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Chapter 33: Engineer and Scientist

A note from Heswe

Today we lost a great mind, today we lost Stephen Hawking.As someone who follows the science very closely, I feel great sadness upon his passing. He contributed a lot to physics and his theories helped shaped our modern view of the universe. I hope you don't find the small little tribute I placed here on this chapter to be cringy. I just wanted to pay him homage in my own little way.

Rest in Peace Stephen Hawking.

Karl wasted no time in preparing for his move to Dawnward the moment he returned to Fort Spearhead. He immediately emailed his associates telling them of the great news. He also sent them what little data he has gathered from videos to word files.

He knew in his heart that this was will be a pivotal moment in human history

He then started writing a formal letter asking for permission to stay at the Dawnward institute of Magic. While he thought this was completely pointless, he knew that this was for the sake of documentation as well. And then there’s insurance and all that other good stuff that might get in his way, in any case he was confident that it will get approved.

He also needed to formally ask for equipment that he will be using for his research.

While there was no equipment designed to study and detect magic as of yet since this is a new field of study, he had to make do of what they currently had. He then began to list down the tools he thought he would need.

Obviously he would need a personal computer so he could record the data, but he also needed a portable one just in case he would go out on the field. So he requested for the normal Desktop computer and a rugged laptop since he doesn’t know what kind of environment he would be encounter in the future. Of course he didn’t forget a quantum network router so he could still have internet access during his stay on the Magic institute

He also asked for several recording equipment like high speed cameras, infrared cameras etc.

Finally he asked for radiation detecting equipment and other detection tools since he at this point he doesn’t exactly know what Mana is. So he intended to run through all the tools they had so far.

Now of course all of this electronic equipment won’t work without a power source so he opted to request something called a “Pioneer battery”.

A Pioneer Battery is a very power portable energy source that can power a large household for 2-3 years depending on the power consumption of the household, and it was also rechargeable. Its first iteration was used on the first moon colonies since they needed power for their settlements, but during that time it was as big a room. Now through the miracle called progress the battery’s size was reduced to that of a car battery from the 21st century, truly a marvel of modern technology.

The next day Karl then proceeded to hand the request forms to Nelson, but as for the equipment requests, Nelson said that he should also give a copy to Yamato since the engineering guild would happily give him the tools needed for his research, plus it would make things easier for Nelson since the complicated names of some of the items were giving him a headache.

Karl excitedly went to find Yamato who was still busy once again studying the local ores, he was now busy studying some orange rock and seemed to be very focused on it.

“Engr. Yamato can I have some of your time?” Karl exclaimed as he approached Yamato

Yamato was then broken from his trance and looked at Karl.

Yamato still looked very unkempt and haggard; it seemed that his worked piled up too much when he was away. Still despite looking like he needed to sleep for a week at least, Yamato was still quite receptive and alert.

“Oh, Prof Karl, what do you need?” Yamato politely replied

“Oh, I would like to request all of these tools I listed over here” Karl said as he handed Yamato his request letter.

“Nelson decided it would be better if I asked the Engineering guild directly” Karl continued

Yamato then adjusted his glasses and looked at the list though it could be seen that there was something on his mind

“I see, the please give me a soft copy of this document so I can forward it to the guild. We would be more than happy to assist you in this endeavor” Yamato declared.

“Thank you, then I shall leave it to you. I’ll go send you the soft copy now” Karl said as he prepared to return to his room. But he was stopped by Yamato

“Oh Prof. Karl, If I may, I would also like to make a small proposal.” Yamato said to Karl

“Oh, what is it?” Karl replied

“Would you be interested in carrying with you some new experimental equipment?” Yamato asked


“Yes, prototypes of items still not on the market, But don’t worry they won’t explode on you or anything, it’s just that we desperately need new data before we release them” Yamato clarified

“Yeah sure why not, what are the tools you plan on giving me?”

“Well for one we would like for you to test a new experimental Pioneer Battery designed to carry more power while also lasting longer. It’s also smaller than the ones currently available in the Market” Yamato began to explain

“I see, anything else?”

“We would also like for you to test out our new computer and laptop designs”

“Okay I see no problem”

“Oh and one more thing” Yamato added

“If you need new equipment specifically for magic study, I would like for you to send us your Data so we could make the tools that you would need. The Engineering guild is also very interested in the potential of Magic and its impact on the engineering field, thus your data will be very valuable” Yamato asked

“Hmm I see, you want to immediately find applications for whatever I discover correct?”

“Correct, I believe that Scientist and Engineers should work hand in hand in this new field. You provide us the data, we give you the tools. Isn’t that a fair deal?” Yamato said with a smile

“Hmm, I agree. Well then Mr. Yamato I hope we get along for the foreseeable future” Karl said as he gestured for a handshake

“Yes, let us get along” Yamato said as he reached for Karl’s hand

And so begins the friendship of the workaholic Engineer, and the overly enthusiastic Scientist.

Karl’s equipment request and transfer request was approved the next day, although the transfer to the Magic institute was somewhat iffy due Karl’s insurance company refusing to send him somewhere potentially dangerous, which was stupid since he was already in Nelithea anyway. Nelson had to pull some strings behind the scenes in order to get the approval.

As for the equipment, Yamato said that the guild would need about a day or two to prepare everything in one package.

After hearing this news Karl went back to his room eagerly awaiting the day of his transfer. He planned to go along with Nelson and the rest humanitarian movement members when they went back to Lancia.

Karl then started arranging his luggage in preparation from his move when he found the books he carried with him. He brought a long a few physics books with him to Nelithea mostly just to make his room feel more like home.

He took out one of them that had the title “Black hole theory”- By Stephen Hawking. Karl took a good look at this book and thanked it from the bottom of his heart

“If it wasn’t for you, finding this new world wouldn’t be possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Karl said in an earnest and thankful voice


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royaldarknes @royaldarknes ago

[I see, then please give me a soft copy of this document so I can forward it to the guild. We would be more than happy to assist you in this endeavor] Yamato declared.

After hearing this news Karl went back to his room eagerly awaiting the day of his transfer. He planned to go along with Nelson and the rest of humanitarian movement members when they went back to Lancia.

He brought a long along a few physics books with him to Nelithea mostly just to make his room feel more like home.

    royaldarknes @royaldarknes ago

    quite sad that he gone, btw have you though about using ctrl + F yet ? ,it a tool that help find the word you are looking for in this tab,so it can be very usefull for editing here (copy the part that haven't fixed and search)

Tason @Tason ago

The loss of a great man is a loss indeed.

Thank you for the chapter and the remark.