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Another tiring day had ended. I laid awake in my bed, waiting for fatigue to consume my consciousness... Time has passed and I could not drift off into slumber. Suddenly, a strike from a bell resonated through my room. I jerked out my bed and turned the light on. No clocks or bell could be seen in the room. Out of instinct, I moved to open the curtains, but instead of the dark night, pure whiteness greeted me. A White plain which stretched out and only a girl's silhouette was in sight. 

The bell struck again.

She came gradually closer and I could see her better, her long hair flowed with a crimson colour and strikingly beautiful features that seemed to be twisted in agony.I called out to her "Oi! Hello?". There was no response apart from the echo of my voice. 

The third strike came.

She staggered towards me while holding onto her shoulder. I tried for a reply again "Um... Miss, are you all right?". 

This time a slight whimper could be heard from her, "Please... Please help... Me..." I soon realised her hair was not naturally red. Instead, it was coated with blood. Drips fell off as she moved. I was startled. She desperately reached out, only to find that her hand has been severed. I covered my ears as her screams pierced my brain. Her last dire attempt at survival, she charged towards me and tackled me down. Leaving marks of blood, the stubs of her arm pushed against my chest. Her agony could be seen in her tear-filled eyes. 

"Well well. Who's this?" A voice reached from behind her. There was a man, his cold murderous stare froze me in place. "Oh well, I'll just take care of both of you.", he said with a cruel smile on his face. He took out a whip edged with blades and directs it at both of us. This was it; the end has come. 

Then the fourth strike.

 And I awoke in my bed, sweat teaming down my face. That was too real for a dream... 


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