A Toaster Story



Chapter 3: In a Burning Ring of Fire


It wasn’t seconds after the toaster descended the fourth floor to the third that he regretted it. Seeing a new enemy he blew it up with a flaming piece of toast. The little creature laughed at him as the flames spread, wiggling it’s big nose and giant hat at the Toaster. It’s wiggling movements made it clear that the toaster had accidentally hit a chair instead of the gnome as it laughed heavily at it.

Glaring at the new creature an infuriated toot came from the toaster’s slots from high heat broiling up inside of him. This was the first time the toaster had ever been angry, so it couldn’t fully control its emotions.

Gnomes, many people don’t understand the horror of their existence. The old men and women of the earth, many people thought them to be a pest at one point in their culture. Gnome and rat catchers believing themselves to have the same job, neither one of them thinking the other’s prey was more crafty. Soon the gnomes proved to be the more crafty as no one has seen one for hundreds of years.

Born like a dried turnip, they all looked like they were at the ugly stage of life big noses full of hair taking up most of their face, squinty, shifty eyes, covered by thick robust eyebrows. Standing at only two feet tall it was impossible to look at them directly without cringing if you had any sense of beauty.

Sadly this is where the Toaster’s journey took it, the floor below Mike’s dorm room was infested with these creatures. Which was strange since they never liked being off the ground, and this definitely wasn’t the bottom floor.

Toast kept hitting the walls only to hit into cabinets and random things sprawled around the hallways. This was causing a worse situation than upstairs but these things creeped the Toaster out. It was their hats, their hats just didn’t look right. They were like little metronomes that kept his vision ticking with them.

With the sticker’s eyes flicking back and forth, the land was becoming a portrait of hell, flames sprawling out of the walls, the floors, and still spewing from the toaster.

Title Unlock: Paragnome-a

You distrust everything that exists in the gnome culture. Skill Gained: Illusion Resistance


Skill Gained: Illusion Resistance

Illusions will never be as much of an issue now that you maybe know what is real? Is the top still spinning? Good, good...

‘Hahaha’ Crazy laugher spread through the toaster’s head as the flaming toast at the gnomes more. More laughing gnomes taunted the toaster as they skipped about, the toaster hissing slowly like an exasperated sigh. ‘I guess level one isn’t good enough to take out these gnomes.’

Shooting a few half hearted toasts at the gnomes, he started floating slowly to the end of the hallway. A series of ‘Boos’ coming from behind the toaster, taking a glance back he saw many gnomes shoving their thumbs down at it.

Floating there for a moment the toaster suddenly turned around. ‘One… more…’ Using mana control and the shield he shielded two pieces of toast, using mana control to move the wind to feed the flames. It had learned two things from his first arch rival before the gnomes, flames eat wind, and when you starve them…

Sealing off the shield the the toaster used a second shield to make air go into the second shield hurriedly so the fire didn’t go out. Spinning around the air, and condensing it several times until the flame was nearly starved. Tossing the shield at the gnome in the middle of them all he let it rocket forward hitting the ground before dispersing both shields.

The resulting explosion deafened the gnomes that weren’t engulfed in the flames, running for their dear lives. They hadn’t expected the toaster to come up with such extreme measures against them, leading a few of them to their door.

The toaster was satisfied now, it was petty, but who could blame it since it was only a few hours old. Making whistling noises with its new found ability of heating air into high pitched whistles it floated off smugly.

Skill Gained: Fireball - Toaster Style

Through the use of common sense… you’ve blown up some gnomes making what can be called a ‘Fireball’ spell. Though any wizard would argue that your method is probably the worst way to cast said spell.

‘Eh?’ The toaster paused, then continued on ignoring the menu that popped up in front of it. It got the job done that was all that mattered right?

Plus the toaster knew that if the gnomes stayed up there, they would die by his flames eventually. It was waiting for the free levels that would come from that, though he still hadn’t gotten any from the previous floor and he knew that that place was burning much brighter.

‘Maybe the flames get the levels, and that’s how they spread.’ The toaster mused, a bit annoyed it hadn’t gotten another evolution yet. It seemed like his first evolution was a rare thing, that didn’t come up all the time like he first thought.

Floating down the steps to the second floor the toaster felt something off. First of all there was a large gate where the stairs should continue down, and secondly there was a lot more energy in the air than usual. Humans may not be aware, but categorized as a monster it could feel the change in the mana in the environment. It sustained something for monsters allowing them to not hunger, or be injured for long in areas of high mana.

This was where the toaster would sit for a little while, he had memories of Mike playing on the computer down below. It needed a party to keep going on from this point… at least someone with a pair of hands, and arms.

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