Dungeon Core/Realm Heart

by LupineKing

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Magic Martial Arts Non-Human lead Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Dao Lord Brandr has cheated death many times over the millennia, enough to know that this time he should have died. There was just no surviving what had happened to him.

Fortunately or unfortunately, he did. Well... that depends on what you call surviving really. His body is gone and so is pretty much all of his mighty cultivation base. To add to this, he has suffered severe damage to his soul and as if that wasn't bad enough he's lost, far away from any world he knows and maybe even his universe.

Now, he's just learned from a being called a sprite that he's some sort of sentient mystic realm called a dungeon and that just for the crime of existing, there would be legions of enemies planning to pillage and destroy him.

It's okay though. Apparently, he can make legions of his own. Seeing what he has to work with, Brandr decides that perhaps, all is not lost after all...

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
BK I, Chapter One: Newborn ago
BK I, Chapter Two: Dao Lord Brandr ago
BK I, Chapter Three: Thorn Clearwing ago
BK I, Chapter Four: Pact ago
BK I, Chapter Five: A Dungeon, Am I? ago
BK I, Chapter Six: Parameters ago
BK I, Chapter Seven: Parameters II ago
BK I, Chapter Eight: Vulnerabilities ago
BK I, Chapter Nine: Makas the Troll ago
BK I, Chapter Ten: Attack on Faerie Haven ago
BK I, Chapter Eleven: A Step Forward ago
BK I, Chapter Twelve: Dungeon Starter Pack ago
BK I, Chapter Thirteen: Starter Race ago
BK I, Chapter Fourteen: Choices ago
BK I, Chapter Fifteen: The Path before me... ago
BK I, Chapter Sixteen: How to build your dungeon ago
BK I, Chapter Seventeen: Taking Form ago
BK I, Chapter Eighteen: Dungeon Defence ago
BK I, Chapter Nineteen: The Blitzwing Tablet ago
BK I, Chapter Twenty: Bait ago
BK I, Chapter Twenty-one: Proudsprout ago
BK I, Chapter Twenty-two: Fire Pit ago
BK I, Chapter Twenty-three: The Secret Ace ago
[Announcement] Explanations for Hiatus ago
Chapter Twenty-four: Needs of the Fae ago
BK I, Chapter Twenty-five: Flavour Text and Skills ago
BK I, Chapter Twenty-six: Unrestrained Thoughts ago
BK I, Chapter Twenty-seven: Faerythorn ago
BK I, Chapter Twenty-eight: The Faeryhaven ago
BK I, Chapter Twenty-nine: Home and Haven ago
BK I, Chapter Thirty: Progress Report ago
BK I, Chapter Thirty-one: Defenders, Elite and Guardians ago
BK I, Chapter Thirty-two: Dungeon Plan ago
BK I, Chapter Thirty-three: Adventurers in the Hills ago

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Great start, only issue so far is no meat on the story.  Only thing we got in the last 4 chapters is infodumps. Thats not a bad thing but it hasn't really pushed the story along. It feels like story is at a standstill. Other than that it's looking great. The bound sprite isn't an demanding girl pixie witch gives me lots of joy and the MC isn't some broken love sick sap who pans for his bounds attention. Good start, will get better after the world building chapters.

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This story has a very slow start with the MC being completely thrown into the unknown and feeling his way around and adapting to the new environment.

There is a lot of info dense reading in the beginning but a story with a well defined beginning is never a bad thing. 

The amount of possibilities and creations will only be limited to the authors creativity and i am very much looking forwards to all of the new and unique things to be found in the future.

I like the MC and his personality has been and is constantly being impoved and defined. The other characters in the story have a decent amount of development and their decisions dont conflict with the personalities given.

The grammer is pretty good, ive never really noticed any issues with it

as of chapter 15 this story has a very bright future

  • Overall Score

Not just slow; *too* slow.

Chapters are mostly too short to really be considered chapters unless you were to bind three or four of them together.  That aside, as it's a malus on the reading experience and not the story itself, the story is... very, very slow to start, and not in an interesting or good way.  I'll say it outright, it's boring.

  • Overall Score

 It seems to be going into the right direction...

I just hope that jt wont jave too much dependency on system and the gods already somehow interested in the dungeon....

Also I hope that there are atleast 9 ranks of power lvl then the 10th is like hero and above is like divine... ( ofcourse there will be initiate , foundation, expert and peak in every rank...)

( plz dun start dungeon being too op (wont mind if final boss is abit op)

I look forward to it...

Is ok the above mentioned are just suggestions... totally not demands.