revelation

A note from king of spades

Some truth are lies, while some lies are the truth

After the great uprising ended, the lives of the citizens of Ashu, now renamed back to Jambol have prospered greatly. Without the King to restrain them and take away their lives, they steadily began to rebuild what was broken. The former queen resumed her position as the monarch of Jambol. The only evidences of the battle were the destroyed buildings. Amazingly, part of the city was left unscathed, making people visiting the city wonder whether there was a weather anomaly. Just like the King, the group of Marked Ones has also left the city. But unlike the King, they walked out of the city after publically apologizing for their actions. Strangely it seemed like they were no longer a group of angry people led by a monster, but a group of kind people who desired to bring peace. Of course the people were skeptical, but considering how strong each member of Marked Ones was they decided that it would be in the best interest of the city to let them leave in peace. Not all of the Marked Ones were present; the young man named Snake was not present. The leader of the Marked Ones, Dragon looked like she cried a lot before speaking to the Queen for her face looked very red and her eyes were moist. The other Marked Ones looked embarrassed and humiliated; not only did their minds were out of their control but God knows how many crimes did they commit while they were under Morphus’s influence.

After Sabgyn successfully managed to get the King out of the city, Dragon activated the seal that placed an enormous barrier around the city. Afterwards she picked up the piece of the wing that was lying on the ground after it was severed from King’s back by Sabgyn. She thought about how Sabgyn mentioned the usage of angelic power was responsible for dispelling the mind control upon her. When she came upon her group, she found them in very embarrassing positions. One passed out, the other was turned into a statue from his neck down, while another one was stuck inside a net. A very bizarre picture she thought. Snake- the betrayer was missing. Dragon could not sense her presence; Snake was just too good at hiding his energy as well as himself. She thought she could deal with Snake once she caught up with him. There will be no mercy for the traitor!

Dragon used the feathers from the part of the wing that she picked up. She put a single feather on top of each person’s head and then she inserted little bit of her energy into each one. Gradually, her friends started to come back to their senses.

“Where am I, What am I…” Bull was surprised to see Dragon crying while standing next to them. “Captain! Are you alright? Are you hurt?”

Dragon simply mentioned that she was alright. Earlier she saw a huge manifestation of Tiger emerge in the sky before dissipating. There was no mistake, it was spiritual form being freed from the body, and Tiger spiritual form has left Sabgyn. It means that….

Sabgyn is dead.

Just the thought made Shadelin’s eyes water with tears. She could not believe it, he was gone, now truly gone, and nothing she could do to bring him back. She lifted her head up and screamed like she never did before. Her comrades only saw how a strong creature as Dragon would show her broken heart. The one person she grew to care about was now gone. Although on the surface she was annoyed by him, he was irreplaceable to her.

When the other two came back to their senses they were greeted with a sad yet relieving sight; their leader showing true sorrow for a fallen comrade- a leader who can feel the loss of her allies is someone they would definitely want to follow. It proved once and for all that their harsh and brutal leader was a human being after all.

The city itself celebrated their new found freedom. Parties were thrown to commemorate this historical day. Queen even made a decree declaring the day of the victory to be a national holiday named after the city’s savior- Crimson Knight Day. Yes, due to Sabgyn introducing himself as Crimson Knight’s descendant and the fact that he did not tell them his name made it the only choice for the name of the day. The other savior whom the young girl clutching a handkerchief to her chest identified as Sai the Baker also got his name permanently written in city’s records. For starters, the shop that he owned was remodeled and renamed as Brave Baker’s Treat. Also, during Crimson Knight Day it has become a tradition to have a load of bread in person’s hands before saying a thank you and eating it.

Everyone who witnessed the fight between the King and his opponent thought that there were two people fighting the King. They never suspected that both were a single person. While the King was attacking they had no choice but to retreat, but not those two. Crimson Knight Jr and Sai the Baker confronted the King and managed to get him out of the city. Just two ordinary men confronted the man they have hated for years. They faced an adversary so much stronger than themselves but still managed to free them; they are nothing less than national heroes for Jambol!

As for what happened to the King, however, they never found out the truth.

After being thrown into the air, being unable to stop himself from flying through the air, Aldan waited until his flight would be halted. He was stopped from his flight when he unceremoniously landed in a desert. The sun was shining upon the black sand making it seem like all light is being absorbed. Aldan lay on the ground of sand, breathing heavily. He would have to take Ashu back, but before that he needs to know where he is right now; he was thrown hundreds of miles away from his city. His wings hurt; his entire body was feeling the pain. But he knew that in few days he would be able to heal himself completely. He took a breath of air; enjoying the taste of aridity in his mouth. He then proceeded to stand up. He looked at the wide desert before him. Such a long way….

“It seems you were thrown very far away” a voice said from behind Aldan.

Aldan was surprised that there was someone else besides him in the dessert and that he failed to notice him. This man was unusually good at being undetectable. “Who are you?” Aldan was curious to know the identity of the man standing before him. No matter who it is, Aldan can take him down.

“You know who I am, Aldan” the tone of the voice changed from friendly to ice cold tone. “Think for a second and you shall receive your answer” The man came close to Aldan looked him in the eyes, and to Aldan’s surprise that man’s face changed instantly to look like Aldan’s own face. Aldan’s eyes opened wide with terror. “Morphus!”

“Correct” Morphus’s face changed back from Aldan’s face, now it turned into a face of the handsome young man with a cold smile on his face.

“I am an angel now, you demon! I can easily smite you” Aldan extended his injured wings outwards making himself look larger than he is. He thought that because in natural order demons always lose to angels.

“Good for you, yet you seem to be under a wrong impression.” Morphus’s face remained extremely calm, as though he had everything under his control.” Many people assume that I am a demon, you know the rumors have become so widespread that none knows the entire truth” Aldan was looking for an opening but Morphus was circling him in an almost playful way. “Except me, of course” Morphus’s expression changed into a mad grin with his eyes gaining an evil expression. Something burst out of Morphus’s back. It was a large black wing extending from his right side. It looked like a crow’s wing but about hundred times larger. The wing extended around Morphus’s body covering his right hand, then extending like an unsheathed blade; pointing towards Aldan. Aldan’s now realized that he chose the worst possible opponent. “The truth is I am an angel“

“Impossible, you are son of Lucifer, you are a demon!” Aldan shouted out.

“It is always surprising how many different stories create in order to explain somethings they can’t understand, even if they are completely away from the truth” Morphus loved such conversations to push his target into despair. “But now and then, by luck they manage to find the truth”

“So what if you are an angel, I can still take you down!” Aldan charged towards Morphus, intending to land a blow on him.

Morphus simply used his wing as a blade. He used it to pierce Aldan’s chest. Aldan did not know what happened before he hit the ground. The moment the wing touched him Aldan’s body became paralyzed. Now he was on the ground on his chest, struggling to look up at Morphus.

Morphus approached Aldan. “After obtaining a power you desired so much by dealing with a devil you were able to become a formidable force”

“Although you refused to acknowledge yourself as my subordinate, I was patient with you, yet this action of yours is most surprising”

Morphus his foot on one of Aldan’s injured wings, causing Aldan to clench his teeth in pain. “A potion to turn a human into a pseudo angel, very impressive”

“But imperfect. The spell will only allow a human being to transform into a lower ranking angel and the power of the potion is imperfect”

“How? I put all of the ingredients and bonded them correctly” Aldan said while struggling to lift his head up

“Indeed you have, yet I can sense that the key component- pure and untainted blood you obtained was of low quality.”

“No matter whom it is the human blood will always be of lower quality in comparison to creatures such as unicorns and dragons, but I see why you had to settle on human blood.” There was a great lack of creatures due to the wars causing them to flee into far lands. Furthermore they were extremely hard to find.

“It doesn’t matter! I will still…” Aldan’s voice was interrupted by Morphus clutching his throat.

“Now then, before I kill you, you will tell me everything you know.”

Aldan stared at in horror as the Morphus’s face came close to his. He could see Morphus’s eyes turning completely white. He felt as though he was being sucked into a void. His final thought before the void of whiteness of Morphus’s eye absorbed him was “So this is how it ends”.

A note from king of spades

What people know about the main villain, in general, is completely opposite of the truth.

They are not fighting against a demon, but a bonafide angel.

This is the end of the first book

The next books, each will deal with one of the fourths of Sabgyn Finnerman, each of whom takes a different path.



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