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Poll - Overpowered vs Underpowered vs Everything

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From Beginning to the End, Everything (Overpowered, underpowered, in between)
33.33% 33.33% of votes
From Beginning to the End, Overpowered
66.67% 66.67% of votes
From Beginning to the End, Underpowered
0% 0% of votes
Total: 63 vote(s)

I have been getting a few comments asking about how the MC power will progress.

So I made this poll to try understand what you guys prefer. If there is a great majority in one of the choice, I might sway toward it.


And please, if I get anything wrong which I will. Please let me know. I want to see it from your perspective.


The way that I see it is


Underpowered = the MC loses more than he wins. Heck, he might just lose all the time.

Real life is already shit enough. I don’t want to read a story where the MC gets constantly shit on. (Though there are some stories that are too good to ignore.)


Overpowered = no tension, no challenge (I know I’m generalizing it but in a fair fight an OP hero should always win over the villain)

OP MC stories are really fun and can be done right. But they are really hard to write well. I think the best way to use OP MC is with comedy. (Ex. One Punch Man)


For me, I like reading stories with everything. This means the MC goes through phases of OPness, UPness and just right. Doing so in my opinion makes the story interesting and less predictable. Because I don’t know what to expect. The MC might lose, he might win or it might be a draw. But of course, it has to be logical.

This is the direction God of the Apocalyptic World is heading toward, but I might change it according to the majority. But no promises. Ultimately, I write for fun.


As for the chapter, it is coming out in the morning or afternoon. I need to finalize something.


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TheSwicky @TheSwicky ago

He needs stages where he loses and stages where he wins. ups and downs in OPness is the way.

    Yiyun345 @Yiyun345 ago

    ^ really the most important part is to explain the loss of stats please. I understand you need to power up your support cast but this is not fair to mc's hard work.

    Un pwasson volant @Un pwasson volant ago

    I didn't feel like that when I read Everyone Else is a Returnee...

    But well, I mean, getting some true action where the MC akmost loses or has to retreat is quite interesting.

    But the atmosphere in EER is different than in most OP stories and stories with power systems where there are OP MCs, I mean those are just about the character getting more powerful and destroying every obstacle they face <w<