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People Started falling down in pain at first.

Then they saw screens and could sense an energy within them called mana by the screens.

These people could gain skills, cast magic and do the impossible.

Two weeks after, without fail, they disappear, never to be seen again.

It was called the two week curse.

Erik West was a combat medic, he was trying to save his friends lives, then he was blown up, leaving him with just one arm. At first he thought he had an infection, but then comes the news. He has the two week curse.

Let's just see if there is such a thing as healing magic.


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3 chapters per week, coming out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday


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Doom Furby
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Decent Portal-Fantasy with Tiny Chapters.

I’ll start off by saying that I like the story and that I didn’t read the previous writing, only this current reworking. The story pulls you in rather quickly and for the most part, keeps your interest. For me the pace has really slowed down in recent chapters due to their short length.


The style of the story and writing are decent enough but they won’t be for everyone. I found myself having to struggle through the first few chapters until the two-week curse came into effect. I feel as if the system notifications are formatted to add the illusion of chapter length rather than provide information to the reader in a succinct manner as even minor information takes large swaths of page space.


The story itself is your average portal-fantasy fair with the twist that the characters got to plan for it a bit. Nothing overly unique but still put together well.


The main characters are ok and it is shaping up to be a healing based OP MC situation. The supporting cast of characters fall rather flat and are one-dimensional.


Should you read it? Yes, but wait 6 months when there is enough content to chew through. Otherwise, you will enthusiastically open the chapter after the 2 days wait only to be finished 2 minutes later.

  • Overall Score
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Rework added a few interesting plot points but had terrible editting AND plot flow issues along with some glaring plot holes. I was also disappointed to see the original chapters removed by the rework rather than just left for posterity and comparison.

  • Overall Score

To begin with this story is quite good, whole idea and implementation is good. It was quite unique take of idea of transporting to another world, healer MC, I liked it quite a bit, it was my favourite.

But about 10 chapters or so, I started to realize this story is opposite of what I thouth it would be. MC strenght is not achieved by his own effort, he gets best opportunites, skills and items just because he is MC, just because he is lucky. Side characters are not really believable, to MC they are just too good, without any other intentions they are helping him. Choices of MC are dumb(or not planned out) it feel like everything he's done is just to make him cooler, and make this stories battles into brute fights, not smart ones.

Other thant that, writing style is quite good, didn't spot any grammar mistakes(I am not native) But story and characters are really bad, at least for me

  • Overall Score

Great story. Rough 1st chapter.

Let me start by saying i really like this novel, and would recommend it in a heartbeat. However, the first chapter is very difficult to read, to the point I wasnt even sure who was the main character. Chapter 2 onwards was much easier to read and great all round. 

Honestly, you can just skip the first chapter. If you want to do so, below is a quick synopsis of what happend in chap 1. 





He is a conbat medic doing some private security contracting kind of gig in a forign country. Some minor foreshadowing about the two-week curse happens through a news broadcast that they will explain in more detail later on anyway. Bullshits with some old war buddies and goes into some dangerous situation or other, shoots a couple people then gets one of his arms and both his legs blown off. Guy helping him from chap 2 onwards was one if his co-workers/ war buddies. That's basically it. 

  • Overall Score

Keep up the great work

I loved your first attempt at this story and i really digging your second attempt.

I'm excited to see where you go and how much from the original story attempt your going to keep.

I'm a fan of your other work and a huge fan of this one. Just wanted to leave you a nice review and tell you to keep up the good work. 

  • Overall Score

The story feels pretty...average?

I don't really understand why this is in the "popular this week" top 10 of the week...

I pretty much skimmed though the first 14 chapters. The language is pretty vulgar pointlessly. It feels like the story is very linear, like there's not much choice or plot for the characters, they just move though a predetermined course, without even questionning anything. I'm not really compelled to read further, you don't really wonder whats going to happen further in the story, there's not much hint about good stuff, imminent threat looming around, point of view of random characters nor cliffhangers. You pretty much need to wait chapter 13 for pretty much any action, and it feels like "bang", your dead..."Erik fired in it's general direction, one of his rounds hitting the snake." Really, I don't undertand why this is in the top 10 of the week...anyway... However, some people seems to like the story, so it probably has potential somewhere, it is just probably not my type of story.

  • Overall Score

The original was great and was one of my favorite stories on this website. The reason being was because it was unique from everything else I was reading. But ever since the re-write the story has been like every other litrpg genre. My point is that you wrote a good story first but ruined it after the re-write. Sorry but I wont keep reading this.

  • Overall Score

Not bad, Not bad at all

The world building is really good, though since its original the author then needs to info dump you quite alot just to let you know how the toilets work. Do get the impression author is struggling to fit all the new info into the story organically having the MC read a intro guide book to the real is to me not a elegant solution even if it gets the job done fast.

So far it seems to be getting better and better and like i meantioned the setting is really good.

The chapters are very long for RR id say twice as long as many other stories but ive only read 8 so far, got potential to make it to the top of the site but so far the start isnt quite there yet but still seems to be better and better each chapter.

  • Overall Score

love the story. Just ddn't like the first chapter almost dropped it but i persisted and i am glad i did.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Character Score

(Current chapter 12)

Story this is a fun and easy going story about a battle medica that is transported to a fantasy type world, so far it seems like a slice of life story and it observes his daily adventures in the new world.

Grammar Unlike most stories on RRL Michael Chatfield is a veteran with several previous novels under his belt and this shows in his writting, as it is not edited to publish standards you can find a typo here and a strangely written sentence there but overall it is well written and mistake free.

Character The MC is a fun easy going army medic and is really easy to empathise with, other characters in the book are not currently very felshed out but this can easy be attributed to the fact that it is onlt 12 chapters in.

Overall This is a story with a boat load of potential, definite potential to be a really good LitRPG as the author's previous novel series was. Eagerly awaiting to find more out from The Ten Realms