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This chapter brought to you by Blood // Water by grandson.

The rule of the Stormlords may be the most turbulent time in the history of the Aterium. Rule is probably an exaggeration, as it seems to this day that there was no reason or logic to their rampages. There's a problem with this historical interpretation though. Those who reach the level of power as each individual Stormlord did rarely do so without a purpose. Excluding the King of the Courts, obviously. It's also rare for them to act without some purpose, and the Stormlords were many things, but the King of the Courts was one of the few enemies they had as a collective, it wouldn't make sense for them to copy his rotating carnival of nonsensical action. This view also fails to acknowledge the strange disappearance of the strange storms that had been devastating the planet for its entire recorded history, and their even stranger reappearance in the demenses of each Stormlord.

-Demetryus, widely acknowledged as the foremost expert on the Age of Storms.

"Alice, scan for any brain abnormalities please" I called out

Looking at the screens readout, my brain was normal. Well, normal for me.

Well, that means it's real. Or at least not worth acknowledging it as a hallucination. Those really aren't fun, but the computer can detect those.

I'm going to keep ignoring the obnoxious pop-up in front of my face. I have important things to do. It seemes as if we are approaching the planet, and each of my companions is going to be waking up soon. At least, that was the plan, until I realized how difficult it is to ignore something literally in front of your face.

Begin Tutorial? Warning: This will take at least five minutes.

So how do I do this? Oh. That's how. Thought. Creates some interesting questions about how it connects. And the other, more expected questions, but they could wait.

You have been defaultly selected for a mage-warrior path. Path options generally reflect personal views, but if you wish to change paths, the options are listed below.

Mage. Warrior. Chronoic Mage. Psychotic Researcher. Psychotic Barbarian. Emotional Seer. Ruler of Psychosis.

A note from Jayr

This will be the last chapter I write from my tablet. Tables get weird when I do. 

Sorry it's so short, but I have another one coming soon.

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Jayr @Jayr ago

This will also be the oh chapter from first person for a while, or maybe ever. It's a difficult tense for me to write in, and I don't want to make my first story any more difficult than it needs to be.