Everyone in the mansion was sleeping as the brisk wind blew outside and the morning dew began to form.

However, inside the personal room of Tsuji Hitsugi, there was an odd phenomenon currently happening.

While Tsuji was sleeping, he would inhale slowly and exhale slowly but the odd part about his sleep was what happened while he was inhaling and exhaling.

As he inhaled the mana in the air seemed to gather in amounts that were so large that it could have caused the magic institutes littered acrossed the continent to have their jaws resting on the floor and their desire to be in the same vicinity to be their goal in life.

As the focal point for the gathering of the mana, the sleeping Tsuji seemed to gather mana as he inhaled air, it would directly be absorbed by the breathing of Tsuji before the oxygen in his body was exhaled.

The pressure from gathering such a large quantity of mana in one location was beginning to affect the other residence of the mansion as it began to weigh down on them as they slept in their beds. It was as though they were immobolized by the comfort of being surrounded by pure worldy energy and could not move no matter how uncomfortable they lay.

If you were to peek into the room of Tsuji, you would be able to see such a pure quality of mana that it was beginning to take a physical form as it gathered around Tsuji's body as if it were taking the position of a blanket away from the bed's actual blanket.

The mana that was gathering materialized as a thin and transparent but still densely compressed and dark mahogany-crimson color. The mana contrasted with his crimson eyes well and although it had a baleful appearance, the feeling it truly gave you was a feeling pleasantness, charming and affable to be in contact with.

While the mana had an unusual guest in the form of massive amounts of mana being gathered towards Tsuji, the rest of the country was not so quiet as the mana flucuation had clearly been discovered and was baffling the sages of the Empire immensely.

In many secluded areas of the Empire, men who were sitting in meditation and absorbing the mana while they were in a state of unconsciousness abruptly awoke with pale faces as though they had been drained of their energy. They began to slightly become anxious as they had just been absorbing mana when the surrounding mana unexpectedly felt as though it was seized and torn from their grasp.

The mana they had been absorbing had been directing towards them when it suddenly refused to be dragged into them and struggled free before rapidly leaving the vicinty as if it had just been phoned by it's best friend and was eager to meet up with them to sing karaoke.

They were confused, mad, some even were enraged to the point they left their mana chambers to seek out the cause but as quickly as the mana was taken it, the presence it had would vanish.

Back at the mansion where Tsuji slept, the mana had stopped being inhaled and was only congregating around his sleeping body as he lay there comfortable and unaware of what has been occuring whatsoever.

The mana seemed to zoom around the room impatiently, like a child who was not being paid attention to before the mana stopped as if it had come to a decision. The mana clustered together onto Tsuji's body before it wrapped tightly onto him as if it were yoga pants and tightly fit against his skin.

Then it began to assimilate with him through his pores, being rapidly absorbed. It caused Tsuji to become slightly uncomfortable. If mages around the world saw this incident they would be so shocked that blood would quickly fill the small room as they spat out. What kind of thing is absorbing raw mana without dilution, and such a large amount in such a short time? Sages who have been alive for over a hundred years, can only absorb so much raw mana and it would have to accumulate from decades of absorbtion before bearing fruits and giving them unfathomable power.

Yet this boy who was only 17 had just gathered all the raw mana located in the capital within a few hours and absorbed it all without even battling an eyelash while he slept.

*Snore snore snore* Tsuji was still ignorant of what happened while tides were changing between the Empire he was currently living in, Versailes, and the Empire adjacant, Zell.

Border patrols on both sides have come into what seems as a normal conflict but swiftly became a one sided slaughter as the soliders of Zell Empire annihilated the border patrols of Versailes Empire. They robbed the dead Versailes soliders of their respected equiptment before replacing them with Zell Soliders wearing the Versailes Solider's gear and returned to the typical duties of "each" Empire.

Ripples began to subtley wash the tides ashore as conflict silently lingered on the outskirts of the Versailes Empire as multiple border patrols began to rapidly take over the border patrols located on the outskirts adjacant to Zell Empire and would be quietly replaced by their own soliders to have the duties seem as though they still were being maintained properly.

In a brief single night, the entire border that was adjacent to Zell Empire that was being defended by the Versaile guards was assailed, occupied, and under their complete control.

Located further west from where Miss Ambra and Tsuji resided, the border facility that was currently occupied by Zell Empire had the upper echelon gathered in a meeting room discussing their plans. Among those present for the meeting were two bald and burly men who had similar builds to massive bears, one average but young man who appeared to be very tempered, a slim man who appeared more scholarly with short brown hair, their deputies, and finally a woman who was situatied on the largest chair as they sat around a table with two generals on her left and right respectfully with their deputies behind them standing.

The woman and the generals were discussing their capture of the patrolling facilities located on the border between the two countries, going through their casualties and injured and describing the situation for each base that they captured as the deputies reported what their underlings had discovered and thought.

The woman finally spoke after briefly discussing their options after having captured and disguised their soliders at the bases.

"Alright, good work. This went well, we had many casualties aswell but their lives ended up not being for naught and we have successful progressed through the first step. Now we can proceed to step two of the operation, we will be briefly infiltrating the Empire and targetting not only the Emperor but his Advisor and all of those who are involved in government affairs. Our goal at the moment is reconnaissance rather than to rashly force our way in and risk failing, but we cannot leave without taking the head of the Emperor and his Advisor, every single official that we take down will result in meritous rewards from Zell Empire and decorations. Any questions?"

The slim and scholarly middle aged man responded first.

"My Lady, I believe that the plan is well organized. We have spies located in the capital that have been undercover for the past 10 years who we can receive accurate information in accordance with the recent happenings of the city. Our focus should be on gathering valid information in relation to the officials as we may be limited on what we can obtain from our spies, it would still be better to have prudence."

"Yes, prudence is foresight and far-sightedness. We should always expect reversals and defeats, but aslong as we manuever around our defeats and take advantage of them we can strike even fiercer. Regis, make sure we maintain our spy network and receive steady information and also have the spies give us specific information on where a good foundation for our operating base for the time being will be."

"Yes, of course My Lady."

"Yeti, Grizzly- both of you will have to remain on standby here since you are too eye-catching and noticable. Have you deputies come in your stead and have them report of manuevers happening in the capital, and when we decide to follow through to step three then you will take action."

The two burliest of the Generals both nodded in affirmation but remained quiet, while the woman continued handing tasks to her subordinates.

"And Luscent, we will be relying on you during the final operation but I hope that you actually will not be necessary for this mission. So remain on standby, your company is our trump card and also our insurance."

The third burly man replied in an eloquent manner to give his affirmation. He was indeed a mage and not a warrior, yet he was indeed physically strong and a well-spoken intelligent man.

"Young Miss, do you also intend to go to the capital?"

A female aide with brown hair and oval browneyes came to the side of the woman's chair and asked respectfully while clealy sounding worried.

"Yes, of course I do Mauria. Why would I not?"

"But miss you are the Second Princess of Zell Empire, why would you walk into the enemies home? I worry that you will be discovered."

"Nonesense, everyone who I face has been defeated easily. What enemies know of my appearance?"

"Young Miss is unparalleled and matchless, not only in battle but also in beauty. What I fear is your beauty drawing attention, you must be self-aware, Young Miss is too beautiful, what if it draws unwarranted attention? What if nobles try to court you? It could cause major problems to your plans, Young Miss must be very careful."

The aide worriedly said, trying to coerce her master to not go herself.

"*Fumu fumu* You have a valid point, women are always the target of men whether average or beautiful. I should disguise myself and not be so blindly confident, thank you Mauria."

"Of course Young Miss, it is my duty to be of use to you."

"Oh that reminds me, do not refer to me as Young Miss or Young Lady or My Lady, no formalities. I am just Alysyne Zell, wait no, I should use a different name. Call me Aly while we are undercover in the capital, understood?"

Everyone in the meeting room politely responded with a "Yes!"

Thus the meeting involving Zell Empire's silent invasion into Versailes Empire was dismissed.

Just as the meeting that would cause a stir on the continent was finishing, Tsuji had turned over in his bed to find a more comfortable position before continuing to snore. *Achhhhh achhh zuzuzuzuzu*

A note from Ame

Ugh I hate naming side characters. Enjoy, the story should be more entertaining in the next few chapters.

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