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Volume 2: Chapter 2- Evil Dragon Subjugation


“Well, according to Lan Jin, this is the right direction to the dragonoid.” Shengyn muttered to himself.

Before he left, Lan Jin gave him a piece of golden-red scale, which apparently belongs to Shadelin Long.

“Lord Hand, you can track her down if you use piece of her in conjunction with search magic or a specialized tool…” Lan Jin also provided him with a compass of sorts, which only is good for tracking people based on piece of them being in tracker’s possession.

“However, the tracking capability of the device is not perfect, it cannot tell you exactly where the person is, just the direction where to go to find this person.”

This was why Shengyn opted to travel on foot so that he would be sure he was heading in the right direction. Dressed in garbs that completely concealed his form with a white mask on his face, he kept going in the direction where the compass with a dragon scale was leading him.

Of course, along the way he found himself in a village that was having a crisis. It was being attacked by a woman with wings and tail.

No, that is not right. She was breathing flames as well. The people who were trying to fight her were obviously losing.

“Right, Lan Jin did warn me that dragonoids have dragon blood in their veins, so not only are they many times stronger than humans, they also have greater mana reserves as well.” Master Morphus told him that dragonoids, like their ancestors, the true dragons, can shape shift from human to dragon form, or a form in between, as demonstrate by this woman in front of him.

The compass with dragon scale was not pointing in her direction. It is obvious she is not Shadelin Long; considering Shengyn never met her, it would have been an easy matter to confuse the two if he did not have his tracking device.

Yet, this woman was still a dragonoid. Ashen kingdom is warded off so that none can come into it from the outside, not even high level teleportation magic is effective. That was rather bad, considering the fact that the Divine Lords needed a supply of dragon flesh in their upcoming plans against gods, and weapons infused with dragon flesh are one of the few things that are effective on gods. That, and the power of gods themselves.

Shengyn brandished his God Killer Sword.

It was the sword Master Morphus infused with the power of the goddess Shengyn managed to kidnap. Among Divine Lords, Shengyn was sure he was one of few in possession of such a weapon, at least for now. Sheya and Kolek have their own weapons as well, but Shengyn wasn’t sure about others.

Sitting on top of the roof while watching the warriors get massacred by dozens as the dragonoid woman kept laughing. She simply was too strong for them.

Grabbing one knight by the throat, she managed to decapitate him with just a squeeze of her fingers. Then, she sent another knight flying with a flick of her tail.

With a flap of her wings she generated a wind current strong enough to make the knights trying to strike her lose their balance. The only knight that managed to pierce her with his spear found out just how tough her scales were.

Her scales seemed to be as hard as metal, impenetrable to any weapon. She was in a sense, a walking weapon. Her claws and teeth sliced through her enemies as though they were butter. She was a bonafide dragon in human form.

Shengyn watched as one brave lady knight managed to force her on the defensive, she blocked lady knight’s sword strike with her claw. Much to the horror of the knight, her sword shattered when she squeezed it.

The difference between their powers was too large.

She was going to die. Like the other fifty knights who challenged the evil dragon, she was going to die. It was not a matter of being brave, it was just plain massacre. As she saw the dragonoid inhale, she closed her eyes, waiting to be turned to ash.

Instead, she heard a sound of explosion.

When she opened her eyes, she found herself on top of the roof of one of the houses nearby. The sound of explosion was the dragonoid unleashing her flames, turning all corpses around her into ashes.

She was confused, why was she here? She was just in front of the evil dragon, then how did she get here? Did she die? Did a god have a stroke of mercy and grant her safe passage to the afterlife? If so, where is her body?

“Am I dead?” The lady knight muttered while looking at her hands, checking if she indeed was a ghost as she suspected.

“Relax. You’re alive. Quite a show you put there, challenging that dragon kin woman, but you guys must have realized by now she is way out of your league. So, before she looks up, do tell me what is going on here.” Shengyn looked at the terrified lady knight with his mask still on, the way he stood tall while the dragonoid was still rampaging was rather terrifying.

The lady knight felt that if she didn’t confess on the spot, she wouldn’t get to leave alive.

“Village of Leres is constantly under a monthly raid by this evil dragon. She eats all their cattle and people at her whim. We were hired to exterminate her, but we never thought she was this powerful!”

“Well, underestimating a person with dragon blood is worst mistake that can be made. Have you tried talking with her?” Shengyn jokingly suggested.

“We tried to negotiate, but she responded by eating the negotiator.”

Yep, this dragonoid will do. None will complain if she disappears. Finding people of dragon blood outside the Ashen kingdom is very hard; Shengyn might as well consider himself lucky.

“Well then, I suppose it’s my turn then.” Shengyn started walking towards the dragonoid.

“Wait! You will die! She is too strong! She is far beyond the realm that humanity is capable of reaching! You don’t stand a chance!” The lady knight desperately screamed, falling on deaf ears.

Well, lucky for me, I am not a human.

Shengyn approached the evil dragon while she was in the middle of eating a cooked flesh of a dead knight.

“Greetings, dragon. Do you mind if I were to slay you?” Shengyn asked with a smile.

“I sense no fear in you.” A hissing, but feminine voice sounded out. “You’re not like the other ones, they were too weak, but you, you might be fun to play with!” She ran at him with a speed surpassing the peak of humanity, slashing his form with her mighty claws.

To her surprise, as she slashed at his body, the image of his body disappeared into nothingness.

“You do know it is impolite to play with your food, correct?” Shengyn said while standing right behind her.

“Impossible, he is not faster than me… what is going on?” she manifested fireballs in her hands and threw them in his direction.

“Oh, how rude, not only playing with food, but being picky about how well cooked it is? I suppose dragons don’t teach manners to their young.”

“Shut up!” She slashed at him with her claws, now she was sure that she was close enough to land a solid blow. Her claws were harder than steel and with application of her mana they are capable of melting armor and weapons. No matter how he defends, there is no way for him to block her!

Dull sound of claws clashing against metal rang out. The masked man was holding a sword in his left arm, holding up well against the colossal weight of her claw strike.

“You truly are strong, and fast…” Shengyn muttered as dragon tried to strike him with her tail, only for him to disappear again.

“You truly might be one of the few creatures faster than me.” Shengyn remarked. His teleportation made him one of the fastest members of the Divine Lords. He might not be of any use in strength department, but speed and stealth were his specialties.

He keeps doing that disappearing trick, if only I knew how he does it! Did he place me under an illusion? Or is he perhaps using magically created clones?

Evil dragon smiled at how fun her foe was to fight. For dragons, finding a worthy opponent is a thrill of a lifetime. Many dragons live to fight, growing bored with unworthy foes. An opponent who can last long against them is someone worthy of telling dragon’s name to, a way of respecting the strength of an opponent.

“As token of my gratitude for such a pleasant entertainment, do you mind telling me your name? This one is known Larella, the evil dragon.” She said in an exaggeratedly polite manner. But there was a hint of respect as well; he was one of few human beings she met who lasted more than ten seconds against her.

He at least deserved to be remembered.

“My name….I would rather not tell, but you can call me, the Dragon Reaper.” Shengyn said after thinking of the name on the spur of the moment.

“Dragon Reaper, huh, well then, I shall remember your name after I have turned you to dust!”

“We will have to see about that.” Shengyn said calmly.

The lady knight on top of the roof ended up being a witness of an unbelievable fight between the dragon and the masked man. She guessed the masked man was a rogue who used lurking and hiding skills in order to confuse his enemy. But she knew for a fact how strong the evil dragon Larella was, with her impenetrable scales, none of his weapons would hurt her!

Just as she thought the masked rogue had no chance of defeating the evil dragon, a sound of pain traveled through the air. The sound came from the evil dragon that had her left wing chopped off.

For the first time during their fight, she seemed to be genuinely scared. Until now, she was sure her draconic bloodline traits will protect her against anything. But now, a weapon surpassing her body’s defenses had managed to grievously wound her.

“That sword…” She stared at the Dragon Reaper coming at her with extended sword. “Just who are you.”

“I told you already, I am your Reaper, I am the end.” In a flash he disappeared from sight, only to reappear within inches away from her face, delivering a fatal slash across her body.

Her tail, right wing, and the entire section of her chest were slashed open. She helplessly plummeted to the ground. But before her body struck the ground, she managed to catch him off guard and blow fire at him.

Unable to dodge in time, he ended up with his clothing on fire and his mask shattered by the heat. He quickly took off the cloak and threw away his mask, revealing a face of a young man with glowing white left eye.

A demon eye. He is a demon. Not just any demon, a very powerful one at that. How could I let myself get beaten by a mere demon? How did I lose?

“Underestimating your enemy, no matter how weak the enemy is the easiest way to lose.” Shengyn muttered while wiping off the sweat off his brow. He now plunged the sword into the evil dragon’s chest; her eyes were staring at him as her life started to slowly fade. Within half a minute, she was dead.

“Yo, lady knight, I will be taking the body with me, I anyone asks, you were the one who killed her, ok? Here, take the tail as a proof!” He tossed her a piece of a severed tail.

“Yee..Yes.” lady knight muttered. She did not know what in the world she just witnessed. A battle of a single human rogue against a dragon, and the human triumphed. Just how strong is her? Could it be he is one of the kingdom’s heroes? The highest ranked knights who receive the title of hero as strongest of the strong, a man with his power, she could definitely imagine him as a hero.

“Well, I will be going then.” Shengyn took the corpse with him.

“Wait…What is you…” before the lady knight finished, the man disappeared along with the body of the evil dragon. “name.” she muttered. The only evidence that the evil dragon was even here was the scene of destruction and the tip of the tail the rogue left behind. She only knew managed to memorize his face, but she knew in her heart he was someone worthy of title of a hero.


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