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Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Traumatising content

After he ended up in the realm of the Death, Nur became servant of the Angel of Death. Unlike what he hoped, this was by far not the end of his journey, but just the beginning.

Kidnapped from his loved ones by the Goddess of Time, trapped nine hundred years in the past, and cursed with coming back in time every time he dies, Nur finnerman is stuck in a mad loop that slowly drives him to lose his senses, his humanity, and lastly his sanity.

A man with a heart of a hero slowly loses himself, piece by piece, until the only thing that remains is Darkness. From the weakest hero wannabe to the greatest villain.

This is the journey of how an everyman became the fearsome man who frightens even the gods, the Dark Lord



 I will be publishing at least a chapter per month

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king of spades

king of spades

Dark Lord

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Volume 1: Chapter 1- Shinigami ago
Volume 1: Chapter 2- Servant ago
Volume 1: Chapter 3- Duty ago
Volume 1: Chapter 4- Tragedy ago
Volume 1: Chapter 5- Fate ago
Volume 1: Chapter 6- I Will Change It! ago
Volume 1: Chapter 7- Interference ago
Volume 1: Chapter 8- A Familiar Ghost? ago
Volume 1: Chapter 9- Present ago
Volume 1: Chapter 10- Absurd! ago
Volume 1: Chapter 11- Getting Used To It ago
Volume 1: Chapter 12- Banquet of Deities ago
Volume 1: Chapter 13- God of Time ago
Volume 2: Chapter 1- Beginning ago
Volume 2: Chapter 2- Coin ago
Volume 2: Chapter 3- Trying to Avoid Death ago
Volume 2: Chapter 4- Dragon Times ago
Volume 2: Chapter 5- Solution ago
Volume 2: Chapter 6- Crazy Time ago
Volume 2: Chapter 7- Contract ago
Volume 2: Chapter 8- Misfortune ago
Volume 2: Chapter 9- Knights, Knights, and More Knights! ago
Volume 2: Chapter 10- Why Life is Always So Complicated? ago
Volume 2: Chapter 11- Escaping the City ago
Volume 2: Chapter 12- Knight of Light ago
Volume 2: Chapter 13- Unbeatable Foe ago
Volume 2: Chapter 14- Endless Cycle ago
Volume 2: Chapter 15- Finally Out of The City! ago
Volume 2: Chapter 16- Dreaming Of Angels ago
Volume 2: Chapter 17- Dragon Scales ago
Volume 2: Chapter 18-The Story of the Witch ago
Volume 2: Chapter 19- Hunted by Werewolves ago
Volume 2: Chapter 20- Hostage Situation ago
Volume 2: Chapter 21- Epilogue ago
Side story: Prophecy of Two Kings ago
Volume 3: Chapter 1- Demon Lord's Demand ago
Volume 3: Chapter 2- Stranger in the Tavern ago
Volume 3: Chapter 3- Sneaking Into Prison ago
Volume 3: Chapter 4: Abandon Self ago
Volume 3: Chapter 5- Dark Lord? ago
Volume 3: Chapter 6: Many Days Before Today (Part 1) ago
Volume 3: Chapter 7: Many Days Before Today (Part 2) ago
Volume 3: Chapter 8: Many Days Before Today (Part 3) ago
Volume 3: Chapter 9: Many Days Before Today (Part 4) ago
Volume 3: Chapter 10: Knight of Mind (Part 1) ago
Volume 3: Chapter 11: Knight of Mind (Part 2) ago
Volume 3: Chapter 12: Laughing Devil ago
Volume 3: Chapter 13: Reunion ago
Volume 3: Chapter 14: Demon King? ago
Volume 3: Chapter 15: Double-Crossed ago
Volume 3: Chapter 16: Trial and Failure, Lots and Lots of Failures ago
Volume 3: Chapter 17: Mission Accomplished ago
Volume 3: Chapter 18: The Promise ago
Volume 3: Chapter 19: Farewell, My Friend ago
Volume 3: Chapter 20: Captured ago
Volume 3: Chapter 21: Herald of Light ago
Volume 3: Chapter 22: Epilogue ago
Volume 4: Chapter 1: Escape ago
Volume 4: Chapter 2: Runfar Sevilles ago
Volume 4: Chapter 3: Great Plan ago
Volume 4: Chapter 4: New Lord's Ways ago
Volume 4: Chapter 5: Two Prisoners ago
Volume 4: Chapter 6: Bedside Talk ago
Volume 4: Chapter 7: Dark Wolf Demon ago
Volume 4: Chapter 8: Dream ago
Volume 4: Chapter 9: Goblin Matters (Part 1) ago
Volume 4: Chapter 10: Goblin Matters (Part 2) ago
Volume 4: Chapter 11: Daily Life (Part 1) ago
Volume 4: Chapter 12: Daily Life (Part 2) ago
Volume 4: Chapter 13: Daily Life (Part 3) ago
Volume 4: Chapter 14: Daily Life (Part 4) ago
Volume 4: Chapter 15: New Recruits (Part 1) ago
Volume 4: Chapter 16: New Recruits (Part 2) ago
Volume 4: Chapter 17: New Recruits (Part 3) ago
Volume 4: Chapter 18: Angel Named Morphus ago

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Currently, I am keeping up with book 2 and 3, and after reading all of those two, move from 1, 4, and 5.  Without a doubt in my mind, I enjoy each and every second I read your novels.  They're all interconnected in an interesting way, and even with a blank template of a character, they somehow have more personality than other fictions on this site.  Thank you for your sweat and toil in creating what you're doing.  I really admire you, doing what you're doing, regardless if your stories are underrated.  Originally I found the idea of a multi book series a turnoff, but, I was definitely wrong.  From reader to author, I thank you for investing your time for my enjoyment.

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Look man your story is good and  I really hope you will keep it going. The only reason I got a bloody account is just to write this comment so you will keep it GOING but really man it’s nice story.And I hope you will keep making this great novel!!!