Princess Knight

by samspd71

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Female Lead LitRPG Magic Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Reincarnation Strategy Strong Lead

Having lost her parents to an unfortunate accident, which led her to live with a bastard of an uncle, Maria takes her own life out of despair. However, God pitied her and chose to reincarnate her. Parts of her memories were locked away without her knowledge in order to protect her frail mind.

She awakens as a young princess of a small kingdom, that is under threat of invasion from the demonkind. Vowing to protect both her kingdom and her newfound family, Maria decides to take on the mantle of a knight with her own hands. In doing so, she is determined to cope with the dangers and mysteries of this new and strange world, while meeting new people who will forever change the course of her destiny.

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Current release schedule: Every Monday/every seven days.

Basically: I will upload at least once a week.

Amount of time schedule has been broken since the release of first chapter: 0

Goal: To finish the story no matter what!


Disclaimer: Any media used within this novel is not of my own, including the cover art.

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I like what you're doing here. Keep it up. As for suggestions, it's a lot of writing, so I have you have the story plotted out. For stories like this it usually builds up to a big adventure, so I hope you have that ready. Work a little bit on showing and not telling, general rule is not to describe a character's personality, but show it through actions. Looking forward to seeing where it goes. And again make sure got the arc planned out.

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She wastes 13 years doing nothing even though she was reincarnated. I say she deserves whatever is thrown her way for doing such a stupid thing. Ugh can't stand idiotic mc

  • Overall Score

It's a plot armored MC that is given a gift of god for little reason to do whatever the fuck she wants with super high stats and not having any real interesting character traits.