Legend of the Empyrean Blacksmith

by beddedOtaku

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Martial Arts Strong Lead Supernatural Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content


After being kicked out of the orphanage due to turning 15, Lino finds himself stranded on the streets. With motivation to become the best blacksmith in the world, he seeks to become a disciple of the Bridge Village's best blacksmiths, only to be kicked out of all of them. He soon finds himself roaming the streets aimlessly on an empty stomach, jobless, peniless and homeless. After hiding himself in an alley when night fell, the reality finally catches up to him - he was truly alone.

Yet, morning come, he is greeted by a knee of an old man who, after beating him for sleeping in the old man's 'backyard', takes him in. Finally being given a helping hand, he clutches tightly onto it, becoming the old man's disciple and learning the ways of the crafting, naturally while flirting with the old man's wife in his free time.

Little did he know that this encounter would spark an adventure that would take him to the heights he never believed even existed, and would let him meet people he'd only read about in the books. It's a story of Lino - an orphaned child who would come to be known by many names, but only one that he'd ever truly accept: Empyrean Blacksmith.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Apprenticed ago
Chapter 2 - Foundation ago
Chapter 3 - Absorbing Knowledge ago
Chapter 4 - A Queer Bastard ago
Chapter 5 - Apparently a Cultivator ago
Chapter 6 - Primal Spirits ago
Chapter 7 - Umbra Mountain Range ago
Chapter 8 - A Bastard Demon ago
Chapter 9 - Hidden Powers ago
Chapter 10 - Shrewd Plans ago
Chapter 11 - One of Their Own ago
Chapter 12 - Devil's Domain ago
Chapter 13 - Endo Clan ago
Chapter 14 - In the Belly of the Beast ago
Chapter 15 - First Evolution ago
Chapter 16 - Death's Shadow ago
Chapter 17 - Bitter Struggle ago
Chapter 18 - Tide of Darkness ago
Chapter 19 - Flames of the Cold Cave ago
Chapter 20 - Fury of Shame ago
Chapter 21 - City of Mercenaries ago
Chapter 22 - Friends in Strange Places ago
Chapter 23 - Radiant Dragon Spear ago
Chapter 24 - Future Plans ago
Chapter 25 - Back Home ago
Chapter 26 - Yesteryear ago
Chapter 27 - The Missing Element ago
Chapter 28 - To See One's Heart ago
Chapter 29 - Hell's Ways ago
Chapter 30 - Cooperation ago
Chapter 31 - Q'vil's Last Stand (I) ago
Chapter 32 - Q'vil's Last Stand (II) ago
Chapter 33 - Q'vil's Last Stand (III) ago
-Quick announcement- ago
Chapter 34 - Onward to Capital ago
Chapter 35 - Umbra Capital ago
Chapter 36 - Beyond the Veil ago
Chapter 37 - Beyond Tomorrow ago
Chapter 38 - Alison ago
Chapter 39 - Fate's Twine ago
Chapter 40 - Competition ago
Chapter 41 - Barren Luster ago
Chapter 42 - A Compromise ago
Chapter 43 - The Spanning Blaze ago
Chapter 44 - Before the Dawn ago
Chapter 45 - In the Darkest Hour ago
Chapter 46 - Hearts of Pain ago
Chapter 47 - Until Dawn (I) ago
Chapter 48 - Until Dawn (II) ago
Chapter 49 - Until Dawn (III) ago
Chapter 50 - Until Dawn (IV) ago
Chapter 51 - Yesteryear (II) ago
Chapter 52 - Journey's Rest ago

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Why is this on the trending list?

I have been reading stories on RRL for a number of years and I just can’t understand how this one made it on to the trending list.  

I admit that I don’t write stories so my opinion probably doesn’t mean crap. Also, I’ve only read up to chapter 2 of this story so there’s a possibility that it gets better as the story progresses, though I can’t see how. 


Although there were a few grammar errors, I noticed more issues with sentence structure and flow rather than grammar. It sometimes reads as if it was fed into an antiquated translation software program and then posted here.

Style/Story/Character score: 

Keep in mind that I found this story on the trending list and thought I'd try it out. Summary: This is not a good story. The setting is weak, the MC is a childish flop, and the 2 supporting characters are vapid at best.

Weak: Chapter 1 is arguably the most important part of any book. It is supposed to hook the reader into reading more by introducing the players and setting the stage for the rest of the story. However, I don’t see that here. Point in case,  I got to the middle of chapter 2 and have no desire to read more. ...not hooked.

Childish: About half-way into chapter 1, the MC falls asleep in an alley. After some time, he wakes to see a “white-bearded fella that was nearly two meters tall”… MC’s response to this… 

“D-don’t kill me!” Lino exclaimed. “I… I know! I can wipe your ass!”



Who in the hell says that when being woken up by a stranger? Why is that the first thing that pops in his head? SMH

Vapid: A few lines down and this self-defacing attitude is suddenly replaced with childish arrogance when he meets an old man and his wife.  They come out of nowhere, beat the bratty MC, feed him, and then decide to take him on as an apprentice to teach him blacksmithing. There are no hints as to why he is fed or even chosen as a new apprentice. No indications that these supporting characters have any reason for being other than … well…I actually can’t see why they’re needed. Might as well have the MC stumble upon a magic hammer that suddenly makes him awesome. 


Again, this is just my opinion. But I just can’t see why anyone else would read beyond chapter 2

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I have only read one chapter so far, but it is obvious that the author is competent. I have grown tired of the overly simplistic and gratifying power trips that constitutes the majority of the stories on this site. The first chapter introduced the setting and the litRPG elements in a satisfying, world-building way. The MC seems kind of moronic, but at least he isn’t a pretty, super-talented, ex-secret spy and genius who reincarnated as a slime, so that’s something at least. There is some slight mistakes in the text, but only of the kind that comes from too little proof-reading. The author obviously knows proper grammar. All in all a good read so far, I’m just crossing my fingers that he tones down the Boke-tsukkomi a bit.

  • Overall Score

its good story if u can stand the MC manner.
he treat his Master like servant

  • Overall Score

Old:"Please, mighty patriarch I want some more."

Old(ch.10):"I'm impressed. It contains barely any mistakes with readable english ,thank you. Not cringy enough to cringe and highly entertaining. Infact it's the most entertaining wuxia I've read in a while.

Highly recomend this story, as it has potential and lots of it."

Its meh. Had alot of potential in my head at the time. Not unreadable and it isnt' bad per se. Still great compared to wuxia which sadly isn't saying much as translation butchers the genre, but meh.


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Don't listen to @Username:

What the first liked review says is 95% crap and because he is (my opinion) stupid.

Yes, it dosn't give a reason as to why it took him as a disiple. BUT that's because of the mysterious background of the wife which will most probably be revealed later on in the story.

Yes, the MC speaks bullshit. BUT that's because that is his own defence mechanism. If you read at least until chapter 4 and if you get the hints it is obvious.

I like the characters and how they interact.

This novel deserves more attention.

  • Overall Score

I don't understand the hate

If it was only my opinion I would give it 4.5 star but people putting 0.5 star force me to put 5 star
The MC is out of the norm, but the world isn't. So that doesn't get out of the way of the novel story ( he got rejected a lot before being lucky enough to get accepted )
the MC doesn't seem to want to insult whoever he sees to fight more, the MC wants to be the strongest blacksmith, not the strongest warrior ( for the 20 chapters I've read )
the only thing I could enjoy is a side character like a rival ( but not opponent ) or a strong friend who is especially good on something MC isn't ( By example a friend that specializes in strategy or whatever )

Who are you neppu
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I am someone who normally wouldn’t touch cultivator novels. I just don’t like how they are with the story and characters, but this novel is great. This is one of the only I like and I don’t know how to properly explain how good it is to me. The only complaint that I have is on grammar and spelling. He Should get a editor to go over the chapters for grammar and spelling mistakes.