Typically an individual who commits, to a specific organization or dojo, in an effort to learn from them and become adept in their teachings, right?

I recall when I was a teenager and frequently read translated Light Novels online in my free time, in ancient Japan the instructors for dojo's would sometimes be challenged by rogues or rival dojo's in an effort to raise their own reputation or destroy the other's.

Nowadays it seems to be something forgotten in time, however when I was younger I often took classes in a variety of different martial arts.

I reside in Downtown LA, California which is in the United States so I am American and not Japanese, yet I often feel as though I was born in the wrong country and the wrong era alot. I won't say my name because I consider myself to have ceased existing after a certain incident before I left school and began my journey.

The typical Brazilian Juijitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, and the useless Karate were among some that I started off practicing.

When I was 16 years old and was just about to start my second year in high school, I learned very roughly the hierarchy of life; the strong oppress the weak.

Being brutally beaten to a pulp by my seniors and their followers, I quickly learned that even by minding my own business and trying to avoid conflict would still make it improbable to do so. Others eiher turn a blind eye or are too afraid to get involved.

So I quickly determined it important to learn how to defend myself, well that was how it began at the beginning; everything tends to change whether it is for better or worse though.

In the middle of my second year of high school after a few months of practicing Muay Thai, those seniors once again came for me while I was out with my girlfriend who I had just started dating for the passed two to three months.

We were on our way home when they obstructed our travels, although I had been training hard and would consider my effort to not be in vain, but when you face off against ten odd people alone your skill tends to be negated by sheer number advantage.

Well, to cut it short and make it less disturbing for your eyes; after being beaten until my mother may not recognize me if I were to be placed in front of her, my girlfriend was abducted and I later discovered that she was forcefully taken advantage of repeatedly by each member of their group and then beaten to death and disposed of.

It became a large scandal which made it to the local news and destroyed me emotionally.

Now back to the discussion of challenging dojo's, I began to solely devote myself to practicing Muay Thai and a number of other martial arts in order to get revenge for my girlfriend and to kill my inner demons. I left school.

I accomplished my task two years later by staking out around where they lived and taking them out in groups of threes and fours. I would ambush them in areas with no witnesses and break their legs then gather them together in a warehouse that was abandoned years prior to bankruptcy.

It did not end there because after bringing them there I would break their arms before continuing to gather them so that I could make them witness each of their deaths slowly to satisfy not only my girlfriend in heaven but also myself.

After gathering them and killing the first of the twenty odd wanna-be gangsters, I realized that the savagery they committed to my girlfriend was far greater than what I had just given that first casualty and at this point I recalled that torturing them would serve to add more flavour to my palette.

From that point I went onto google and searched through lists of torture methods that would create the most painful effects while maintaining as much of their livelihood as possible; just some examples being scalping, 10000 cuts, mutilation, embowelment, flaying of the skin while they maintained awareness, tearing their nails off, and breaking every bone in their body with a mallet.

Am I twisted? Well I honestly cannot care at this point because my life has always been supressed by these vermin. Why should I endure when even the people I love cannot escape their grasp and no consequences are given? To hell with justice, I need emotional relief by killing them with my own hands. Ah, maybe I am slightly twisted now.

So after resolving my grievances with those vermin, I discovered my brutality and honestly came to terms with it then began to travel to different dojos and institutes that taught martial arts in order to sharpen myself aswell as to broaden my horizons which seemed to have dimmed greatly after mentally collapsing from the death of my girlfriend.

During my visits to different places I would challenge the instructor, I found out that after years of Muay Thai that my legs are very strong and when I first challenged an instructor my right blunt frontal kick to the instructor's neck had actually ended his life on the spot.

At this point I became a felon who had murdered someone, to which I really had no other choice but to evade from the authorities and become illusive.

This did not dampen my path to challenging more institutions and dojos, I continued to deliver myself to different places and forcefully challenge instructors in order to sharpen my own blade by plainly killing them and leaving to continue.

This sounds like a confession to my crimes, but at this point I was about 18 after successfully defeating a number of instructors in multiple states I began my killing spree challenges acrossed the country which continued for 10 years until I was relatively satisfied. Becoming nationally recognized as a mass murderer by the government and having a huge bounty on my head came with the package.

It was truly unfortunate to be born from my parents, because on one occassion I was ratted out by them when I came back home to gather some Light Novels I had ironically. I considered letting them live but decided that anyone who opposes me should just die and grasped their necks until they were cracked and killed.

I believe my sister was not involved, she saw the entire scene and was panicing so much that she had a pile of piss beneath her. I felt bad but who told my parent's to give birth to me and never protect me? They gave birth to me just to throw me under the bus when I fell to depravity due to their negligence and unwillingness to be apart of my life or share and defend my burdens? Ha, what a joke.

Fast forward 20 years and I decided to travel to other countries such as Brazil, Russia, China, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, and Japan. Oddly enough it is surprisingly easy to have a complete make over by finding make-up artists who can pretty much recreate your entire facial features or structure and hair. Not to mention that in 2018 you can still easily acquire a fake passport by simply asking for one through forums and message boards online and paying a large sum of money. Truly pathetic.

I conquered quite a number of dojo's, having discovered that Asian martial arts or otherwise considered kungfu I suppose is definitely at a higher level in comparison to other ethnicities martial arts. I personally favoured Indonesia's Pencak Silat, China's Tai Chi aswell as Wing Chun, and Japanese's Aikido. I created my own martial art which I have yet to name out of lack of creativity and meaningfulness, but it is very efficient in comparison to the martial arts I have encountered throughout my life.

I'm now approaching my latter 40's and find this kind of illusive and infamously coveted life rather tiring, I've come to learn that practicing Tai Chi really gave me peace of mind after falling from grace. I don't believe that what I do is wrong in reality but in comparison to the current society it is, because society right now oppresses anything and everything while turnng a blind eye to situations that are not grand enough in scale or importance or lack any benefit and profits.

It's profound to think about how hundreds of years ago that honour and worth was so important, in the current era you cannot even commit to your own revenge. If you are wronged you must bend to a third party in-order to have a satisfactory punishment. Other's decide everything for you and often times it is nowhere near what you desire.

After killing a few hundred people if I were to pass one bit of information on then it would be that life is truly fragile and although I am absolutely guilty of removing such fragile existences, I've grown attached to risking death to display skill and technique.

It's a shame that people live so frugally and afraid, killing is enjoyable but I do indeed believe that I was wrong to forcefully take innocent lives throughout my journey. At this point I was coming to terms with the fact that maybe I overstepped my bounds and came to the abrupt decision to atone for my sins of the past.

I flew to the United States again and arrived at Downtown LA which I've been away from for decades and as I was deciding whether to turn myself in to the police station I was hit by a truck transporting supplies to it's company. How anticlimatic.

Now we can finally begin at my current circumstances, I am standing in a blank room that has nothing in it. It seems to be similar to a bleached cubical if it were completely emptied without even a door. There's oddly enough no lighting decorated anywhere yet the room is immensely bright for some reason.

I died and I understand this clearly, so worrying about where I am is a waste of effort. I was prepared for death when I decided to turn myself in so having achieved an ending, I have nothing to do but just sit down and meditate.

In Light Novels the main character always abruptly accepts his own circumstances immediately without questioning a single thing which always gets on my nerves, if it goes down the similar settings of Light Novels then this room will have God appear.

I loathe God, if he truly appear I am interested to see what on His green Earth he wants with me. Can I not just die and not have to think anymore, just let me stop existing so I can cease this needless thinking, eating, pissing, and sleeping. I'm at a point where if I have to just exist, I would prefer to die.

As I was thinking this a man who seemed to be semi-translucent figure lacking lothing, resembling a plainly drawn template of a white human without any actual features besides the actual figure of the being.

"Yo" <God?>

Creasing my eyebrows I size this thing up before I began my rapid fire questions and beratement.

"Who are you? What is this place? Can I leave? Or more importantly, why am I here if I died? Do you always bring dead people here rather then letting them die properly?"

The creature did not seem to react to my berating.

"Human, you've killed 438 other human beings." <God?>


"Hmm, so you kept proper track of your murder count?" <God?>

"No, the government conveniently kept tabs on each instructor I killed."

"Oh, well to answer your questions. I would be what you may consider God, this is a closed space created by me. You are incapable of leaving this place without my aid. And you're here because I find you interesting." <God>

"I'm interesting? What makes me interesting? The fact that I was bullied my entire life until my girlfriend was abducted in front of me and then raped and killed? The fact that I trained in order to exact revenge? The fact that I tortured them? That I travelled around the world to kill people in order to cultivate myself and become stronger? Don't you think that you are too easily following the template of some Light Novel? Can't you just let a person die and not whimsically do as you please just because you're a being that transcends everything? You already know everything about me and yet you forcefully keep me from dying out of your own selfish enjoyment? I don't know what's more pathetic, the fact that you find enjoyment in denying someone death out of your own enjoyment or the fact that you've rubbed off your disgusting nature onto humanity and corrupted society."

This so called God once again lacked any major reaction towards this intense criticism.

Suprisingly it just walked over in front of the human and sat cross-legged in front of him and began to speak.

"I am approximately 8,349,234,523,432,234,664 years old--" <God>

"Congratulations, I just want to die. Stop this pathetic chatter and let me die."

"Human, I know everything related to you. Don't you seek an era of the past? I have lived for so long, I find it boring to ceaselessly watch over you humans be tainted by your fears and anxieties and forceful destructive tendencies. I have brought you here to give you a decision, I will respect your decision." <God>

"An era of the past? As in you would bring me to a past time-line? Like in ancient times?"

"Yes, but this would be an entirely separate world different in contrast to Earth. I've created a vast amount of universes and intend to send you to Enceladus, a planet in a different universe. I will give you what you desire, for I believe you will give me enjoyment during your lifespan. You can either go to Enceladus or become nothing, your choice." <God>

"Enceladus... Hmm, are there any conditions? Any information I am allowed to ask for or be told?"

"The condition would be that your meeting with me will be removed upon arrival. Your soul will be extracted from your current body and your body will be destroyed. After sending your soul to Enceladus your soul will find a host on it's own accord suitable to you. I require nothing, for you will entertain me with your continued existence." <God>

"What kind of world is Enceladus in comparison to Earth?"

"Enceladus would be similar to the world's you see in Light Novels. There will be different races, monsters, magic, and what you desire the most; conflict and war, utter chaos. The only thing that matters in this world is strength, losing means suffering. Do you intend to go?" <God>

God continues to watch the human as he sees him raise his hand to his chin and ponder on what he should decide.

"I can see your thoughts, you've chosen to go. Very good, I look forward to what you decide to do on Enceladus. I will give you a gift to make things interesting, may you use it well."

"Wait what? Hold on, I'm not prepared. Wait gift? Also I---............"

Before the human could continue speaking, God had already sent removed his soul from his body and destroyed his body. Then grabbing the soul, he squeezed it until it disappeared and presumably was sent away to Enceladus.

"Uh oh I may have given him too much of my energy."

The God suddenly said as if he had an epiphany.


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Bai Jing @Bai Jing ago

A good start bit I still can' get over the first paragraph.

Typically an individual who commits to a specific organization or dojo in an effort to learn from them and become adept in their teachings, right?

Do you mean

"Will become adept" or "can become adept"?

Either way, good start and thanks for the chapter.