Yet another ”reincarnated as a monster” story, however, this time, it’s a carnivorous plant

by Palt

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Magic Non-Human lead Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Bob was a very social person, however, he had no friends. he liked being with people, no matter how tiring he found it, and was constantly looking for new friends. but, he never did find any. he remained a loner for the most of his life, being social only on the internet where people couldn't reject him due to his frightening visage, and with his one and only friend, Muffin the snake. 

one day Bob was out for a walk, smiling and greeting people as he would whenever his and their eyes meet. shame his eyes were so cold and lifeless he would have scared off God Himself, had He not taken a liking to Bob. as luck would have it, this would be the last time he would walk. ever. what happened was simple. he walked into a sword. how this happened is irrelevant, just be assured that this took his life without fail, and soon Bob was no more. at least he thought so.





heyo mayo, the Author Palt here, coming right in with the news. yes, I'm making another one and yes I am ashamed. however, I have a few good reasons. oneI've always wanted to make one like this and two, I've got a certain something coming up that i have to flex my writing muscles for. thus, I've picked up writing again. ain't it fun!? if you have any comments about anything like plot holes or unrealistic characters, just comment bro. I love criticism. and on that note, I'll just say that this will be kind of like "i reincarnated as a dragon's egg" but also not. well, whatever. let's have fun together, awwite!?

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologe: White, white, white... ago
Chapter 1: Growin’ and Absorbin' ago
Chapter 2: Enter The Gaia Worm ago
Chapter 3: The End of Georgio ago
Chapter 4: Just Some Casual Talking ago
Chapter 5: Surrounded ago
Chapter 6: Suicidal Thoughts and Battle ago
Chapter 7: Absorbing Snow (not through the nose what are you thinking geez) ago
Chapter 8: The Battle Continues ago
Chapter 9: Final Struggle ago
Chapter 10: Contemplation ago
Chapter 11: Celebrating with a Dance ago
Chapter 12: The Clearing ago
Chapter 13: Exploring Said Clearing ago
Chapter 14: Another Sense Gained ago
Chapter 15: Sudden Encounter ago
Chapter 16: Annette’s Sorrow and Joy ago
Chapter 17: Jonas’ Determination and Despair ago
Chapter 18, Awakening, Once More ago
Chapter 19: Confrontation and Conversation ago
Chapter 20: Continuation of Conversation ago
Chapter 21: Thinking ago
Chapter 22: The Dine-and-Die ago
Chapter 23: The Beast ago
Chapter 24: Travelling ago
Chapter 25: The Divine City of Jormundgand ago
Chapter 26: Appraisal ago
Chapter 27: Negotiations ago
Chapter 28: The Union of Exterminators ago
Chapter 29: Meeting Lloyd ago
Chapter 30: External and Internal Dialouge ago
Chapter 31: The Art of Humanization ago
Chapter 32: Filing Some Papers...! ago
Chapter 33: Accepting a Quest ago
Chapter 34: Down the Gooey Hole ago
Chapter 35: A Sticky Situation ago
Chapter 36: The Hungry One Appears ago
Chapter 37: John Contemplates ago
Chapter 38: Casual Chatting ago
Chapter 39: The Battle in Question ago
Chapter 40: A Slime would like to join your team! ago
Chapter 41: Tilda "Introduces" Herself ago
Chapter 42: Tying up loose ends ago
Chapter 43: Lars and Bertil go on a totally Fun, and not at all Deadly, Adventure ago
Chapter 44: An Interesting Conversation ago

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  • Overall Score

This seems like it is gonna be dumb fun and who doesn’t love those every now and then it fun to enjoy something a little dumb so I’m looking forward for more of this 

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Too much friendship power for me. An no, I'm not going to spoil content.

Style: A lazy one, nothing wrong here but I can't give it 5 stars.

Story: Overly used content, there's also another plant reincarnator on RRL (on perma hiatus).

Grammar: Normal.

Character: Almost no sense on their actions/background.

  • Overall Score

Well. It is enjoyeble to read.

I like how it goes so far. But I would prefer if you at least drop chapter in Word to auto-correct some mistakes. Because it is a little bit hard to read. Nothing unreadable, but will be painful to see rating after some time. 

  • Overall Score

This story is a fun take on the usual formula, as the name implies. I was really enjoying it until the author did a gender swap thing. While many enjoy that sort of thing, that topic is really off putting for me as a trans person. But over all, if you don't mind that, I would recommend giving it a try. 

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A good casual read. A few grammar and spelling errors but it's not too bad. Its by no means a serious novel. In fact, it's pretty light-hearted.