Being pulled by the chained leash Miss Ambra was using I started to have the uneasy feeling that she is some sort of sadist.

She pulled me all the way until we reached her carriage, to which she ordered me to sit next to the coachmen. Then she went into the carriage and we were off to her mansion I assume.

I surveyed the city as we travelled and saw that it was quite large, many different stores and vendors were littered around squares. The smell of the skewers and food vendors is really intoxicating to a newly sold slave such as myself, I miss skewers from my previous world.

I noticed that black hair isn't too uncommon, but the Young Miss's blonde hair is particularly rare. I have yet to see a single individual with blonde hair, so I imagine either her father or mother is probably from a foreign country.

While thinking up to what has happened, I recall that the Slave Master said that I had no mana organ and therefore have no capabilities in learning magic. That's unfortunate, but did God not say he would gift me something? I hope he didn't forget to do that aswell as wiping my memory of him.

Luckily I probably don't require magic in honesty, but it's disappointing because I was looking forward to being able to use it. I always read about magic in books and novels, it's disheartening knowing that I'm one of the few idiots without the ability to use or gather mana. Ugh.

While I was lamenting this incompetnant body, we arrived at Young Miss's home. As expected, it was quite the mansion which hows her family's standing must be very high up. This should be interesting.

I got off of the carriage and stood waiting by the carriage door awaiting for the Young Miss to descend with the help of her servants. As she got out and gracefully exited the carriage, she scowled at me for some reason. Hmmm, what a creepy girl.

She retrieved the chained leash and brought me into the mansion and directed her servants to have me cleaned and clothed appropriately as someone who will become her butler. I was brought to the servant quarters where maids came in and brought hot water for me and removed my clothing. I did not resist, I have nothing to hide from these lovely little beauties.

Considering that this household will probably cease to exist in the near future, I should probably enjoy this treatment which a normal slave would lack. They washed me while blushing, a girl is a girl after all, and then proceeded to dry me off and then brought my clothing out and began to help me dress.

Wow, who would of thought that I would go from challenging martial arts instructors to the death to being made into a butler who wears the cliché tailcoat, I was made to don a black butler suit with a red tie and grey under garment. My unkept hair was combed into place but I quickly ruffled with my hair to loosen it because it was uncomfortable.

The maids pursed their cute pink lips at my unruliness but seemed to agree that it looked better to be a bit unkept. Good, you girls have better taste than I expected.

Having seen my reflection in the bath I am actually quite satisfied, I recall the look of Sebastian Michaelis having a resemblence to my current appearance. My eyes appear to be crimson while my hair is unruley by nature but doesn't come off as something ruffian-looking but rather a controlled mess.

I'm quite handsome, to be honest. Hahaha looks like God did me atleast one favor, was that his gift? That's a shitty gift, I would prefer to be ugly and be able to use magic if that's the case.

After exited the bathroom of the servant's quarters, I was directed to where Young Miss was currently having tea in a lounge room. The maid escorting me knocked on the lounge door and the Young Miss responded with an "Enter".

"Young Miss, I've brought Tsuji as ordered."

Then she bowed and exited from the room. She was a cute maid, this world's women are quite appealing to me.

I bowed towards the Young Miss and began my routine flattery as planned.

"Young Miss, this lowly one has been cleansed of his filth and requires you to deliever your command."

"Tsuji, you're going to become my butler. You must learn well from the servants, I've been in need of a good butler who can serve as a bodyguard aswell as caretaker at my beck and call."


"What eh? Did you just eh your master? Is that proper ettiquete Tsuji?"

Failing to remain unpertrubed I couldn't hold back my surprise.

"Young Miss wishes for me to guard her? This lowly one has no merit in the field of fighting, I lack what you desire Young Miss."

"Don't play coy with me Tsuji. You can't deceive these eyes, when I asked you to show me your face at the auction I could see your dark eyes filled with killing intent. You can hide it from the other nobles and commonfolk but not my sharp insight."

I kept my mouth shut because I was honestly speechless, she could see my killing intent? See it? Not feel? I am very confused and have no words at this moment.

"Tsuji, you're quiet. You intend to tell me you had no killing intent? You dare lie to this Young Miss?"

"Absolutely not Young Miss, this lowly one ask for forgiveness. I was filled with grievances from this lowly ones poor upbringing and unsatisfied with my harsh treatment, of course I desired revenge to some extent but not towards your beautiful self."

"Tsuji, you aren't stupid like that Slave Master said. I could tell by your flattery, it may sell you off well but it also sells out your competancy. You're exposed."

"Also Tsuji, I can tell by how you held your figure. You don't have empty movements, you appear to isolate yourself but what goes unnoticed is that your movements are fluid and lack minute empty movements that ordinary people who have no skill in combat should have. Your legs move efficiently with a particular movement and are light aswell as silent. You clearly have expertise in fighting. That's why I was interested in you Tsuji, why had you become a slave I wonder?"

With a dubious expression she glared at me as though she was trying to expose my soul to her. Haha she truly caught me off guard, that's for sure.

I dropped my facade and began to relax my posture that was extremely polite before and resumed my typical posture.

"Yes, as you have said Miss Ambra. I have been putting up a facade. As to why I became a slave eventhough I possess expertise in fighting, I will leave that to your imagination."

"Tsuji, do you recall what is on your right shoulder?"

"Of course, it's my slave seal. You wish to command me to speak of my origin? Or maybe my background? Feel free, Miss Ambra but you will be disappointed."

"Tsuji, I command you to answer all my questions without resistence."

As she commanded me my right shoulder began to burn for an instant before disappearing.

"Tsuji, where did you learn to fight?"

I kept my lips sealed like a safe and refused to answer her, causing a burning sensation to assail my entire body.

"Doesn't it hurt? To refuse a command while sealed, you're being unecessarily stubborn."

Miss Ambra uncrossed her leg and began to stand up from her chair and gracefully walk up to me. While holding her chin and gazing at me with curiousity she circled around me as if inspecting me.

"Why do you refuse to answer me? Is death more important than such a simple answer?"

"Miss Ambra, have you ever faced death?"

I responded with my own question which caused her to widen her eyes for an instant before removing herh and from her chin and stopping in front of me.

"No I have not, I am a noble woman, we don't face death. That's the job of our servants and the soliders of the Empire."

"Then why do you speak of death? Have you been acquantanted with death before? Did death gather with your lady friends and sip tea while you discussed about the diseased?"

Miss Ambra scowled at me, before she abruptly went to the table behind her and grabbed a short baton in her hand and returned in front of me. She began to swing it and hit my arms. I did not utter a sound or change my facial expression.

"You are not capable of controlling my will, young girl. If you wish to kill me then kill me, do not continue with sophistry and act as though you're above me. I can kill you whenever I wish but I have courteously not committed to such a choice. Go on, continue to hit me until I lack any life."

As the words entered her ear word by word, she stopped beating my arms with her baton and stared at me while glaring.

"You think you can kill me? You're sealed, it must be agonizing what you feel just from refusing to answer my questions. Harming me results in your death."

I looked down at this young girl who shows a typical noble arrogance. I removed my hands from behind my back which were folded politely like the butlers I used to see on television in my previous life and extended my right hand quickly to grasp this girls neck.

I bent forward until our noses were touching as I looked straight into her eyes. With squinted eyes, I stared at her for a while as she struggled in my grip. Her hands were gripping and clawing at my hand as she was loosing her breath, she was frantically trying to breathe but my hand clutching her neck with violent force was just changing her face from porcelain white to red and blue as she suffocated. I whispered to her in a deep tone.

"Do you think I fear death? Death is nothing to me, death should respectfully escort me into hell by opening the door for me and asking me if I wish to have tea. Do no threaten me little girl, I have plans but they will not be used at this moment. Continue with this arrogance and see where it gets you."

While threatening her I slowly lowered my gripping force and then pushed her back into her chair before folding my hands behind my back and standing up straight again. Returning back to my polite posture in accordance with a butler's ettiquete I left the room and politely told the maid outside awaiting us that the Young Miss was feeling unwell and that she should help her.

After doing so, I went to the servant's quarters and found a butler taking care of a room. I asked him to kindly show me the ways of a servant and proceeded to be taught by him about my daily tasks, proper instructions for how to accomplish them efficiently and correctly.

Then I was told of the Young Miss's typical schedule, habits, likes, and dislikes before being excused to my room as it had already become dark out and was time to retire to our rooms to sleep.


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Bai Jing @Bai Jing ago

I was scared there for a second, thinking he was going to a killer turned obedient butler. As long as he keeps his attitude of not caring for the lives of others, maybe he could find some people he cares for in this world (maybe the little noble girl) as the story progresses, then I am going to enjoy this story. Also, I hope you don't plan on him staying a butler, or in this place, long as there is a whole world out there for him to explore and strong people for him to fight(kill). Thanks for the chapter and keep it up.

    Bai Jing @Bai Jing ago

    P.S - At the same time please don't be pressured into changing the story you have planned out. I might not like it but others might and most importantly it is what you like, that's why your writing it.


      Ame @Ame ago

      Yeah I don't have any plans of him remaining in one place or devoting himself to anyone, and I have alot of crazy plans to put into fruition that you will definitely enjoy. Don't worry about the love interests and friends, you definitely will not be disappointed if you enjoy madness. I forced the story's progression a little out of impatience but it won't be so limp and rushed anymore.


    Ame @Ame ago

    I'm glad, it's been poorly begun but the progress won't be as bad. I impatiently wanted to get into the new world. Hope you enjoy.

      Nomad1791 @Nomad1791 ago

      I completely landed on it by accedent, don't be too hard on yourself I've read a lot on this site and your already doing better than some of the stuff that makes the weekly popular. Get 30-40 chapters out and your reader base will boom.


      Ame @Ame ago

      Accidents can turn into lucky discoveries haha. Yeah I'm not too worried, doing this purely to get some twistedness and gruesomeness out of my system. I know the beginning was rushed and poorly written but I honestly don't care because it isn't really important aslong as the main message is given which it was.

      Yeah I'm actually quite confident that this will get some popularity in the long run, it won't be sloppy anymore and will be quite entertaining. It will get really fucked up though, so people who enjoy that will probably be in love with this story.

      Btw 2 more chapters completed, releasing 1 chapter a day mininum and could be more.