Chapter 1: Finale breath


Blood hit the ground like raindrops. The room was spinning around him and he didn’t notice as he slipped and hit the ground face first trying to protect her he used his own body. The blood covered his face, but he didn’t care, the only thing on his mind was getting help, the only thing that mattered now was that she didn’t die because of him.

“Get her off the floor quickly, I need to stop the bleeding!” said the middle-aged doctor while trying to assess the situation. Seeing the doctor take charge made Will feel better, he needed to save her, even if it was the last thing he did. She was the only one he had left in this world.

“Are you alright sir!” said the young doctor clearly worried about his wellbeing. She had blond hair and was clearly in her early twenties. She was completely the opposite of the middle-aged doctor, her eyes scanned the room for any doctor nearby. If anyone saw them right now they would think she was the one needing the saving.

“Where did they take my sister, please save her life!” Will said while getting up after while trying to catch his breath.

“please lay still, you can’t move right now. I will get the other attending on standby, just wait!” she said not waiting for an answer, moving as fast as she could with her long blond hair waving behind her. But Will didn’t have time to wait, he didn’t feel any pain, in a matter of fact, he didn’t feel anything.

He followed the line of blood, it was unbelievable how many liters of blood there was in the body of a small girl. When he reached the operating room he didn’t enter, there was no use anyway. They would make him leave, and besides it wasn’t like he could do anything to help. he sat down and waited, he didn’t know how long it would take, the only thing he knew about hospitals was from tv and those always took a while.

The hours passed quickly and he felt a deep urge to sleep like his body wanted to shut down. While trying to fight the urge to sleep the girl with the blond hair found him with another doctor standing next to her who looked just as young.

“Sir, please come with us, we need to examine you,” the boy said clearly more confident about what he was doing. But Will could still see the anxiety in his eyes, he would be scared to if he could see himself. His whole face was covered with blood from the fall and his body had gone pale from the blood loss.

Will didn’t react, he didn’t even hear the two talking. His body was getting too weak, he didn’t have the strength to fight the urge to sleep. Just when he was about to give up he saw the door he had been staring at for hours open and the middle-aged doctor exited. He faced him and said something while shaking his head, he didn’t need to ability to hear him understand, she was gone.

At the same moment, the urge to sleep took over him, he had given up, there was nothing to fight for anymore. He closed his eyes and made himself ready to get some sleep, anything to let him forget, maybe he would wake up and all of this would be a bad dream.

The moment he fell the two young doctors tried to stabilize him, but it was too late, he had passed away. The urge to sleep was just too great for him to fight, especially because there was nothing to fight for.



A young boy was laying on a steel table being examined by three people wearing green scrubs with masks on.

“The MRI showed more than twenty broken bones,” said the blond doctor trying to understand the situation. There is no way someone should be able to move with this much damage; the pain would have been immense. Even if you take in account the adrenalin, that would not last long enough for him to patiently sit and wait for his sister’s operation, after a couple of hours the pain would have been enough to make someone scream in agony for months maybe years.

“Look at his tongue,” said the middle-aged doctor with a sad tone while shaking his head.

The blond doctor opened the mouth and tried to take a clear look at the tongue, but she couldn’t see most of it, it was like a part of it had gone missing, “why is a part of his tongue missing?”

“Do you know the answer, Martin?” The middle-aged doctor looked at the young boy behind him observing.

“It looks like he has been chewing it,” said the young doctor trying to figure it out. He had never seemed something like this before.

“You are correct, this happens when kids are born with Congenital insensitivity to pain also knows as CIP, they can’t feel pain so they chew their own tongue as infants, this explains why he was able to move, he properly has never felt pain in his life,” the middle-aged doctor said shaking his head, he had never seemed someone like Will but he had heard of them.

“Ironically it was not the broken bones that killed him, it was the loss of blood.”


Will woke up floating in the air, he looked around and saw thousands of stars with bright colors shining, some even exploding around him without making any sound. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He was standing in a sea of people who looked like the ghosts, it made him think of the stories his mother had told him about spirits and how the soul is undying, he had laughed at her back then, but he was not laughing now.

Just as he was trying to comprehend what was happening and wanted to look for his sister he felt a force pulling him to one of the planets, it felt like he was being pulled by the gravity of the planet itself. The planet looked different from the others, while the thousand other planets were made of earth and other materials this planet was made of the same white light he was made of.

The speed at which he was pulled towards the planet kept increasing to the point he couldn’t keep up anymore. The next thing he knew he was standing in front of a burning bush so bright he couldn’t look directly at it.

“My son, you have finally returned after all these years,” a strong and powerful sound emitted from the light.

Will felt a shock through his body, what did he mean by son? It’s true that he had never met his father but a burning bush was the last thing he expected.

“Your compassion and sacrifice made me proud, I will grand the human's salvation and save them from the hands of the devil because of what you did.” The sounds became even more profound and continued with his explanation.

Will felt a shock going through his body when he understood what the man was talking about, did he think he was Jesus?

“you don’t remember my son? I send you to the human world as the son of the Virgin Mary to save the world from their sins,” the bush said with a proud voice. “Now finally after many reincarnations, I have finally found you and brought you back to me”

Will tried to process the information, did the voice say reincarnation? There was a time he would never believe him, but he would also have never believed is someone told him about this place. A world completely made of white energy, the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. “I’m Jesus?” He said with a confused look on his face.

“Haha,” the brush started to laugh until the sound of laughter filled the whole planet. The profound voice had changed from a low voice to a more high-pitched voice that sounded like the one uncle everyone had who never grows up.

The brush changed into a young man who was also made from white energy like everyone else but had something special to him. The first thing Will noticed was that out of everyone he had seen the man was the only one who was wearing clothes.

“He falls for it every time,” the man said still laughing clearly enjoying himself.

“Are you done playing?” said the other man entering the room. He looked the same as the other man, they could be twins, the only thing different was the colors, while the first man was surrounded by the white energy the other man was surrounded by black energy.

“I'm sorry, its just an old tradition of mine,” the man in white said with a smirk on his face while he walked towards the other man. When the two reached each other, they merged into one. The man's hair turned grey, his skin became light and he was wearing black clothes.

“please excuse me, I have been serving in this station for more than a million years now and it gets boring sometimes,” the man said with a smile on his face.

“What did you mean when you said tradition?” Will asked with a confused look on his face, he couldn’t remember meeting the man before.

“From the million years I have served in this place, you have died and been reborn more than eight hundred thousand times! I do now know why, maybe it’s just bad luck, but because of this I have come to know you better than maybe you do yourself, my friend. This will be our last meeting, I have served my sentence and I will be free in another two years, I’m glad I could see you one more time, you made my stay in this hellhole somewhat more bearable,” said the man while putting his hand on Will’s shoulder.

The moment the man touched Will a golden coin appeared in Will’s hand. The coin looked like it was made of gold but it was made of the same thing as everything else, white energy.

“It looks like you have done some good deed in your last life, to get a coin of choice is not a small matter,” the man said without any emotion.

Will looked at the coin in his hand and tried to comprehend everything going on around him. He didn’t know what he should ask about first, the coin of the deaths.

“You do not need to ask about the deaths, we have had this conversation many times, and the truth is that I don’t know why you almost never become an adult, even in the most evolved worlds, you always seem to die young, and even if I knew, you would still forget when your soul reincarnates. As for the coin, this is granted to souls that have saved another in exchange for the own life and it can be used to choose the world for your next reincarnation. But to tell you the truth my friend, I have no hope, you have lived and died on every kind of world imaginable and I don’t think the coin will make a difference,” the man said with sadness in his voice, he had seen Will come here more than eight hundred thousand times and even though he didn’t believe in curses or luck he had no other explanation.

Seeing Will try to talk the man interrupted him, he knew talking would not help, the only thing he could do right now helped his friend reincarnate and forget about his troubles. “Maybe one day you will survive and enter the realm of immortals, if that happens, find me, I would love to meet you again my friend,” the man said as he waved his hand and the body of Will disappear.



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