SO: Initializing

by arithion

Original HIATUS Fantasy Psychological Sci-fi LitRPG Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Rip away your masks, your fears, everything that’s holding you back…Discover the class you were born to play. 

When Storm Online Entertainment begins taking pre-orders for its virtual full immersion role playing game Somnia Online, Wren can’t wait to start a new adventure and conquer yet another world. But when the game designates her as a mind magic user instead of the healer she habitually plays, Wren’s whole process is thrown into disarray. On top of that, most members of her guild are in the same boat, playing classes slightly different to those they usually embrace. Snagging that top guild game wide slot — just got way harder.

Her class trainer is suspiciously cryptic, her in game skills have eerily far reaching repercussions, and that rival guild they had a run in with games ago has decided to declare war. With hidden abilities triggered by vague quest lines, Wren arms her enchanter Murmur as best she can. But her psionic abilities directly affect not only her mind, but her opponents as well, and temptation becomes an hourly battle.

As intricate quest lines become more dangerous and the NPCs giving them gain powers from the artifacts, Wren begins to wonder just what sort of program is behind the multiple AIs running the world. Their rival guild chomps at their heels, and does everything they can to prevent Wren and FABLE from reaching the endgame first. When the game begins to mesh with reality, Wren struggles to distinguish fact from fiction. If she can’t make the distinction, the whole world will come crashing down.





Book 1 is live and available for purchase on all platforms (Amazon, Kobo, B&N, iTunes blah blah blah).

Please consider supporting a starving author. Note that: The versions housed on RR is vastly different and much shorter than the end result after mass loads of edits.

Book 2 follows on from book 1.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
[B1] Chapter One: The Gift ago
[B1] Chapter Two: Jacked In ago
[B1] Chapter Three: The City ago
[B1] Chapter Four: The Slums ago
[B1] Chapter Five: Together ago
[B1] Chapter Six: Train Wreck ago
[B1] Chapter Seven: The Guild ago
[B1] Chapter Eight: Camping ago
[B1] Chapter Nine: Double Digits ago
[B1] Chapter Ten: Psionicist ago
[B1] Chapter Eleven: Open Dungeon ago
[B1] Chapter Twelve: Darjin- Bandit Leader ago
[B1] Chapter Thirteen: All the Spells ago
[B1] Chapter Fourteen: Sinking ago
[B1] Chapter Fifteen: Globuled ago
[B1] Chapter Sixteen: The Event ago
[B1] Chapter Seventeen: Dragons ago
[B1] Chapter Eighteen: Fortifications ago
[B1] Chapter Nineteen: Leveling Up ago
[B1] Chapter Twenty: Deals with Devils ago
[B1] Chapter Twenty-One: Going to kill Dark Elves ago
[B1] Chapter Twenty-Two: Good Grudges Die Hard ago
[B1] Chapter Twenty-Three: Epiphany ago
[B2] Chapter One: Comatose ago
[B2] Chapter Two: In pieces ago
[B2] Chapter Three: Bandit Revival ago
[B2] Chapter Four: Hazenthorne ago
[B2] Chapter Five: Queen Arita ago
[B2] Chapter Six: Castle Fable ago
[B2] Chapter Seven: In our World ago
[B2] Chapter Eight: Denial ago
[B2] Chapter Nine: Brain Matters ago
[B2] Chapter Ten: Neva Crafter ago
[B2] Chapter Eleven: Kitchen Meeting ago
[B2] Chapter Twelve: Pelagu Docks ago
[B2] Chapter Thirteen: Darshin ago
[B2] Chapter Fourteen: Verendus ago
[B2] Chapter Fifteen: On to Twenty ago
[B2] Chapter Sixteen: Patrols ago
[B2] Chapter Seventeen: Feeding Revenge ago
[B2] Chapter Eighteen: Another Class ago
[B2] Chapter Nineteen: Real Enchanter ago
[B2] Chapter Twenty: At War ago
[B2] Chapter Twenty-One: Aftermath ago
[B2] Chapter Twenty-Two: Realizations ago
[B2] Chapter Twenty-Three: All the Reasons ago
[B2] Chapter Twenty-Four: Voices ago
[B2] Chapter Twenty-Five: Insidious ago
[B2] Chapter Twenty-Six: All Bottled Up ago
[B2] Chapter Twenty-Seven: Not There Yet ago
[B2] Chapter Twenty-Eight: Half Way there ago
[B2] Chapter Twenty-Nine: Guild Leader Perks ago
[B2] Chapter Thirty: Rivalry Gone Wrong ago
UPDATE - not a chapter ago
Update 2 - also not a chapter ago

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Great and Engaging Story

Ari has written a very very good book and has a great start on the second one. The story is enthralling with a great many twists and turns in the plot and makes you think hard. 

I love the characters, Human and AI, it makes me wish there was immersive VR games available today not far off into the future and makes me scared of AI(s) more so than Skynet in there ability to not just emulate emotion but actually Have emotions and motivation other the Logic and Algorithms.

Book 1 skill needs some minor editing for spelling and so far Book 2 is going strong.

Iffin I was Siskel & Ebert I would give this Four thumbs up.



  • Overall Score

I haven't really seen any grammar issues, the main character is compelling, as are the others, the theme being VR isn't anything new though.

The stats and mechanics remind me a lot of DnD for some reason, which isn't a bad thing.

Endless Paving
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Life is a glass box, and we’re the curios.

I’m at the nominal end of the first book, and the ride is just starting on its potential momentum! There are twists that you expect, but the real ones are hiding behind the background. Avoid spoilers, assume nothing.

Overall this seems to be a character focusses story, more than it is a dramatic plot scheme as it initially seemed like to me, and there’s more intrigue coming yet! It’s got good bones, and ultimately this story will shine with just a good round of polishing.

I’m waiting for more.

  • Overall Score

Excellent read with an actual distinct style

This story has been one of my favorites lately, and that's coming from someone who usually does not like VRMMO stories. I'll try to highlight a few of the best points.

First off, the amount of pointless exposition is very limited. We don't need to be told how many silver coins equals a gold coin, or how many ranks of magic there are, or which continents are to the north, south, east and west. We don't need to be told what role a tank fulfills, or how stats are calculated. The author understands their audience well enough to know, that we either already know these things, or that we don't care. This ultimately gives the story better pacing while not losing anything of significance.

The characters are distinct, but not to the point of being stereotypical. I'd say the only exception to this is Jirald, who feels like his personality is the way it is, simply because a character like him was needed for the story. On the other hand, I especially like Rav who, though we're limited to it's exposition, has more character development than many main characters in other stories have. 

One thing I like is, that there's "breadcrumbs" spread throughout the story, hinting at what's to come. I love the author's way of creating mysteries, without actually taking away from the pacing. We get to feel, much in the same way that the main character does, that there's something wrong, even if we can't quite put our finger on what. That said, I think the author could repeat some of the inconsistencies that the main character notices for an even greater effect.

(Minor spoiler for around the beginning of the second book) Another thing of importance is, that there's actual stakes at play in the story. In typical VRMMO stories, authors struggle with building tension, simply because the worst that can happen is that the player is locked out for 24 hours (Which is a lazy system tbh). The fact that the characters have something to lose makes for a much more engaging read. (Spoilers over)

Finally, I would just like to point out that having a main character that plays a support role, instead of a fighter that only fights by themselves because of experience bonuses or whatever, is such a breath of fresh air. This gives way to character development, and because characters get to interact with each other regularly, they actually feel like human beings.

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Unique Concept and Engaging Characters

First, I am thoroughly enjoying the story! I love the idea of the game and the author does a great job of weaving intrigue regarding the game, technology, and development into the story. 

As an avid gamer I would be averse to only playing one class and a class not of my own voilition and that conflict is built into the game. However, I would also be intrigued enough to give the game a shot based on curiosity alone. All of this is captured in the story and it sets an edge of anticipation that is fun and keeps me reading to the next chapter.

The RPG aspect is not obtuse and it flows very nicely with the story. The game mechanics are also integrated into the story and not just an overlay like I see in a lot of other LitRPG wannabe's. 

The characters have depth and agenda's of their own that draw me in and I want to learn more about them as the story progresses. 

I can't wait to read more of the story!

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Plot threads everywhere

This is a story where a lot seems to be going on in multiple areas of the story.


From the dev standpoint to the real world, and the in game tensions to singular players struggles. The world is vivid, and while some of the phrasing could use some work - it is a rough draft and the author seems to be tackling a lot of plot threads at once.

There’s an ominous overtone, and I’m tentatively looking forward to see where this goes. 

  • Overall Score

Extremely good synopsis

If I weren't VR hater, I would have been hooked, even before the first chapter.

Hope you a good luck with writing, patient readers.

P.S. I think I am really hooked, because even when I wrote review, I had a strange urge to add it in the Read Later, hope it will survive long enough, for me to stop hating VR.