Doctor in Immortal World

by oldmastercang

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Mystery Anti-Hero Lead Male Lead Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Han Cang, who used to follow the path of Daoism, and once belonged with the most remarkable warriors in upper class, an elite among his Daoist fellows, has now fallen into mortal world, namely, Earth.

Since then, he enjoys his “retired life” quite a lot as being an alcohol retailer who owns a shop on the street, and gets used to live like a mortal, until a mysterious teen walks in his shop in another boring afternoon. The young girl who gets a pair of pink eyes comes for a little help that Han Cang should never respond, a transmigration to immortal world.

Regardless of her inscrutable purposes, soon Han Cang finds his shop being under attack by people who possess the power from the other world to which he once belonged, and that leaves his perfectly peaceful ordinary life in ruin.

To find out the truth and solve some pending issues left alone long ago, Han Cang returns to immortal world with the mysterious girl. This time, he will be known as a Doctor, to face the enemies whom he used to call brother and master, and even worse, the woman who once brought him peace and now hunts him to death.

The great rebellion of one man against the entire universe of Dao has just begun…

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