Laying in my room I was given, it was just a typical servant's room. Small, plain, but high class in the eyes of a commoner. For someone like myself who came from a more advanced level of civilization, it may be lacking but I have lived comparingly worse than most of the commoners here while I was a fugitive.

Sprawled out on my bed I began to piece together everything that has happened to me thus far, assess everyone who I came in contact with since being purchased by the Young Miss, and also start to plan out my future progress from here on.

First, I need to learn more about this world. The best way to accomplish this is to remain besides Miss Ambra and passively absorb all the information and knowledge I am capable of concerning this world's structure, find out what is considered normal and what is uncommon.

Second, I need to figure out what I will do once I remove this slave seal and leave. I will need provisions, money, and stable income. I could do this in an appropriate manner or just pillage and plunder if needed, so in reality it isn't difficult to acquire necessities.

Third, I need to find strong opponents to test my skills on. How long has it been since I've last discovered someone who makes my blood boil and instincts throb. I felt chained down in my previous life, so my expectations are very high towards this world and it's inhabitants.

And then there is magic, I can't use magic? That's pathetic, how lame can this life be. Well, magic would take away the fun in killing I suppose. But it's nice to have, I'd love to play around with it atleast but if I don't have a mana organ, apparently my desire can only remain a desire unfortunately.

I'll have to find out as much as I can about magic, what exactly is a mana organ? I suppose I will find an opportunity to capture and experiment on a mage in the future, God said he gave me a gift so it has to be some sort of ability.

How do I figure out what ability he gave me? Ugh what a headache. Scratching my head I continue to ponder about many things while trying to sleep.

Rewind back to when Tsuji had been delivered to the lounge room to meet the Young Miss earlier.

This man is interesting, Miss Ambra was thinking back to when she had first entered the slave trading plaza and laid eyes on Tsuji.

He stood in the back corner in an attempt to not warrant attention from anyone, but his eyes would occasionaly dart around the plaza with his crimson eyes slanted, like a vigilant hunter who was marking his prey.

Oh? This man doesn't seem to be like the other slaves, he seems rather aggressive. Why does he seem so fierce? He's quite handsome, perhaps he was a former noble and holds a grudge? Why is he so calm though, and his posture looks like the soldiers who father is in charge of?

He's not simple at all. I suppose I will get a closer look.

I walked towards this suspicious slave and entered from his blind spot but I could see from the edge of his face as his eyes glanced towards me before I was even remotely near his vicinity. He's definitely not simple.

I spoke to him and commanded him around like a regular slave, but he spoke to me with flattery that you wouldn't think a mere commoner, let alone a slave would be capable of saying. They were rosey and sweet, they didn't come off as overbearing nor did it seem like mere sophistry but I know he's just flattering me.

Why is he being so sweet to me when he was looking like a predator before? He must have some ulterior motive, but I am rather interested in finding out more about this slave. I think I'll buy him.

Unknown to herself, Miss Ambra had begun smirking unconsciously while nodding her head before leaving Tsuji in order to prepare for the auction to start.

When will they sell that man? I hope he isn't too expensive, he appears to be some sort of expert so he must be pricey.

I waited impatiently so I could buy him and it felt like forever until finally the guards went into the cage and dragged him out. He just obediently went with the flow, being pulled out like a dog being escorted out of the kennel for viewing.

"The next slave is a 17 year old boy, he was abandoned by his parents at a young age. Regrettably he has not been able to satisfy any of his previous masters and is quite stupid. He has no talent in magic, lacking a mana organ and is physically weak. His only real worth is his appearance which is slightly above average. He is quiet and obedient, so his starting price will be 10 gold."

Huh? Abandoned by his parents at a young age? Not a former noble? Stupid? No talent in magic? No mana organ? Phsyically weak?

How can he look so fierce while being so weak? I don't believe it, there's more than the Slave Master is letting on, or perhaps the Slave Master is not even aware of.

I want him regardless, he has piqued my interest so I will have him become mine.

Raising my hand I shouted out "10 gold!"

Nobody else bid on him, I bought him for the price of a cheap low tier accessory.

Yes! Now I will be able to find out what I want to know.

I rushed to get the processing done so that I could bond his seal with blood and quickly leave.

Seeing him up close, for some reason he gives me an eerie feeling and makes me anxious.

He remains smiling as he is pulled, pushed, forcefully made to do things, as though it isn't happening to him but to the people around him.

Why does he look so indifferent?

I finally bonded with the seal and he belongs to me after paying the Slave Master. I quickly grabbed the chained leash they had him attached to and brought him with my servants and I toward our carriage so we can return to the mansion.

He stinks and looks filthy, I'm sure he will be extremely eye-catching if he is cleaned up and clothed. I can't wait to make him my butler and do my every whim, he definitely isn't a simple man and I only want unique people serving me.

After returning home he was told to get cleaned up, clothed, and then to return for me to speak with him about his future tasks and job details. But truthfully I just wish to speak with him, and figure out what lies behind those glaring crimson eyes.

Speaking of crimson eyes, how come his eyes are crimson? There are not many people with crimson eyes on this continent, I only know my mother's lineage who has blonde hair and crimson eyes. How come he has crimson eyes?

I went into deep thought as I wondered many different things about this person I just purchased.

When he finally came, at first glance I was struck dumb by how handsome he looked. He appeared very obedient but he radiated a different kind of aura from the other servants I've seen, he had regal yet tyrannical amiance that would even put the current Emperor to shame.

Why was he a slave? Who is this man? I have to know!

Before I could impatiently ask him anything he began his flattery yet again trying to please me, but I could tell and had almost a guarantee that it was completely empty and shallow.

"Tsuji, you're going to become my butler. You must learn well from the servants, I've been in need of a good butler who can serve as a bodyguard aswell as caretaker at my beck and call."


After telling him he would become my butler and bodyguard, he seemed to be surprised. It was amusing seeing this man who gives off such a domineering presence eventhough he was a slave to seem so childish and let out his voice.

"Young Miss wishes for me to guard her? This lowly one has no merit in the field of fighting, I lack what you desire Young Miss."

He seems to be playing the fool, but he seems to not know that I've seen through his facade.

"Don't play coy with me Tsuji. You can't deceive these eyes, when I asked you to show me your face at the auction I could see your dark eyes filled with killing intent. You can hide it from the other nobles and commonfolk but not my sharp insight."

After more flattery and him trying to avoid my questioning I became annoyed so I stopped with this useless questioning. Then I ordered him to answer my questions this time, "Tsuji, I command you to answer all my questions without resistence."

He remained silent, I couldn't see any signs of him suffering from backlash due to the slave seal. Was the seal a dud? No way right? How could the seal be ineffective? He should be experiencing extreme pain from refusing my commands.

I continued on with my questions which are commanded to be answered, "Tsuji, where did you learn to fight?"

He still refuses.

"Doesn't it hurt? To refuse a command while sealed, you're being unecessarily stubborn."

Uncrossing my leg, I began to stand up from my chair and gracefully walk up to him. While holding my chin sarcastically and gazing at him with curiousity I circled around him as if inspecting him.

Becoming extremely frustrated and beyond annoyed, I asked him, "Why do you refuse to answer me? Is death more important than such a simple answer?"

Looking at his indifferent and painless smile made me feel anxious, it's as if we are not in the same room and he's just observing me from another realm like an experiment. I tensed up.

"Miss Ambra, have you ever faced death?"

Huh? I became confused by such a weird question, why would I have faced death? Is he stupid?

But I didn't speak my mind because I saw his face, and I could feel bloodlust leaking from him like a gas fuse. I tensed up even more before answering him, trying to sound as confident and unafraid as I could.

"No I have not, I am a noble woman, we don't face death. That's the job of our servants and the soliders of the Empire."

He immediately responded with more questions which left my mouth agaped.

"Then why do you speak of death? Have you been acquantanted with death before? Did death gather with your lady friends and sip tea while you discussed about the diseased?"

He asked me in such a condescending and superior tone that it made me want to spat blood, what is his point? Why am I even being on guard against a slave who is sealed by the slave seal? He's my possession, an object for me to use as I see fit. I have no need to fear this item.

Scowling at him, before I abruptly went to the table behind me and grabbed a short baton in my hand and returned in front of him. I began to swing it with force and hit his arms.

He did not even flinch, his facial expression remained as though I had not even hit him. When the baton came into contact with his skin, it felt like I had thrown a tree into a treecuter and the entire attack was disipated as if he had consumed it and used it to replenish himself. What the...? I got an eerie feeling and felt scared from the bottom of my being now.

That's when he spoke.

"You are not capable of controlling my will, young girl. If you wish to kill me then kill me, do not continue with sophistry and act as though you're above me. I can kill you whenever I wish but I have courteously not committed to such a choice. Go on, continue to hit me until I lack any life."

I glared at him as he spoke these intimidating words but my baton instinctively stopped hitting him. He can kill me? He hasn't killed me because he is courteous? Why do I feel like he is speaking the truth? But he has a slave seal? How is this possible? How come he is allowed to disobey me without backlash?

I hurriedly responded with my own provocation to not come off as weak and scared.

"You think you can kill me? You're sealed, it must be agonizing what you feel just from refusing to answer my questions. Harming me results in your death."

That's when the entire world flipped upside down, the man who stood before me ramrod straight and polite with his hands behind his back had started to move them forward towards me in a speed I could not follow with my eyes eventhough I had seen his shoulder move.

Before I could utter a scream or alert anyone at all, my throat was gripped with tremendous force. I felt despair in this moment. I am going to die? He wasn't lying? Will my life end here? I regret having purchased this man, he is not someone that can be controlled. I began trembling in complete fear of the existence who stood before me and strangling me slowly.

He bent forward until our noses were touching as he looked straight into my eyes. With squinted eyes, he stared at me for a while as I tried my best to struggle in his grip. My hands were gripping and clawing at his hand as I was losing my breath, I was frantically trying to breathe but his hand clutching my neck with violent force was just changing my face from porcelain white to red and blue as I suffocated. He then whispered to me in a deep tone.

"Do you think I fear death? Death is nothing to me, death should respectfully escort me into hell by opening the door for me and asking me if I wish to have tea. Do no threaten me little girl, I have plans but they will not be used at this moment. Continue with this arrogance and see where it gets you."

He loosened his grip on my neck after saying such an insane threat, then as if he had switched into a totally different person he lost his prior domineering presence and became someone who could be lost among thousands of ordinary individuals as if he never existed in the first place. Then he left.

After he left, the maid had entered and saw me in my sorry state as I sat lifelessly on the couch still desparing from the prior interaction I just had. My hands were still trembling as I gripped them tightly, no matter what I did I could not stop my own body, I had no control just like I had no control over Tsuji.

His words echoed in my head all night long as I went through a dazed state and was directed by the servants to eat but I was not hungry. I was escorted to the bath, cleaned, clothed, and directed to my room but never responded or took the initiative as they did everything for me.

Death is nothing to me, death should respectfully escort me into hell by opening the door for me and asking me if I wish to have tea.

Do no threaten me little girl.

I have plans but they will not be used at this moment.

Continue with this arrogance and see where it gets you.

Laying in the bed as I curled up into a defensive ball as if I was an armadillo trying to protect myself from the world, I shivered throughout the night as I reflected on my conversation with Tsuji and silently cried.

What plans could a demon have? My conscience slowly faded after hours of unrest and fear.

A note from Ame

Larger chapter, I would love to just rush passed this but it's important to introduce the world sadly. The future will be gruesome and cruel once he begins to go out on his own, I promise. Let me know if you see any major grammar errors.

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