Rise of Demon King

by king of spades

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

By the stroke of fate, Ren finds himself in a world of demons, Kalkan kingdom. Damned by his circumstances and his human-like appearance, Ren struggles to survive in a world in which strong rule the weak. The Selection of the next king of the Kalkan kingdom is about to begin, bringing along many conflicts that make life much harder to endure, but unwilling to give up, Ren is determined to survive and prosper.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Volume 1: Chapter 1- Falling Star ago
Volume 1: Chapter 2- Encounter ago
Volume 1: Chapter 3- Karatengu Family ago
Volume 1: Chapter 4- Market Incident ago
Volume 1: Chapter 5- Three More Mishaps ago
Volume 1: Chapter 6- Pishak Attack! ago
Volume 1: Chapter 7- True Origins ago
Volume 1: Chapter 8- Massacre of Ras Family ago
Volume 1: Chapter 9- Fateful Meeting ago
Volume 1: Chapter 10- New Life ago
Volume 1: Chapter 11- Training ago
Volume 1: Chapter 12- Dream ago
Volume 2: Chapter 1-Proclamation of Competition ago
Volume 2: Chapter 2- Night with the Assassins ago
Volume 2: Chapter 3- First Trial ago
Volume 2: Chapter 4- Karli Jou ago
Volume 2: Chapter 5- Unlucky Leader ago
Volume 2: Chapter 6- Helped By Enemy? ago
Volume 2: Chapter 7- Old Friend? ago
Volume 2: Chapter 8- Reunited ago
Volume 2: Chapter 9- Two Diamonds ago
Volume 2: Chapter 10- Draco Clan Demon Lord ago
Volume 2: Chapter 11- Returning Home ago
Volume 2: Chapter 12- Happy Dreams? ago
Volume 3: Chapter 1- Goddess's Nightmare ago
Volume 3: Chapter 2- Altyn Clan's New Foe ago
Volume 3: Chapter 3- Death Hand and His Demonic Circumstances ago
Volume 3: Chapter 4- Hydra ago
Volume 3: Chapter 5- Pet Control and Planting Seeds ago
Volume 3: Chapter 6 - Taken ago
Volume 3: Chapter 7- Interrogation ago
Volume 3: Chapter 8 - Attack ago
Volume 3: Chapter 9-Jail Break ago
Volume 3: Chapter 10- The Showdown ago
Volume 3: Chapter 11- The Aftermath ago
Volume 3: Chapter 12- The Resolution ago
Volume 3: Chapter 13- Punishment ago
Volume 3: Chapter 14- New Members ago
Volume 3: Chapter 15- Visit to the Graves ago
Volume 3: Chapter 16: Fox and Crow ago
Volume 3: Chapter 17: Daily Life of Ren Karatengu (Part 1) ago
Volume 3: Chapter 18: Daily Life of Ren Karatengu (Part 2) ago

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  • Overall Score

Do you like ‘Overlord’ ?

Have you ever gone to chop some wood and saved a kingdom? Or bathed in a cauldron and stopped a revolution? Or where you ever thrown by a big bad guy trough a window saving the king? Yeah... because that’s our MC the one that trying to cook is able to poison a household. The one whose objectives are so simple (learn to cook edible food) that he makes people think he is aspiring to become the Demon King and the one whose accidental accomplishment while doing ordinary tasks make people think he indeed has the power to make it, none excluded... 

the story is beautiful, funny and deep enough to make you fall in love with it I recommend with all my heart

  • Overall Score

Peculiar and unique protagonist

Such a lucky kid and a naive one but somehow i am rooting for him!

  • Overall Score

Awesome, but 1 thing pisses me off

I really liked the whole story, read through it in 1 go, and it bothered me so many times that I literally see a wall of text without any paragraphs. I keep thinking: here we go again, a bit of torture for the good stuff after it