I woke up in a hazy state with my mind feeling groggy and lightheaded.

Slowly placing my hands on the ground to lean myself up since I was laying down, I surveyed my surroundings.

The first thing that came into sight is a dark room with a putrid smell emmitting everywhere, creasing my eyebrows and tightening my nostrils I bore with the disgusting smell.

It appears that I am in a jail cell of some kind, with others similar to me bound by chains on our feet and hands with tattered cloths covering our dirty bodies.

I try to recall what brought on these circumstances and find it difficult to accomplish with such an intense headache setting in after just waking up.

It slowly rushes into my head what had occurred; my previous life, my girlfriend's tragic ending, my gruesome journey, my parent's betrayal, and my death. Wait... how come I can recall my entire conversation with God? Was I not supposed to forget about our conversation? Haa... Even God seems to be forgetful.

So I have successful transmigrated into a new body it seems, I wonder what my appearance looks like and who I was.

Just as I was pondering on this body's previous owner, a piercing pain spread throughout my brain and memories flooded ito my head like a dam breaking and water rushing through.

After the pain receded I could finally piece together the information that flooded into my mind, it was the memories from the body's previous owner. How pathetic, that God really sent me into a depraved child slave that was abandoned by his parents when they realized how detrimental he was to them. Uncapable of being able to sufficiently take care of themselves let alone including me, they sold me to a slave trader for 15 gold.

*Sigh* Well... this sucks.

Once again scanning my surroundings, there are probably another 20-30 slaves locked in here together all suffering along with me. Slavery, huh? Never would of thought I would be ensnared into such a predicament, quite unfortunate.

Like this for the upcoming days we were giving bread once every day while we were forced to shit and piss in the same room we stayed. Nobody interacted besides those family members who were in here together, they hopelessly cried and clung together most of the time since they are truly helpless.

About a month of being trapped here, the guard finally gave notice to us that we are going to be sold in an auction this month. Great! Finally I will be able to leave this filth.

If you look closely at most of the slaves in this room you would be able to notice that their eyes appear completely lifeless like a doll, they appear to have lost their own free will and are just a shell of a human being at this point. How pathetic.

I'd like to find out more about my appearance, it feels weird not having the slightest inclination as to what exactly I even look like after transmigrating to this world. Am I ugly? Average? Maybe I'm a pretty boy with unparalleled looks? Unlikely, huh? Hahahaha.

I do know that I appear to be about 17 years old, from pulling my hair I learned that I have black hair to say the least. My arms are thin and boney, as is every other aspect of my body. God said that magic exists, I suppose my first task after escaping will be to learn more about this world and especially magic which will be useful without a doubt.

The name I was given to by my parent's of this world was Trayten, however that will not be what I shall be called from hereafter seeing as I am not Trayten. I need to come up with a new name, my previous life caused me to abandon myself so having come to a world where I should truly flourish, having a good name would be nice.

It is probably most suitable to choose something Asian, I believe my current ethnicity to be closest to an Asian, I can feel my eyes being slightly slanted in comparison to my previous life. Perhaps I will choose a Japanese name, I always fancied the Japanese alphabet, hmmm what to call myself.

While I was debating on what to call myself from here on, the guards came in their light-plated armour and swords sheated at their waists. Gathering us together, they took us out of confinement for the first time in months. It's finally time for us to be sold at the auction.

We silently followed the guards out of the room and began going down the corridor leading to the outside.

Waaahhh, so bright. I squinted my eyes upon being bathed in the intense sunlight coming from the opened doorway ahead of us. It nearly blinded everyone, not just me. Being locked up for months in a dark room truly makes sunlight your arch nemesis it seems.

We were directed to what appears to be some kind of plaza in this city, where a platform was situated close to the center with a large cage built on top of it. We were driven into this cage and then locked inside as per usual.

Different people were gathering around to view the merchandise being sold at the auction this time around. Most of the gazes seemed to be from filthy adult males with perverted heated gazes aligned with the female slaves inside.

It really is a pity how all of these girls of both young and old shall be defiled after this auction is over, I wonder if there are any women who have that sort of fetish for the male slaves. I wouldn't mind going one round with a pretty noble lady before escaping from her clutches.

My gaze stopped scanning most of the perverted creepy fiends and started looking at the women in the vicinity, there appear to be a few noble ladies attending but none of them seem to have any twisted gazes but then again women are easily capable of hiding behind a mask.

After a few hours the auction should start so I just have to wait here, we are not allowed to sit down because that would stop the customer's from being able to view us properly and could lower their profits. Some were beaten when they attempted to sit down, these people are quite stupid.

I was at the right corner of the cage which was the most isolated part of the cage at the back, minding my own business and waiting for the auction to begin and to be called over to be displayed and sold.

Oddly enough a female had decided to come up to the side where I was trying to be lowkey by my lonesome self, with her servants closely following behind her.

Noticing her presence did not make me face her, having seen that she seems interested I gave her a quick glance from the corner of my eye without letting it go noticed I quickly retreated my glance.

She is dressed in rather expensive clothing, a red dress that seems to be suited for a girl from a noble household. The era truly is different, it feels as though I have been taken back in time to the 1700s or 1800s.

She has blonde hair and crimson eyes which is slightly fascinating, she is definitely of the beautiful category in terms of facial appearance. She is young, probably the same age as myself or younger. I wonder what the hell she wants with me? I hope she buys me, she looks quite well off and I perhaps could make a killing from stealing her family's possessions after being purchased by her. I suppose I should give myself an amiable image to sell myself as a good purchase.

"Hey you."

Looks like she is talking to me, slaves are not supposed to gaze at people of higher standing so I just ignore her as though she is air.

"Slave, I'm speaking to you. You dare not comply with me?"

Uh oh she seems annoyed, I suppose I'll give her some face so I can profit off of her.

"Umm, beautiful Young Miss, forgive me for my ignorance. Someone of my birth is not worthy of conversing with someone of your excellence."

Flattery always works with women.

"Slave, you have a sweet tongue. But you cannot escape from me, show me your face."

"This lowly one is undeserving of being seen by your pure eyes, I fear that my unsightly self would taint Young Miss."

"Nonesense, I gave you an order. If you intend to disobey then I will have you beaten by your Slave Master."

"Young Miss, my apologies."

Saying so, I raised my head while keeping my gaze focused on the ground as to not lock eyes with her.

*Fumu Fumu* The girl is making weird noises like some Light Novel and creeping me out.

Smiling as she nods and appears to be satisfied, her eyes flash with a gleam. I can tell just from how she's reacting towards me that she has some sort of interest in me for whatever reason. Looks like my profits from this auction will not be too bad, can't be worse than living and shitting where I sleep.

She walked away after creeping me out, so I returned to my solitude and awaited the auction.

The auction began first with the men, being sold for work and labour they would be sold based on their strength and endurance which would be useful to the customers. Weak people don't have much of a use, following the men was the children of both sexes.

Young girls were sold for quite a hefty price, unsuprisingly noble men are sick fuckers. I imagine my turn is coming soon.

Yup, it is my turn now. A guard grabbed hold of the nape of neck aggressively and forced my way onto the center of the platform outside of the cage.

The Slave Master began his car salesman speech.

"The next slave is a 17 year old boy, he was abandoned by his parents at a young age. Regrettably he has not been able to satisfy any of his previous masters and is quite stupid. He has no talent in magic, lacking a mana organ and is physically weak. His only real worth is his appearance which is slightly above average. He is quiet and obedient, so his starting price will be 10 gold."

Wow I was expecting something better, this was such a pathetic way to sell a slave. He basically ranted about me and expects someone to buy me? Who would want to buy such a useless--

"10 gold!"

That Young Miss raised her hand and shouted. Ugh this is going to be annoying.

"10 gold from Miss Ambra!"

The Slave Master seems happy, doesn't he? Is he that grateful to have one less slave to feed? Haha. Don't think I'm going to travel immediately after escaping, debts are to be paid before I leave. You owe me quite the debt Mr. Slave Master.

Miss Ambra eh? Alright, Young Miss let's see what your background is and if flattering you was worth it after all.

After nobody else increased the bid, I was officially sold to Miss Ambra. I was taken to the facility where they took care of sales and a slave seal was burned onto my right shoulder. I lacked any grimace from the pain because I've already become numbed to pain mentally since my previous life. It rather gives me a sense of belonging to feel pain, it shows that I am living.

Miss Ambra handed the gold over quickly and almost rushed to grab the chained leash from the Slave Master. She dropped her blood onto my slave seal and bound me to her. Now I have to listen to everything she tells me to do or I will immediately feel like my blood is boiling and skin is being flayed due to the seal.

"Now you are mine slave. What is your name?"

Hmm the big introduction, what is my name?

"Tsuji Hitsugi"

"Oh? You have a surname, you were a former noble? It was told that you were an abandoned child of a commoner though."

"I have no relation to those who birthed me. I ceased being whoever they named me the moment they sold me off."

"Interesting, then you named yourself? Interesting interesting!"

She's grinning ear to ear like a child who just received a new toy. This appears to be much more difficult with such a slave seal now involved in the mixture.

How will I escape if I cannot act against her? Ahahaha, well I suppose indirect methods would work. But nothing good comes without risk, I suppose I should suffer a bit before I can obtain everything I desire. This Young Miss will regret having purchased me.

"Young Miss, this one now belongs to you. Thank you for purchasing me."

"Of course, I have taken an interest in you Tsuji. You will become my personal butler from now on."

"As you wish Young Miss, I shall tread on needles and swim through fire if you command me to."

Haha as if, the quicker you weaken your restrainment of me will be the day your purity and comfortable life is plucked away.

"Good answer Tsuji, come. We will go home and have you showered and clothed, then you will learn your duties properly."

"Yes, Young Miss."

Now to start plotting my escape. I began to smirk inwardly at how this young miss is so easily fooled by such a fake facade. Although I am certainly quite interested in her reason for purchasing me though, I suppose I will ask after taking care of this slave seal somehow.

Tsuji was an ancient Japanese name meaning "crossroad" while Hitsugi translates to "coffin". Everyone from hereafter will be at the crossroad to their coffin if they act against my desires. They best be prepared for the consequences.

A note from Ame

Forgive all the horrid character names I choose in the future, if you have suggestions I will accept them becuase I guarantee how lame they will be. T-T

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