Scene 1:

That was true. I did recognize the dark label on his forehead. But I would not admit it.

“What is it? I thought you were just a big fan of Harry Potter.” I said.

His fingers clenched even closer, adding the pain to my neck.

“Really? But I sensed the power of a Daoist, to be specific, a “Sky Walker”, when you cast a lightning strike to my poor fellow.” He said as he enjoyed watching me in pain.

Skywalker, was a title referred to those who possessed the power of thunder, much stronger than normal Daoists who only cast spell on natural force. They were the elite among Daoist, like Templar.

I was not surprised at all that the swordsman truly knew something about skywalkers. After all the label on his forehead proved he had the same belief as being a Daoist, at least once.

But I would not admit it either.

“Well, so now you become a fan of Jedi instead, huh?” I mocked.

Then he cast me at the wall with anger. My back hit on the racks, not a few bottles left to break.

But that was not the worst.

The swordsman started to wield his great sword. That was really a grand weapon. The blade looked like a big giant tooth of a monster shark, linear at the tip but more curved till the guard, making it easier to thrust.

But the user of it seemed too angry to wield a great sword like this. Instead of a deadly thrust, the swordsman tried to slash me with one edge of the blade, which in fact gave me a chance to fight back!

So I quickly raised my hand, with a lot electricity surrounded my hand like a lightning gauntlet. I caught the blade on edge right when it came!

“Get you.” I simply said as my armed hand held that edge, forcing the sword to come to a stop.

“That…that is not possible…not even a skywalker can handle my sword like this…” His eyes wide open, focused on my shining hand.

The red lightning curled around my hand like a raged viper, which made him start to question:

“No…you’re not a skywalker. What are you!?”

He sounded really frightened, which even added to my joy for revenge.

“No, you’re right. I am your Daoist brother. That’s why I recognize the label on your hog’s head, which just tells me that you are a traitor. A lot brothers’ blood must be sucked by your blade. So I guess I don’t need to show you any mercy.”

His eyes even got wider open. At last, he found the trick I had been playing with my other hand. A lightning orb span like a turbo on my palm.

“What the hell…” He was scared off, one step back when he realized the lightning orb in my hand was getting stronger as it grew into something bigger.

“Goodbye, my brother.” I said as I pushed it out in a furious way.

Before the swordsman could make any move, the lightning orb, now like a high power mechanical fan, unleashed a flow of red laser blast right to him!


Without any effort, the powerful flow of laser blew up the swordsman’s body by digging a big hole on his stomach, totally a bloody mess!

He died instantly with a horrible look on that face, standing still, and the dark label on his forehead faded away, which indicated that he was no longer a traitor as being a dead man.

I took a breath, and dropped the sword. My hand was bleeding, not much. Thanked to the lightning gauntlet, otherwise I would not have stood a chance to counter a blade with my bare hand.

But the fight was not over yet. I heard footsteps upstairs. The rest of killers were searching for Pinks, and the pain in my hand and my neck, also my ankle, added so much to my anger. It felt like I was gonna unleash my alter ego, the Boogeyman.

I looked up. There was only one way to get those bastards before they lay a hand on Pinks.

So I bended over, and gave it a big jump, bumping up the ceiling with my fierce fists.

Scene 2:


I broke through the ceiling right away, up to the second floor. The blast of my bump knocked back two nearby enemies. The third one was a bit far, and almost reached the door of restroom.

Apparently they didn’t expect to see me in such a high profile, nor would they figure out what happened to the swordsman.

The two killers knocked back were off balance. Before they could get up again, I quickly raised my hands, casting two lightning bolts at each of them.

Sparkle burst out on the two bodies, like a firework. As they fell down with a crack, now only one killer left, it was the starseer.

One on one, just like a duel in western films, I was waiting for her to get ready.

She turned around, facing me with her blue eyes. That pair of eyes were so amazing, even though she was an enemy , which didn’t stop me to appreciate her eyes. They were like the reflection of a starry night in a peaceful lake, except that she was not peaceful at all.

The next moment, I heard some noise like a flush of water. The strong scent of alcohol rose as she started to cast spell. Soon the fluid of alcohol cumulated to shape the aqua dragon again, flew through the hole left on ceiling when I broke through.

The dragon curled around her, more defensive than offensive. But after all the mess done with my shop, I would not let her go, and she had even drenched me by tons of alcohol.

“You know what? I’m not gonna kill you. Instead, I will catch you alive, and slave you as being my French maid. For housekeeping only, I swear.”

I said as I opened arms, gathering lightning around me, to form something which looked like a big red cat with lightning fangs.

But next moment, the starseer seemed going to win this grand duel by cheat. She cast the dragon to attack immediately! Without any notification.

I had no choice but to instantly dash forward, with the big cat jumping over my head. Together we rushed to the dragon. The lightning fangs of my cat tore up the dragon’s body to help me break through. The sparkle occurred during fight almost burst out to set this whole shop on fire.

I dashed through like a flash. Before the starseer could see me coming, I already passed her by shoulder and took off her hood without any attention.

That was when I found her long shining silver hair as the hood covered her head was gone.

She seemed panic right after it, turning around without any guard on. Her long hair was swinging from side to side, which blocked her view by accident.

So I took the advantage immediately. My index and middle fingers together stuck, pointing at her chest with a pulse of electricity released on my fingertips.

Just the moment when my fingers touched her body, she was like getting a shock, and quickly passed out, loss of conscious.

Then she fell down. After all I was the last one stood.

I took a breath, and then returned to the restroom, knocking on the door while said:

“It’s over now! Let’s go! Pinks? Aezo?”

Then the door was unlocked. Pinks popped up as it opened:

“Where we gonna go?”

I gave her a promised look, and simply answered:

“We go transmigrate.”

(To be continued…)


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