A note from Immersity

This chapter gives a little bit of insight into Jensen's true self.



Ariel’s POV

‘He’s a demon. There are no other words to describe a being that is so inhumane.’ Ariel had been paired with a teammate that was not a cautious person, and ended up dying in the first day. As Ariel ran for her life from the killers, she came across a man with a large group behind him.

“My name is Flash. If you join us to achieve our goal of killing the strongest player, we can guarantee your safety until then.”

Considering she didn’t have much of a choice due to her circumstances, both her and her pursuers agreed to join the masses. ‘Once the fighting begins, I’ll slip away before they finish with him.’ With this thought, she was preparing to bolt into the high grass.

What she didn’t expect, however…

“Who… is he?”

She began to wonder if he was really from the group that had arrived the week before. ‘After all, our strengths are in different worlds.’ As she looked at the carnage in front of her, she re-evaluated. ‘No… Different galaxies is more accurate…’

The different shadows movements were akin to an artist- the different strokes, slicing from different angles into the various attackers, gave off the impression of Picasso with a paint brush. His hair blowing in the wind as he diced the oncoming horde, she also got the feeling of true inferiority. However, when she was able to see the look on his face, her body could no longer withstand the shock. Dropping to her knees with tears running down her face, Ariel felt true fear for the first time in her life.

“Why… is he smiling?”

Jensen’s POV

‘I’ve lived my entire life in boredom. Once I realized my superiority, I have never been able to feel happiness. On my 12th birthday, I feigned a smile for my mother and father. I remember thinking, ‘If this is all there is to life… waiting for time to pass, counting my days of boredom… I think I’d rather die…’ Life is completely pointless… With these thoughts, I grew into adulthood. With no challenge, no rivals, and no excitement, I turned to crime for a relief. I didn’t enjoy crime- I did it to get my mind off of my isolation as a genius. I did it to feel mortal. I did it to distract myself from the endless cycle of living in a box drawn out for me from inferiors- ‘don’t murder, don’t steal, don’t fight’. These rules that I had to abide by became my bane, as the thought of being controlled by the inferiors kept me from sleeping at night. Growing stronger over time, my crimes became bigger. Perhaps I wanted to get caught. Perhaps, if I was caught, I could finally be honest with myself and the world around me. I wanted to not be controlled by the lessers, and I lived my life of boredom looking for ways to break free from the chains of the ignorant authorities… In summary, I was a fake. I feigned my life as a perfect human. However, a perfect human wouldn’t abide by the laws of inferiors… A perfect human wouldn’t live with the chains binding him, only pursuing petty crime in hopes of making a splash on society with a cheap thrill. My life was terrible… I hated it… But finally… Finally… I’m feeling what it means to be alive.’

Jensen’s mind raced as he was weaving through Enhancers kicks and punches. As the most common attribute, the crowd was composed of almost all Enhancers. The crowd was in complete chaos. Some began to ran, but leaving back exposed to someone with the ranged capabilities of Jensen, they were pierced through the hearts from behind.

‘I’m truly happy in this moment… My life wasn’t for nothing. Now, I know that I was born for that day of summoning. I was born for this day, to massacre this trash that would defy me. I was born to finally break free of the chains of society through escaping Earth. This world is what I was born to live in.’

As he mowed down the Enhancers attacking from all sides, he approached the man that had originally talked to him. The muscular man stood with less fear than the others. Of course, that wasn’t difficult, as some had died from heart attacks once the massacre began. Looking at the muscular man, Jensen began to speak.

“You’re one of the last ones left. However, your death here is going to be different from the others. Considering I just made perhaps the most dedicated decision of my life, I’ll give you a quick death.”

Ort’s POV

My life has been trash since the day that I was born. My mother and father died in a car accident when I was just two years old. I was placed in an orphanage with kids in similar situations. Of course, the home was only an orphanage on paper. The owners ran an underground gambling house for the local gangs. I was trained from a young age how to fight, and was only given food if I won my match for the week. I adapted better for most, and nurtured a reputation as a champion fighter. Once I was old enough to live on my own, I attempted a life as a professional fighter. However, the professionals are strong. They had better technique and training. Not able to make a living professionally, and my strength being my only attribute, I became a streetfighter in local underground rings. I saw a lot of sick folks, including murderers and psychopaths. However, nothing can compare to what I am looking at now. Dyed in the blood of his opponents, the dark-haired man with markings all over his body was the embodiment of death.

‘The worst part of this entire situation is the look on his face. It’s obvious that he doesn’t view us as equals. His face reminds me of how a person looks at insects. I guess, in his eyes, we aren’t even worthy of being called dogs.’ Looking around at the situation, he realized that escape was truly hopeless. There were only 6 people left now. Ort, the crying Ariel, the far away and observing Mary, the crippled Dom and hesitant Flash, and Jensen. Jensen spoke.

“You’re one of the last ones left. However, I will make your death different from the others. Considering I just made perhaps the most dedicated decision of my life, I’ll give you a quick death.”

‘Decision? What is he talking about in such a situation? He’s about to finish us off, but for some unknown reason, I’m able to keep my head in this situation.’


“I have decided to conquer this world. The shadow figures said that there were over one thousand different galaxies watching this broadcast, meaning that they are watching this scene and can hear my voice right now. This is my declaration as a human of Earth that has been brought into this world for your entertainment: I will conquer every galaxy, and enjoy the looks of despair on your faces as I steal all of the enjoyment for myself.”

A note from Immersity

Thanks for reading. The story is getting interesting as the world building is becoming more solidified in future chapters. If you're enjoying the series, comment and rate.

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