I was staring at the wall of a cell as I had been doing for the past 11 days, I had not been given any food and more importantly water for this entire period of time, My throat felt like a desert without a oasis and i’m pretty sure a sponge didn’t have shit on me when it came to absorbency. As for why I was slowly but surely transforming into a skeleton in a bedless, lightless, concrete cell I certainly was certainly not here by choice, As I didn't lock myself in conrete cells because it was vacation day. I had been leading a peaceful protest against our government as they had instituted laws that censored free speech against the government and made indentured servitude to banks and corporate entities once again legal, I prided myself on doing what I believed to be right and being If not a saint, at least a kind man. I volunteered at animal shelters in my spare time, helped out at soup kitchens or homeless shelters and worked as a medic for Red Cross, so naturally when the good ole US of A started levying business practices and laws for itself and against the people I spoke out anyway I could.


Apparently someone out their took exception to that. So here I was Gabriel Norris wasting away in a cell who knows where, I cringed as another wave of grief struck me as my body managed to make more chemicals for me to feel, I knew I should be crying, but after the 4th day without water no more tears would fall. The sadness passed quickly and the over pervading sense of apathy returned. I knew I was going to die soon, I hadn’t been able to move for the past hour or so as my body didn’t have enough fuel in it to even manage to crawl, I felt my body slowly going numb, my fingertips and toes not having blood flow quickly enough through them to actually keep the flesh alive anymore. I had no idea why I got the idea or urge to do so but I was suddenly struck with the urge to pray, which was unusual for me as I was completely indifferent to the concept of religion.


I was incapable of speaking or clasping my hands at this point in time some I simply said the words in my head “Dear God or Satan or whatever powers that be may be out there, all I ever wanted was to help people, to make a difference for other people in this world, to make people smile and laugh, to make sure they have the ability to do the same without my help, to have all the selfish, rotten, greedy assholes of the planet go live on the fucking moon for all I care, as long they don’t hurt other people. All I ever wanted was to not just feed one mouth while a million others starve, to not just save only one life when 2 people die every second.


Please whatever powers may be out there I have almost never asked for someone elses help ever, just allow me this small selfishness and give me just one chance to have the potential to change the world whether it be this one or another, all I ever wanted to do was help, amen or whatever your supposed to say at the end of these” By the time I had finished my small prayer my lower body and arms had both gone completely numb, in a clinical and detached way it was interesting to feel the hands of death slowly snake it’s way up my body as my flesh turned cold, it wormed its way onto my heart and stopped my conscious dead in its tracks as I noticed the absence of my heart beating, concepts I once knew slowly become incomprehensible as my brain shut down piece by piece, the building blocks of knowledge and reason I used to understand the world being slowly but surely torn away. Minutes later I was looking over my body in a third person perspective unable to put what I currently felt into words as I lacked a brain, but If I could i would probably say I felt resigned.


I slowly began to fade, as I felt there was somewhere I was supposed to be going, but as I began to fade away to whatever the afterlife was, whether that be eternal buttfucking by horny demons, or the magical land of sugarplum fairies called heaven, that most of the people on earth beleived in, but as I felt what seemed to be the final seconds between my conscious fading from this world and into the next, I blinked and something pulled, I felt like I being stretched and pulled a ludicrous amount of distance, while simultaneously being pushed in a infinitely small container of some variety, suffice to say it felt extremely uncomfortable. when I opened my eyes I was hale and hearty, lying in a field of green grass with the wind in my hair and dirt on my back without the horrible all pervading thirst and hunger that had been my hellish companion throughout all that time in a cell, for a lack of a better word I was once again whole and no longer doing my best skeleton impersonation.


This would all be very idyllic If not for the big blue screen blocking my vision of the place.

Welcome User Gabriel Norris

Hello User Gabriel Norris, Your plea to the universe has been heard and answered by the goddess Valencia of this world whose domain is justice and selflessness, in an effort to help the world that had been tearing apart at the seams because of the efforts of evil men and eviler monsters, she has used the last of her power to summon one of pure heart from another plane of existence to champion her cause, and to give this champion whatever advantages they can to once again bring her light to the world, good luck, you'll need it.


You have been awarded 100,000 karma points to spend on advantages to help to survive and thrive in this world, choose wisely.

It would seem that i asked and I received, I was not one to look a gift horse in the mouth no matter how crazy the situation was, so I guess it was time to take a few deep breaths and figure how comparable my life was to a light novel now. Whatever the case, it was time to get to work.  I took a few deep breaths in an attempt to stay calm despite the inherent madness of the situation, as panic would not benefit me at all in this situation, I looked toward the screen as it slowly faded away, and intoned to myself "alright let's see what we have to work with here.”


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Bio: I'm a amateur writer trying to get started with writing on this website as i want to make writing stories my career as i enjoy it immensely and if i make enough money from writing i can fulfill my dreams of traveling the globe, meeting new people, and then kidnapping then taking them to my house and forcing them to play pen an paper RPGs with me. Hope you guys enjoy the stories i put out, and remember, Fight for justice, Honor, And Pizza

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rhino @rhino ago

Nice beginning keep going and give enter in the end of the



Myloveislikeatruck @Myloveislikeatruck ago

First comment already huh? Awesome, should have a new chapter out by thrusday at most more likely it will be out somewhere by wensday though, stay tuned.

Jazehiah @Jazehiah ago

Dude, formatting. You've got a wall of text.


Myloveislikeatruck @Myloveislikeatruck ago

tis been seperated into diffrent paragraphs now

motthi @motthi ago

Hello hello could you properly capitalize your Is? It is jarring to read something that seems like proper grammar then slamming into a lower case i

smuggles999 @smuggles999 ago

11 days without water seems unlikely unless he drank his own piss.

Robotus @Robotus ago

OMG this guys is the second coming of Jesus such a great guy , a question though does he have mental problems? or is he maybe a M? or does he have a complex where he has to help somebody? because damnnn he is in deep shit and stil tries to help people , he goes against self preservation to help people just how can a human being be so benevolent ??? and i hope to GOD the DEVIL and our Lord and Saviour the Flyng spaghety monster that he does not fall in love with the godess or some cliché shit ( and last I must wonder what fuked up shit has our MC been through to get like this?)


    Myloveislikeatruck @Myloveislikeatruck ago

    Think basically that the entire first 21 years of life you live in the ultimate ghetto, you in your daily life see the worst shit that humanity has to offer, all the greedy, hateful, petty, bottom feeding scum that sometimes make the world more difficult for the rest of humanity. But despite the place where you live and most of the people in it being so fucked up and horrible. You came out of it a person that is not only kind, caring, and generous, but someone who would sacrifice themselves to even save their enemies if that would be the best way to make the world a better place. Now how does a person like that possibly exisit in a world that isn't my little pony you may ask? Well i can list it out in bullet points for you.

    • Imagine that your parents are basically the male and female version of Iroh from avatar the last airbender
    • In universe this guy in one of his very first lives after his soul was basically created, somehow had a Aleph Zero sized shard of the Multiversal Orginator Conceptual Construt of Good And Selflessness break off into his soul, in unniverse the soul is basiaclly a blueprint for how one will generally have a tendency to act throughout their live, though most souls leave these tendencies very open and unrestricted and could really go etheir way, the MC's soul since the insertation of this shard of what is basically the concept of good incarnate is much more restricted in his tendencies. He could still end up being a rather selfish person at some point, but only if life REALLY steps all fucking over him.
    • With his general proliclivity towards good, parents who are very positive towards reinforcing this habit of kindness and good at doing so, instead of turning into another drug selling gangbanger stepped on by life and the world so much that they decide everyone else at the end of the day can go die for all they care, as long as numero uno is taken care of. Instead he starts to view the worlds woes as a problem that can and must be fixed, the very act of making other people happy in itself makes him happy, so in a very it is still selfishly motivated and he is still very much, flawed and human.
    • I'm trying to write this character as a kind of parody of myself, He's basically a very similar very of me, but he has many of the personality traits that make me up exaggerated to a large degree, so I feel that i am very capable of writing this character as he is someone I can personally relate to. So while trying my best not to be a keyboard warrior yet still get my point across, when I say that the idea that a human being absolutely could drop their own self preservation to go help other people and still be a realistic character, That's because I have in real life actually risked my life and put myself in actual physical danger to help others, and unless i'm a computer programmed robot in a meatsuit, i'm pretty sure that means that people putting others lives above their own and still being human is completely possible. And my parents aren't even uncle Iroh, and I don't have a metaphysical concept of good bouncing around in my soul.

    So in short, you don't have to be fucking traumattized to be selfless in some capacity, all it takes to be good is to decide one day that your tired of the world being the way it is and go do something about it. If i'm being honest the "just how can a human being be so benevolent ???" part your comment is hurtful on a personal level to me, the idea that it's impossible on a core level for a human to be good and selfless and to put others needs above their own is bullshit.

    TLDR, MC is not unrealistic because the MC is partially based off of me, I lived poorly and frugally for nearly all my life until recently, saw all the ugliness that humans have to offer, and I decide it's not unreasonable to try and not be apart of that ugliness, I jumped in front of a moving car to save a dog once but that doesn't make me a hero, it just makes me one of the few people who do the sane thing of helping your fellow living beings in a insane world with insane people, the only reason that we even think this way as a species is that it helped us survival, and for some strange reason most people think survival is the absolute best thing. Anyone could do the right thing given the chance, you could help people too, all it takes is the decision and dedication to do so.

      Robotus @Robotus ago

      So in short, you don't have to be fucking traumattized to be selfless in some capacity,"just how can a human being be so benevolent ???" part your comment is hurtful on a personal level to me, the idea that it's impossible on a core level for a human to be good and selfless and to put others needs above their own is bullshit. First : It is not bullshit. Second : self preservation exists for milions of years it is in our ADN and made us who we are today ( there have been cases where people who where desparate enough comited canibalism to survive) Human beings evolved through milions of years and survived til today being the most powerful race on earth and in this Solar sistem and it was not because of goodnes that got us here .

      If u look at history the weak ones or the disabled people that were born were kiled after they born for difrent reasons but the bigest help that was to us (i am not sayng i agree , today with out technology diferent impairments are not a problem as nobody hunts for food or needs to defend his family against robers,invaders,slavers etc...) was that the gene was not passed in the gene pool of humanity , that would have weakened us as a whole species.

      And if u look at our history again u wil observe that the greatest progres we made was in time of war , that was how the humans evolved so fast through need for example: Genghis Khan Although known for the brutality of his campaigns and considered by many to have been a genocidal ruler, Genghis Khan is also credited with bringing the Silk road under one cohesive political environment. This brought communication and trade from Northeast Asia into Muslim Southwest Asia and Christian Europe, thus expanding the horizons of all three cultural areas. even America as the greatest superpower massacred the pre-columbvian Americas :The population of African and Eurasian peoples in the Americas grew steadily, while the indigenous population plummeted. Eurasian diseases such as influenza, bubonic plague and pneumonic plagues, yellow fever, smallpox, and malaria devastated the Native Americans, who did not have immunity to them. Conflict and outright warfare with Western European newcomers and other American tribes further reduced populations and disrupted traditional societies. And what had the Americans got for the masacre they did?? a big and rich land that wil push them to what they are today and let's talk about slavery :Slavery was practiced throughout the American colonies in the 17th and 18th centuries, and African slaves helped build the new nation into an economic powerhouse through the production of lucrative crops such as tobacco and cotton. And after that they abolish slavery but it alredy helped them a lot .

      Greed helped us spread on Earth and helped us grow , we wanted to have evrething and we fought for it: Alexander the Great wanted to spread his Empire to the sea and kiled thousands but that spread civilisation ,,, Rome wanted to be the greatest Empire and it was the greatest for hundreds of years and that defined out present

      So let's not talk about history or in the past but today:

      u said u saved a dog from a speeding car but we humans slaugher milions of animals to eat , we even breed them to taste beter and dont tell me dogs are more special or that u can't eat a dog , look at China they have the bigest population and they eat dogs they treat them like lifestock

      it's great that u think like u do but that would not let u survive in the past , midle ages or even the first and second world war, When Adolf Hitler wanted to rule the world he started kiling milions and his people love him , why? because thei'r country was poor and they wanted to have food and land , Adolf Hitler was made out as the black sheep for kiling milions but were the citizens or Germany wrong for wanting land and riches? it was the same with the colonization of America , when England send that colony why did they send it? not for land , riches etc?

      History is made by winers not losers, if a world exists like u said that people would all be good and without sins , we would stil be barbarians eating berries and mushrooms and that is if we dont go extinct


      Myloveislikeatruck @Myloveislikeatruck ago

      • I don't think that dogs are special, all animals are possesed with a desire and want to live and therefore should have a right to do so, sadly were all a bunch of greedy assholes as a speceis and we still slaughter animals by the millions, it's basiacally murder for food, but people idicotically justify it bby saying if it's not human it obbviously has no emotions or wants. which is just people lying to themselves so they don't have to think about the atrocities they allow to happen on a daily basis, so no dogs are not special, but life is special. so yes cows, pigs, and chickens should not be murderd and the growing of lab grown meat from stem cells is something that is currently completely possible.
      • My point is not about olden days, because I agree that greed helps singular humans survive, but that ceases to be a factor once we start working together, and actually became a hinderance as we became larger as a species, because at that point the only thing to fight against was ourselves. My point is that we are relying on survival mechanisms that are no longer needed, scarcity is no longer a problem on earth, we already have enough food to feed the entire world 1 and a half times over, the only reason that we still have so many people starving to death in thrid world countries is not because we do not we don't have enough food, but because no one actaullt wants to solve world hunger that bad. If we actually started exporting more food and wasting less to rot, we could probably actually make a profit at selling food to foreign countires even selling it at a discount price, and the most horrifying part of all this is that everyone wins, yet nobodys doing it. The massive goverments get more money, the people get food in their moves, and internet justice crusaders like me get to cry a single manly tear at watching little orphan timmy eat cake with a smile on his face

      I have wasted way too much time arguing morals on a site that is meant for books and entertainment, guess you die a lurker or live long enough to start a flame war. Well I managed to go 15 years without getting angry at a computer screen and angrily typing on a keyboard because of some disagrement that doesn't actually matter because it isn't actually hurting anyone, this is also detracting from me writing my book, so I guess I should stop wasting time


    Myloveislikeatruck @Myloveislikeatruck ago

    And no there will be no romance in this novel for a very long time, as I have said before he has a wife back on Earth and he will not give up the hope of ever seeing them again, even across all of time and space.

Jeff091 @Jeff091 ago


thanks for the new story


for others in this other people in this world

either one or the other, not both


save one one life

-->save one life

-->save only one life


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