"No good!", Maeda-san as she crumpled another piece of paper once again.

"What do you mean? That's the fifth one you've just thrown away. Come on, just get on with it.", I replied.

"I-I'm not done yet! So d-don't move!"

I showed her a tired expression as I straightened my posture and kept my eyes on her again.

I am Yuichi Nishimura, you're average high school student from Fujioka High.

I've got curly brown hair, brown eyes and a slightly tanned skin tone.

I used to be really pale, but due to the summer heat, my skin turned darker than it has been before.

In front of me, is my classmate, Maeda Hikari.

Unlike the average old me though, Maeda-san was way different.

Beautiful long black hair tied into twintails, flawlessly smooth pale skin, curvaceous but slim, and to top it all of, a face that you'll easily be mesmerized to.

…but that was not her only strong point.

Great at sports, excelling at her studies, popular with both the lower and higher years, Maeda-san was the whole package.

No one could even come close to how perfect she is.

Now you may be wondering how the average old me, got this close to one of our school's most beautiful enchantress.

Well, this outstanding person I just spoke about, the classmate of mine who's looked upon by others, basically… sits right next to me.

Normally, people would immediately think that 'Aren't you the luckiest guy on Earth? You're sat next to a goddess right there. Shouldn't you be just jumping with joy?'

Truth is, I do think that sometimes.

I mean, well, I do feel happy being able to see her shining figure every week.

The first day of our class in high school, I was completely enthralled when I saw her walk in the door.

I was surprised how she spoke to me back then, but that was a long time ago.

It's been a month since that time and now, we're here.

Ever seen a huge delicious cake in your table, and wish you're the one to eat it, but you know you're not?

That's how I'm looking at the scenario.

Maeda-san, just like most of the beautiful girls in our school are strictly, and definitely only available for attractive guys.

I know this through experience.

Being an average looking guy, I was able to scope out where I should be standing on.

And in the level I'm standing on, I'm definitely miles away from where Maeda-san stood.

Since the first day of classes, Maeda-san had lots of guys confessing to her.

From otakus, common students, atheletes and the most popular guys, lots of guys have already tried approaching her.

All of them though, were rejected immediately.

Due to this, she has gained quite a reputation in our school.

<The Ice Diva>, people would call her.

Although she was perfect from the outside, she care naught of men that don't stand equal to her.

Harsh as it may sound, she denies any invitation and easily says no without hesitation.

This didn't stop her from gaining friends though, since although she was harsh on guys, she was loved by the girls.

The cake that was seen earlier, wasn't as tasty as how it looked like to put it simply.

She was strict and bossy, but her wise side made her as the advice guru of the other females.

She cares about other girls though, although she's harsh, but that isn't really good news to guys.

And sadly, I am the one who received most of her harshness.

"I'm getting tired staying still. That's enough, just pass that already."

"I said I'm not done! Just stay still."

I was feeling quite tired as I sat still again.

I wasn't standing so my feet didn't hurt, but trying to keep the same pose for a long time is just tiring.

Fifty minutes ago, our Arts teacher came and had us draw our partners in plain white canvases.

It wasn't really our final project or something, so I didn't really take it seriously.

I'm not really the best artist, and I knew that, so I just half-assed it and drew her the way I could.

In about 20 minutes I was already done, and most of the others were done as well.

The only people who weren't done were normies laughing and chatting with each other, stalling time with their drawings, and the other side, was us.

Maeda-san is known to be a perfectionist, I knew this, but it's already been almost an hour and I was getting sick of sitting still.

"H-hey…", said Maeda-san.

"What now?"

I was feeling a bit irritated being forced to pose that long.

"Wh-who's that girl you're with earlier?"


Feeling confused, I raised my eyebrow.

She suddenly crossed her arms and showed an irritated look at me.

"A-as the class representative, I-I'm tasked to oversee the relationships of my classmates to…make sure you're not doing anything that breaks that school rules! Th-that's why I need to know!"

She was stuttering but kept a prideful face, seems like she was genuinely curious.

"Girl? I didn't-"

I don't usually hang out with girls.

I've got guy friends but I'm only acquainted with few girls in my age.

Due to that, I was confused as to what she was talking about.

When I came to school, I wasn't walking with a girl or something, so why would she…


"Wait, are you talking about my little sister?"

Her eyes widened for a moment, then she suddenly showed a relieved look.

"Sh-she's your sister. Ah…I must have misunderstood then."

"Wait. How'd you see me with her in the first place?"

I felt more confused hearing this.

It's true I met with my little sister after I went out of the house, but we don't really go to the same school, nor does she go out as early as me.

Earlier this morning, I forgot my I.D. on the living room table, and my sis ran to bring it to me.

It was just halfway before I could ride the bus, so it was fairly close to my home.

I live in a certain distance away from school.

Not too far, but far enough for me to take the bus, so unless she had some sort of super vision, there's no way she would have seen the scene between me and my sis.

"Huh? What are you talking about? I saw you guys when you were-"

As if she realized something, her eyes suddenly widen.

"Th-that's… I mean-"

"Okay class, I'll just be heading to the restroom. Behave yourselves, alright?", our middle aged female teacher said.

She then turned at the exit and walked out of the room.

"Woohoo! Finally… I wanted to get a breathe of fresh air with all these concentrating."

"Hey, did you see that new cafe that opened near our place?"

"The game was great fun, you should've been there."

Our classmates started getting chatty after our teacher went out.

'Getting really noisy here, Maeda-san's probably getting pissed.'

My attention quickly went to our classmates as the teacher went out, their combined mumbles, murmurs and chit chats made the place quite littered with noise.

I then turn my face back at her, thinking she's probably about to lecture our classmates.

Surprisingly though, her attention weren't focused towards them, but to me.

"Uhh...what are you-"


"Is something wrong?"

"Y-you moved again."


"You moved again! It's really hard to draw you when you can't sit still!"

"Mrs. Yabe just spoke, I was distracted. I'll sit back again so you don't have to tell me off-"

"N-no. This really isn't working."

As if she had something else in mind, but she was a bit embarrassed to say it, she showed a somewhat nervous face.

"What do you want me to do then?"

Suddenly, she took out her phone from her skirt's pocket.

"I-I think I should get a picture of you instead. That way…y-you won't have to sit still for too long."

I was somehow baffled seeing her take out her cellphone.

The usual Maeda-san isn't the kind of person who would take out her phone during class, even if the teacher's not present.

She was really strict even when it comes to minor school rules so it caught me off guard when I saw her whip out her phone like that.

She also had a cute anime cat phone cover that surprised me since I never took her as the type of girl who would like that.

"Well, yeah. We could do that, but are you really sure-"

"I-I'm sure of it. Ummm…just sit still."

Her hands seem to be shaking a bit as she pointed her phone's camera at me.

I felt a bit nervous as well and didn't know what kind of face I should make.


She took one photo.

That should be enough-

*snap snap snap"

Did it come out bad?

I guess she-

*snap snap snap snap*-

"Hey! I think that's too much!"

"Y-you're moving too much. It got really blurry."

"I think it's because your hand keeps shaking."

"N-no it's not! Sit still!"

I showed an awkward look as she kept taking pictures.

"Haaah.", I sighed as I laid my head on the desk.

After an hour and a few minutes, our art class finally ended and I'm finally free from the clutches of Maeda-san.

It was just a few minutes left before our dismissal as I laid there and waited.

I felt unusually tired. Probably because her antics really wore me down.


From beside me, Maeda-san's giggles could be heard.

Her cute smile really just brightens everyone's day.

'If only she could stay that cute everyday.'

She was messing with her phone as she continued tapping on it.


She kept giggling as she looked at her phone.

'What's she laughing at anyways? She seems to be really amused.'

Suddenly, I notice her eyes turn towards me as she showed a deviant grin.


She showed a mocking expression as she giggled.

Seeing her like this slightly annoyed me.

"Hey, what was that? What are you looking at there anyways?", I ask her with an irritated expression.

"It's nothing. I just thought you look reeeeeallly cute in this picture."

Realizing she was playing with the pictures she took of me earlier I quickly stood up from my seat.

"Hey, I thought you said you deleted them afterwards!"

"You told me to delete them, I never said I will~"


As if accepting her challenge, I took to grab her phone from her.

"Give me that! I'll make sure to mess with your photos instead!"

"W-wait, no!"

"I'll have my revenge hahaha!"

Feeling a bit petty and playful, we started playing tug of war as I kept pulling her cellphone from her.

Since she was taken by surprise, I easily got it away from her and took it on my hand.

'Now, let's see what photo she was laughing about.'

Although I wanted to mess with her pictures, if she had some saved in her cellphone, I was curious to see how I looked like in the photos she took of me so I quickly looked at the screen.

Somehow though, what I saw surprised me.

'Hah, so she was messing with my photo. Wait…Why do I seem so pale in this?'

I saw a photo of me with an edited frame of a bunny rabbit.

There were also drawings of a mustache and a monacle on my photo as if she played with it well.

The bunny rabbit frame covered almost everything in the photo except my face so I wasn't able to see what I was wearing there.

'What if I-'

Suddenly though, Maeda-san's hand quickly scooped the phone from mine.

"G-give me that!"

Her face, that was almost always red for some reason, was even redder than before, as if she was embarrassed about something.

"I-It's not what you think!"

As if she was guilty of something, she suddenly got quite defensive.

"What are you talking about?"

I was confused as to what she was saying.

"Okay, everyone."

Our teacher came back to class again as she prepared to dismiss us.

"Class dismissed."


As soon as she dismissed us, Maeda-san quickly, ran out the door.

Our classmates couldn't help but stare at her as she did so.

I tilted my head in confusion as I wondered what she was saying.

'Well, might as well not think about it too much.'

-My Unusual Classmate Hikari Prologue End-


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