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I hope you enjoyed the beginning of this book! I have so much planned for this novel and I do hope you look forward to it too.

Well... Here it is... Enjoy!

I woke up, laying on what seemed like a very soft mattress in a dark cave. The cave was a rather small one, like a cave fit for a cave bear. One, fairly, big open space and a one way in and out of it. There were no long and pointy stalactites on the ceiling of this cave, not only that, the walls looked smooth as if they were polished for some random reason.

I put off the very comfortable blanket that was covering me and sat up.

Where… am I?

I looked around, inspecting the cave. There was a big pile of worn-out leather bags in front of me, and a way out, that was almost entirely blocked by a huge boulder since a small patch of light was still shining through the gaps.

I stood up, off the mattress, and stretched. My body feels really refreshed, which the very soft mattress could be the cause of this refreshing feeling. I stretched for a few seconds, only to have many questions flood in my mind.

Where am I? Why am I still alive? How did I get here in the first place? Is Charles still alive? Was… everything that happened just a dream?

The last one was an obvious one, didn’t know why I asked myself that. The others though… have many possibilities. Though I think it’s best not to dig deep into all of the questions. I should be looking around and trying to find out what is happening first. From there, my questions will slowly be answered.

First off, I need to think of a way to move that boulder that is blocking the entrance; doesn’t look like it’s going to budge anytime soon. Perhaps there is something in those bags I could use?

I turned to the giant pile of worn-out bags. All of them small and big with something in them. I walked up to them and unknowingly sniffed.

Congratulations! Your Natural Senses has ranked up to Rank D! Per +3

That… is weird. When the hell did I get this skill?

Status.” My status screen pops up and I blankly stare at it as it reveals my new stats. “What?”

Aden Haraldson:

Race Currently: Dragonkin

Age: 13 Years Old

Guild: None

Classes Currently:

Draconic Warrior (Level 5) All Attributes +10

Stat Currently:

Strength: 108 Intelligence: 67

Dexterity: 93 Agility: 96

Perception: 84 Endurance: 98

Willpower: 69 Faith: 0

Charisma: 803 Luck: 211

W-when the hell did my stats grow so big!? More importantly…


Charisma: 803


Charisma: 803


Charisma: 803 (What’s up you beautiful man?)


I slammed my head against the wall.

WHY!? Why did charisma also have to grow too!?

I then began to rapidly slam my head against the wall.

Sooner or later this charisma is going to make this damn book have a garbage harem tag on it god damn-...

I then paused.

What’s a harem? Anyways…

I turned to the bags, that all smelled of blood and copper. Still shocked by the charisma bullshit, I began checking inside every bag. And indeed, there were copper coins in many of the bags, many of them stained with blood. I took a sniff of the bag I was holding.

Strange… I smell something different inside the bag… it smells like a silver coin.

I dug through the bag and just like that… I pulled out a silver coin. It seems like my sense of smell is overwhelmingly strong. I was able to sniff out a single silver coin inside a bag that was full of copper coins, I don’t know how I was able to smell the difference or if there is any difference. Probably thanks to this skill.

Natural Senses

Description: Smell, taste, feel, see, hear, all in many stronger ways than an entity without this skill.

Requirements: Obtain the Dragon class.

Type: Passive

Effects: All senses are more sensitive.

Usage: None

Cooldown: None

The higher level this skill is, the more sensitive your senses are.

I’m jumping the topic.

After testing out my Natural Senses passive, I continued to inspect my new status, until I laid my eyes on the reason why I have these skills.

Dragonkin…? When did my race change? Not only that, my class seemed to have changed. Draconic Warrior? This is all too confusing.

Like I said though, just slowly continue walking my path, only then, will everything be revealed.

After finally calming myself, I turned back to the bags.

Out of all of these bags, I have already gone through 23 of the 25 bags and all of them have nothing in them but copper coins. Maybe…

I turned to the giant boulder, that was still idly blocking the entrance.

Maybe I could move it, don’t know if it would work though, I’ve only gotten my strength nearly two folded, doubt it will even budge.

I continued to think of any possible way to move the boulder until I caught a scent, a mixture of two scents I recognized.

“Mr. Pap! Layli!” I quickly turned… only to be met with the last two unchecked bags. I stared emotionally at the two bags as if knowing what will happen to me mentally when I open those bags. But… still…

I walked towards them, grabbed one of them… and opened it.

One of the bags, like many others, had copper coins in it, but on top of those coins… was a note. I slowly picked it up, opened it… and read…

“Good luck boy! You’re going to need it! By your Mr. Pap.”

My stomach twisted as tears already began to fall down my face. The contents of my stomach slowly went up my throat, ready to explode at any moment.

“Pap…” I struggled to say his name, as the note began to become soggy from my tears. I hugged the note, like a child, and closed my eyes, as if thinking once I do, I’ll see him again. But my eyes open wide out of realization… as I slowly turned to the other bag, that was next to me.

Then all of a sudden, a voice similar to mine… began speaking out to me in my mind.

“Don’t… if you do… the you everyone loved will disappear.” But still… even if it warned me. I slowly reached out to the next bag… and opened it.

“The you everyone loved, will disappear… The you Mr. Pap loved will disappear…” I reached into the bag… and took out a letter… with a heart stamp on it.

“The you Layli loved will disappear…” I opened the letter… and reached into it…

“The you… Charles loved will disappear…” Then paused… as I had the note in my hand… Tears already began to stream down my face. I struggled to breathe, as I was hiccuping from the tears.

“Don’t… do it… Please…” I began to slowly open the folded note…

“Aden… I love you.” Then I heard Layli’s voice… as I saw the note, I dropped it, ran to a corner and began puking… as the note softly laid on the ground.

“No matter where you are… No matter what you do… No matter what separate world we live in… I will always love you… Aden… By, Layli Everheart.” I cried out. I screamed… as I once again failed… to do anything right.

It was all my fault! WHY! WHY DO I HAVE TO BE SO WEAK!

I slammed my fist into the smooth wall, not realizing that my fist made a huge hole.

Why… why do I have to be so dumb, so weak, so foolish, so…

I fell to my knees as tears still fell…

So… weak hearted.

“Aden…” But… I slowly stood up and looked at my hand… that was held by another. I looked forward… and saw a ghostly image of Layli, smiling.

“No matter where we are… No matter where we go… I will always love you.” She hugged me.

“So please…” Her ghostly image kissed me. “Let’s explore the world!” She took a step away and looked behind me. I turned… and saw everyone I loved, smiling as well. “Together!”

But… the moment I blinked… I was alone… again. I stood silent for a few moments… until finally turning to the boulder… and began walking towards it.

Morph.” My fleshy hands began to be slowly changed. Shifting and turning into a scally, red dragon hand.

Congratulations! Your Morph has ranked up to Rank D! End +2 Will +1

Not enough…

Morph!” My legs shifted as well into scaly red, humanoid dragon legs.

Congratulations! Your Morph has ranked up to Rank C! End +2 Will +1

Not enough!!!

MORPH!!!” I screamed, as most of my chest area and my cheeks turned scaly red. I ran… I slammed my left foot in front of the giant boulder… and began rounding up a punch with my right hand.

Congratulations! Your Morph has ranked up to Rank B! End +2 Will +1

“RAHHHHH!!!” I punched the boulder… that was sent flying into a million pieces. Light shined brightly on me as the boulder turned into a million bits, but thanks to my already morphed dragon-like eyes, my vision quickly adjusted.

Congratulations! Your Natural Senses has ranked up to Rank C! Per +3

Congratulations! Your Natural Armor has ranked up to Rank D! End +3

From there… I finally set foot… into the outside world. Air, slowly but surely, went past me as my hair slowly shifted to the rhythm to the wind. The sunny clear skies…

“I see you’ve already learned how to morph.” I heard a familiar voice, and at the same time, smelled a familiar scent… both of them I dreaded. I slowly turned, in my morphed state, and saw Lilith, who was standing with smiling.

I wanted to kill her, but the moment I thought this, I felt this strange sort of dread, a dread telling me that what I was about to do wasn’t a good idea… for now.

Congratulations! You have learned the skill, Natural Instincts! Per +3

So I didn’t. I didn’t go running at her with all my might. Instead… I began towards her on the smooth stone surface. But my objective wasn’t her… my objective… was the boy laying down behind her, unconscious.


I continued walking, and the moment our shoulder meet,

“I swear… one day… I’ll kill you.”

End of the Beginning

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zeel steel @zeel steel ago

I need to say this before I forget. My suggestion to you would be to get rid of the POVs that aren't absolutely necessary. And when you focus on one person's POV, focus exclusively on that POV. We, the readers, shouldn't know the thoughts of the characters that aren't being focused on.

The way this is written right now is like a 3rd person omnisiant narrative, only in 1st person. Those don't mix, not in this way at least.


    DragonEgg @DragonEgg ago

    Ahh... I see what you mean. Alright, I’ll see what I can do. Right now my work load for this novel is big and there are a lot of errors to fix. Might take an extra day, which isn’t good for people that are looking forward to the novel. So I’ll try my best to edit and fix most of the chapters! Thanks for the suggestion!