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Ryan felt a head-splitting pain as countless unknown fragments of memories began to pour into his head, he felt stuffed as though pork being stuffed with mushrooms as he slowly lost his consciousness

***********************The City of Grenidia *************************

South-Eastern outer edge of city, Near Grenidian mountains.

The compound of Raymond clan, In a large courtyard

Ryan gained consciousness, just when he was about to open his eyes, he sensed that his head was in tremendous pain, as though someone was grabbing and trying to tear it apart.

Ryan just wanted to shout” motherfucker what the hell are you doing?” but it seems he was unable to do it.

His neck hurt, and his body was suffering tremendous pressure.


Suddenly, he felt at ease, and then a burst of fresh air entered his mouth, he felt that it had been a long time since he had taken a breath, even though he doesn’t know how long the long time is.

“Ha!” After taking a long breath, Ryan let out a joyous cry.

The cry of an infant.

“A boy! It’s a boy!” Although his hearing was distorted and barely heard it, don’t know why he was able to understand the foreign language, he could still feel the excitement in the voice.

He slowly opened his eyes, as his eyes were slowly adjusting to the dim light he was clearly able to see that he was being held by a smiling big faced middle age aunty, no!no!no! it seems she wasn’t big rather he was small.

No matter how much common sense Ryan lacked, if he wasn’t able to understand that he was reborn as a child with his memory intact, he would’ve lived his 19yr old virgin life in vain.

Ryan began to observe the room, interior of the room is rather large, it was mildly decorated, the dresser, chairs and, tables are made of wood with intricate designs on them, there weren’t any modern appliances he seems to be reborn in an age similar to middle ages.

There was a beautiful young woman with brown phoenix eyes, clad in pink robes with red face lying on the 6 feet large bed with a blanket made of animal fur, she is his mother.

Even though he was quite surprised to see he was reborn, he knows it had to be the work of locket that burst with light before he died and poured some unknown memories that he still didn’t understand.

Just then the large door of the room creaked open, and a 1.9-metre tall young man in clad white robes came inside.

“Aunt Nia, how’s the boy?” Asked the young man to the middle-aged aunty, Nia while taking the boy into his arms.

“He’s perfectly alright and healthy, young master.” the middle-aged aunty, Nia said.

Ryan could now see the face of a young man, he is rather handsome, with sharp looking eyes and heroic aura, he seems to be his father. Ryan felt he was rather lucky as both his father and mother are handsome and pretty, he should be handsome right, even if he isn’t he should be above average alright.

“ As expected of my son, He’s got sharp eyes, handsome face just like me, Jessica.” the man said to the woman proudly, while looking at the boy, his eyes filled with love and tenderness.

Ryan was surprised to see, even though his mother just had given birth to him, she seems to be alright with her complexion back to normal, she appeared to be quite alright.

“Pui! Stop being narcissistic and give the boy here Ethan.” His mother, Jessica said to his father, Ethan while taking him into her arms, sitting upright.

“My son looks too cute and adorable, with his brown eyes and sweet face,” Jessica said excitedly while holding Ryan.

Ryan came to know the names of both his father and mother, Ethan and Jessica respectively.

“Alright Jessica stop being excited, Take this spirit replenishing pill and recover your essence, later we’re gonna bring him to meet father, Now I’m gonna call brothers and sister-in-law they are waiting outside,” said Ethan, giving a light purple colored pill to Jessica, while taking the boy into his arms.

Jessica sat in a meditative pose, popped the pill into her mouth and began recovering her essence.

Ethan then gave the boy to the middle-aged maid(nanny), Nia before going out.

Ethan came not long after, bringing along with him two pairs of a man and woman, the first pair consists of a Tall, large, well-built man with full beard and fierce facial features and happy smile on his face, wearing a light green robes along with him is a slightly plump woman with a kind smile on her face, even though she is slightly plump she is definitely your above average beauty, both the pair of man and woman are wearing light green robes.The fierce-looking man is the first(big) brother of Ethan, Robert and the plump woman is his wife, Fionna

The second pair consists of a handsome young man, with harp nose and small beard, he has a faint smile on his face, he’s wearing azure blue robes, along with him is a young woman with fiery red hair and vermilion-colored eyes she is also wearing a matching vermillion gown.The handsome man is the second brother of Ethan, James and the red-haired woman is his wife, Regina.

Fiona rushed and took Ryan into her arms and began to cuddle him while saying” the boy is cute, he inherited his beautiful brown eyes from his mother.”

“Our 7th grandfather’s branch finally had a male child .” the large man, Robert said excitedly, while laughing out loud.

“Indeed big brother, if the sixth child is also female father and grandfather would’ve gone mad.” the second brother, James said while smiling.

Even though Regina didn’t say anything, one could see that she was quite happy for a male child from her expression.

“Ha! You two move away, you are not giving the baby space for breath.” Fionna said, while pushing the two brothers away, she turned towards Jessica, who just opened her eyes from recovering essence and said “Sister in law bring the boy to father in law otherwise he would probably rush here, due to his anxiety.” laughingly.

As everyone laughed, Jessica turned towards Ethan with Ryan in her hands asking him to come.

Both Ethan and Jessica left the courtyard, towards a much larger courtyard that is located towards the massive central building, as they walked at a speed much faster than the speed at which an Olympic athlete run, Ryan began to observe his surroundings.

The courtyards are neatly arranged as there are roads between them, even though they are moving fast Ryan was able to observe that the size of courtyards is getting bigger as they are moving towards the center.

Even though Ryan don’t understand much about this world, from the bits of information from memory fragments and the words of his aunt and uncles he was able to identify that this world has cultivation and pills like those of in wuxia and xianxia novels, which Ryan thought mostly correct, because the magic locket specifically brought him here, which was further strengthened by fact that his father and mother were able to walk leisurely at a speed which even top class athletes find hard to run.

As Ryan was thinking about the world, the duo arrived at a seemingly large courtyard, even though the courtyard is large Ryan was surprised to see it was quite empty, just as he thought his parents came to the wrong courtyard. A mighty and vigorous voice saying “Boy! bring my grandson over.” A vigorous and mighty voice could be heard from the backyard.

Ryan was surprised, rather frightened to see a middle-aged couple, the middle-aged man with a rough face having full of black hair and a middle-aged woman who seems to be in her late thirties with the head full of black hair with both man and woman wearing grey robes.

No! he wasn’t frightened to see the middle-aged couple on stone slab, but the monstrosity that lay at their feet, Ryan had seen a lot of lizards in his past life, he even saw the so called word’s largest living lizard called komodo dragon, but compared to the massive being he saw here it is nothing more than a wall lizard, the lizard is just lying there, but it is already around 2.5 to 3 meters high, if it were to stand up it would probably be 4 or 5 metres in height, size isn’t the only thing it has a thick layer of crimson colored scales that have a brownish tint all over its body, It’s face is ferocious and hideous just looking at it causes fear, but now this massive lizard is sleeping near there feet like a loyal dog.

The middle-aged man is Joseph Raymond and the woman is Reena, they both are father and mother of Ethan and his two brothers.
“Dad! You know that we are coming but why did you keep your Crimson scaled earthen-fire lizard here, don’t you know it will frighten the child?” Ethan said with a displeased expression on his face.

“Hmph! If he can’t even handle my tamed spirit beast, how can he be my Joseph’s grandson.” the middle-aged man said quite annoyed.

“Alright! You two stop quarrelling, your father is rather is rather anxious for a male child so he brought his pet for a show off, so don’t blame him and you too he the child is just born, he don’t understand anything so there is no need for show off.” the middle-aged woman, Reena took the boy into her arms, while lecturing the pair of both father and son.

Jessica just smiled as she watched everything.

“ Give the boy here Reena, father said if the child is a boy we should bring the child over to him, he said he has something good for the child, you two we are gonna meet your grandfather, follow me,” Joseph said taking Ryan into his arms while leaving the courtyard.

Joseph and the trio moved along the courtyards before arriving in front of one of the large buildings near the massive central building with large words written on it that read,’ Mission Management Hall’, they went towards one of the deeper courtyard attached to the large building, they arrived in front of an old courtyard.

“come in.” An old and serene voice came from inside.

They went inside to see an old who seems to be in his sixties, with an amiable smile and silvery white hair was sitting under a tree.

The four immediately bowed and greeted the old man.

This old man looks calm and amiable, his name is Edward Raymond he’s actually the 7th Elder of Raymond clan as well as a powerful expert at 8-stage of Essence Condensation Realm.

“Hmm! You’re just half-step away from 7th stage unless there is a bottle-neck if you try harder you will be able to reach it in 2 years so work hard.” the old man said towards Joseph with a smile

“Thank you father, your great grandson is here.” Joseph brought Ryan towards Edward.

Edward waved his hand and a wave spirit power lifted Ryan towards him.

“Good! Good, it seems, heavens haven’t forsaken my 7th branch, final gifting with a male child,” the old man took the child with a happy expression.

“Look here brat, as great-grandpa already promised that I would give you something, so look here brat.” as he said this he brought a cylindrical vial with a small viscous golden dewdrop in it.

He slowly opened the cap of the vial, as he opened the cap burst of fresh and sweet vital fragrance burst forth covering the whole courtyard.

Even though Ryan doesn’t know what the golden dewdrop is? But he could tell that it is valuable as he felt completely refreshed when he took a deep breath.

“What is the drop father,” Joseph asked Edward unable to control his curiosity.

“It’s a drop a YellowAlder RoyalDew spirit honey.” said the old man calmly.
“AA!” both Joseph and Reena drew a short breath, while shouted at the same time unable to contain their surprise.

Ethan and Jessica may not know what the dew honey is but how can they not know. It is extracted from the bee nest of Yellow alder spirit bees which are Higher rank-1, nature attributed demon beasts, with the servants being equal to essence condensation cultivators at 7th stage and soldiers and males being at 8,9th stage respectively, but the most terrifying is the queen which is usually a peak rank-1demon beast equal to a practitioner at Quasi(half-step) Spirit Foundation realm powerhouse.

To be exact, the nest of Yellowalder spirit bees is rather large, so as long as one carefully treads one can collect honey the outer edge of the hive, but this the most inferior of the Yellowalder spirit honey, even though it is valuable it is one of the inferior high rank 1 material, as long as one has enough money one can still buy it. But what the old man brought is Royaldew spirit honey which is located at the location of queen, even a spirit foundation cultivator find it hard facing so many rank-1 beasts, much less for essence condensation realm cultivators, they simply have no chance at all, so only a powerhouse at low spirit foundation can probably get some.

Even though yellow alder spirit honey can strengthen the body, alleviate mind and, improve cultivation speed for some time, it simply pales in comparison to Royaldew spirit honey as not only does it do everything above, it also improves comprehension, spirit root and affinity towards nature attribute.

The old man wrapped the drop in his essence, put into the mouth of the child, as he slowly began to use essence to dissolve the honey.

As the drop entered into his body Ryan felt pleasure was more than that of fapping while watching porn as went to sleep.

“The boy will sleep for around 6 to 8 hours if there is any problem after he wakes up to bring him to me,” Edward said as gave the boy to Ethan.

Ethan and Jessica bowed as they left with Ryan, along with Renna

“Father even though I know we wanted a male child, but isn’t it too early to use such valuable material without knowing his talent, after all, there may another male child born with greater talents, then wouldn’t we have wasted such valuable material.” Joseph sighed.

“Boy! Even if you thought so much then wouldn’t your old man have thought the same, no matter how much valuble a material is there is a limit before which it can be used, this honey's medicinal efficiancy is already declining, by 10 or so years it’ll become normal spirit honey and, also for some reason my intitution told me to give the material if the child is boy and, now leave don’t meet me before you could reach 7th stage of essence condensation or something urgent comes.” said the old man sternly.

“Ok! Father.” Joseph nodded as left.

“Sigh! I don’t know what surprises the child brings me.” muttered the old man as he closed his eyes.


A note from EverNightKing

Cultivation Realms

Body refining >> Essence Condensation >> Spirit Foundation ( the first three realms)

Each Realm is divided into 9 stages( 1 to 9 stages) and a sub-realm(Ex: Quasi-spirit foundation)

Demon Beast Grades

1 to 3 stages of Essence condensation >> low rank 1 demon beast 

4 to 6 stages of Essence condensation >> mid-rank 1 demon beast 

7 to 9 stages of Essence condensation >> high rank 1 demon beast 

Quasi-spirit foundation >> Peak rank 1 demon beast

There are more in future.



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