“And who are you?” The large man looked back at Captain Clarks.

The captain could feel that he was being evaluated by the man and his companions; he could feel that he was also being underestimated.

“Well if you must know, I am Captain Christopher Clarks member of the Special UN task force designated to Nelithea. But to you, I am simply an Outsider” Captain Clarks said with a smile

“Outsider” The three men murmured to themselves

The moment Christopher announced his identity the canteen went silent, not because they were afraid, but because of anticipation. They once again wanted to see an Outsider in action.

“An Outsider you say, but you don’t look any different from any of us” One of the men replied

“What do you want?” The Largest man among the three asked.

Christopher then realized that he was probably the group’s leader seeing as he looks the strongest. He also had an air of arrogance around him and frankly it was kind of pissing off Christopher. But despite his size and stature, Christopher didn’t think the man was strong at all.

“Good Sir, I simply wish for you to not start a fight in the canteen. After all you are all adventurers here, you should treat each other with respect” Captain Clarks continued with a smile still present on his face

“This is none of your business outsider, now buzz off to whatever hole you crawled out from.” The man commanded Christopher Clarks

“You know if you’re going to continue this farce I’m going to politely ask you to leave. While what you adventurers do is none of my business, I simply can’t just sit by and watch mayhem unfold in front of me now can I?” Christophe replied

“Oh I see, so that’s what it is. Come and stop us if you can Outsider. No In fact I think I alone will be enough for you.”The leader sneered

“Hey you two, don’t interfere. Let me savor this moment of teaching this wannabee hero a lesson” The man said as he crunched his knuckles

“Wannabee hero huh? I feel like the whole multiverse is mocking me now” Christopher sighed to himself

“Tell you what since you seem really sure about your strength I’m gonna have to take you down a notch; I’m going to knock you out with one punch” Christopher declared as he raised the index finger of his left hand.

“I’M THE ONE WHO’S GONNA TAKE YOU DOWN IN ONE HIT” The large man screamed as he charged towards Christopher

“How undisciplined” Christopher said to himself

The man opened up with a punch from his right, but his wind up was way too long and it made his intentions obvious. Christopher easily dodged his attack and made his own counter move; a fast but powerful left hook that hit the side of the man’s jaw, just a little bit off below the chin. And like Christopher said earlier, he knocked out the large man in one punch.

The crowd was stunned, they couldn’t believe their eyes and the piercing silence in the canteen was proof of that. Christopher then took this opportunity to explain what just happened.

“Ahem, so you people might be confused as to what just happened, I mean he’s much bigger than me yet he fell down so easily. Well it’s simple, I simply punched him at the right angle on the side of his chin causing whiplash, or in layman’s terms, head injury caused by a sudden and strong jerking of the head.” Christopher explained to the crowd

“YOU BASTARD” One the men screamed as he drew out his sword

“YOU WILL PAY” The other joined in also drawing out his sword

“Haaa, not this again” Christopher said to himself in a sigh of resignation.

The first man charged at him and did a vertical slash, yet the man’s move made him very unbalanced and Christopher made sure to take advantage of this. He simply dodged to the right and tripped the man further messing up his balance, then Christopher kicked his back launching him a good few meters away.

The second man also charged at him with another vertical slash, grasping his sword with both hands. The moment Christopher dodged the attack he moved a little closer towards the man, and as he was preparing for a return horizontal slash Christopher grabbed the man’s hand preventing the slash and proceeded to land an elbow to the man’s face.

This move stunned the assailant and took a few steps back, Christopher didn’t waste a second and immediately delivered a roundhouse kick and hit the man’s temple. The force coupled with Christopher’s Military grade boots instantly knocked out the man who now sprawled helplessly on the floor.

“I see now, you lot are used to fighting brainless monsters who attack with no strategy whatsoever, hence your fighting style is a mess. You are this pathetic and yet you call yourselves adventurers?” Christopher sneered

“BASTARD!” The last of the men recovered from the blow he received and charged towards Christopher.

His sword was already raised above his head making it obvious once again what he was gonna do. Christopher simply caught the vertical slash by grabbing the man’s hand as the downward motion began. He then used his weight against him and threw him on the floor.

Christopher pinned the man down and pulled out a strange knife from his a small pack on his back. It was a knife that was twisted and filled with holes running from the hand guard to the center of the knife. Christopher was poised to stab the man on the face.

“NOO PLEASE DON’T KILL ME” The man begged as he tried to guard against the blow

But Christopher simply stabbed the floor close to the man’s head but made sure to graze his cheek a little bit. He then stood up and looked down on the man

“Are we done here?” Christopher asked

“Y-yes, please let me go” The man said with a frightened voice, begging for his life.

Christopher gave the man one last glare before leaving the hub altogether. When he left he saw more children and people happily strolling along and carefree. He then thought to himself that maybe playing the hero a little bit more is worth it if he could see these people smile like this for a little longer.

When he was a few meters away from the Adventurer’s hub he could feel his pocket vibrate; it was his communicator.

“Ah what a pain” Christopher thought to himself

He then placed it near his ear and began talking.

“Captain Christopher Clarks here, how can I help you” He said in a sarcastic tone

“What was that all about? You could have just taken out your pistol and shot their legs right?” A female voice with a British accent asked

“Wait you were watching me?” Christopher quite surprised

“Of course we were watching, what is the purpose of all those stealth observation drones scattered throughout the village if not for surveillance” The woman replied, a bit irritated

“Showing off your strength in front of a large crowd” Another voice entered the conversation, this time it was man’s voice with a heavy Russian accent

“How very American” The man mocked Christopher

“Still I applaud you, it seems that your skills haven’t dulled one bit even after staying here for two years” The man continued

“Do you honestly expect me to forget all those skills drilled to me during my two year training in hell?” Christopher paused

“I may be in another world, but I am still part of the US Special Forces.” Christopher exclaimed in a smug tone.


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